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  1. We're supposed to be shocked?
  2. Black Lushus

    Weekend Box Office Report March 27-29

    In my heart of hearts, Elias Koteas will always be Casey Jones!
  3. Black Lushus

    Old School Videogame Quiz

    I'll take being an older geek, not sure if I can swing the bigger part, Drew!
  4. I've never seen that movie, but isn't King Kong more of the face in the battle anyway? Makes sense for him to win.
  5. Black Lushus

    Old School Videogame Quiz

    28/30...I missed Tempest (I knew the game, couldn't remember the name) and Pengo (don't think I've even heard of this game).
  6. Black Lushus

    Obama Sides with RIAA

    What is this shit? Black people usually like getting free stuff!
  7. Black Lushus

    Ask Leena thread.

    Leena, now that you've resurfaced, will you be rejoining American Idol discussions?
  8. I never realized how many A list stars take the time to show up at the Nick Kid's Choice Awards. I guess they'll take all the pub they can get.
  9. Black Lushus

    Ask Leena thread.

    It's real, baby
  10. Simmer down, DocV, stick to the wrestling folder, jerk.
  11. I'd like to at least see a hood/cowl a la Darth Maul
  12. Black Lushus

    American Idol Season 8

    I can handle Scott going next week, but if Matt goes before Megan and hell even Lil, there's a fucking problem. Truth be told, I think he's better than Danny Gokey, but Gokey has that likability factor that Simon has harped on for years, so being less talented than Matt won't hurt him.
  13. Black Lushus

    American Idol Season 8

    I'm convinced the fix is on...can't have only 2 girls left with 10 weeks to go. Matt in the bottom 3? Shame on you, America!