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RIP Robert Altman

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Gary Floyd


-In case you haven't heard, famous director Robert Altman passed away recently. His credits include "M*A*S*H", "Nashville", "The Player", "Gosford Park", and more.

IPB Image



-In other news, Michael "Kramer" Richards appeared on Letterman last night to apologize. Whether or not he....THERE'S A NIGGER!!!!! I will never look at "Time for a drink from the firehose" the same way again.


-Well, I ordered Edward Lee's novel "Coven" from Shocklines. I highly recommend this website, as it has tons of cool horror related stuff. Oh yeah, look for a review of that on this blog soon, as well as one for Stephen King's novel "Cell" and some more.


-Finally, here's Andrew WK on the Aqua Teen Hungerforce Episode "Party All The Time" Yes, Frylock has cancer in this episode.

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