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76. Name change. Help me.

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So, I want to change my name here. Princess Leena sounds so heelish. I need to show what a face I've become.


All suggestions are appreciated. Except Princess Cunt. You'll be banned for that.


Oh, and my Negatives about TSM thing is done. Sorry.





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How can I do better than Princess Cunt? That just has a ring to it. I guess it does sound a little on the heelish side though.


In all seriousness, I think you should just stick with Princess Leena at this point. Everyone recognizes you under that handle instantly. I hate trying to have to play the "X poster used to be Y poster" game to keep track of who everyone is all the time. I think at this point, people just think of you instead of the name anyway. No one thinks, "oh her name has princess in it, she must be trying to start shit".

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We shouldn't encourage EHME. At least until it is banned.


Queen Leena does sound nice.



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