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Fantastic Four

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I enjoyed it. While I can certainly see why people wouldn't like it (slow build - as a reference, the movie started at 7pm and, not counting the logner than usual set of commercials and trailers, the first villian vs hero conflict occured at approx. 8:40pm), "Hulk" had the one of the slowest, brutally boring builds in comic movie history and a lot of critics loved it. My thoughts on that film are basically that if I could sit through THAT, I'm game to watch any superhero movie. Obviously it wasn't Batman Begins or even a Spider-Man or X-Men, but it had it's moments and the character interaction was good and often times funny.


Bit jarring to see a microphone that said "City TV" and what appeared to be split second shots of a MuchMusic VJ whose name I don't know and Ben Mulroney on screen though. Why not just put the CN Tower in as well?


I've never really read any comics but I enjoy knowing about their storylines and watching shows based on them on television. That said, I especially enjoy going to comic book movies with a friend of mine that has read several comics and have him explain character points to me and go over differences, what he liked, what he didn't, etc. He did enjoy the film, btw.


Returning home, I received an e-mail from another friend stating "The vomit scene was the funniest thing ever and that rant by Stewie was classic. " so I guess I should go watch my Family Guy tape.

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