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  1. Smues

    Elimination Chamber

    I call my bathroom the elimination chamber.
  2. Smues

    Dairy Queen...

    Blah do dee.
  3. Smues

    Dairy Queen...

    How many of them were from me?
  4. Smues

    I found the hatchet

    but where's the magic hen?
  5. Smues

    1994 WCW

    Ed Leslie main evented Starcade. Do I need to say anything else?
  6. Smues

    Leena's Resignation

    If it's No Holds Barred it should have Hulk Hogan and Zeus as mods.
  7. Smues

    State of the Sports Forum

    Where have all the posters gone? Gone to graveyards one by one.
  8. A pigeon has no use for keys, it opens doors with its song.
  9. Smues

    Black People

    Oh naggers, right.
  10. So what's for dinner?
  11. Smues

    Breaking News on Vince McMahon

    No mention of his ladder legdrop? Damn.
  12. Smues

    State of the Sports Forum

    I like that Kent Brockman has turned his head since you got de-modded.
  13. Smues

    But you can't emphasize beef

    I love that recording.
  14. Smues

    So... what happened?

    DO IT! Oh and in that vein: Board carcass in server. This morning flame posts on feedback folder.
  15. Smues


    I live in Alaska sucka. If I wore a blue shirt on the beach I'd freeze to death. And get whale hunted by drunk natives. ... Oh yeah well ... YOU'RE A CHICKEN PACER'S FAN! I win.