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Wedding Recap

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Gary Floyd


Well, the wedding is over. My cousin Ann got married, and I'm happy for her. The wedding itself went by suprisingly fast, and it was freezing outside.


Afterwards, I went to the wedding reception. The wine sucked ass, but the bar had some good stuff. Had some rum and coke, and sprite with peach schnaps, and it was all good. My relatives (and the relatives of the groom) got drunk, and it was ugly. No violence occured, but I had the unfortunate image of seeing my uncle Greg, a white guy in his late 40's or early 50's, trying to dance to "Baby Got Back". There was also a bunch of shitty modern day country (Man, fuck Rascaal Flatts), and it was the whitest wedding reception I've ever been to.


My parents got drunk too. Now, when my dad gets drunk, he's more casual about it. I mean, you can tell, but he never does anything embarrasing. When my mom gets drunk though, it's different, as she gets a bit more excited, and starts dancing as badly as everyone else. Oh, and afterwards, she'll deny.


Afterwards, my brother, who doesn't drink, had to drive us all to my Aunt Pam's place. Mom and Dad were in no shape to drive (especially dad), and while I wasn't drunk (I'm the only person in my family who drinks but doesn't get drunk, and generally keeps it in moderation), I wasn't really in the shape to drive either.


When we got to my aunt's house, my uncle Dick tried to "be cool" with me, and tried to impress me with his musical tastes. Sorry man, but Karin Carpenters Christmas album isn't exactly a good album. He was most likely joking though, which makes sense, since he's always been the joker of the family.


Next day, I woke up, took a shower, had breakfast, talked with relatives, watched the National Geographic channel, went to Best Buy, and left for home.


And that's how it went.

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ah man, no chicks worth note?

I was too busy talking to some of my cousins to notice any, so sorry. Besides, it's a wedding reception, I think that it would ne kind of creepy, but that's probably just me.

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