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Gerald Ford, Saddam, and goodbye 2006

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Gary Floyd


-As you folks know, I'm no Republican. That out of the way, RIP Gerald Ford. Here's someone who was an all around good guy, lead to Chevy Chase convincing us that he's a comedy genius, and while not exactly the best president, deserves a mention. RIP Mr President, and God-bless.


-In other news, Saddam bit the big one recently. He'll be missed by...oh, who the fuck am I kidding? Nobody is going to miss the guy. Hell, if you ask me, he got exactly what he deserved. I say let him rot in hell and let him begin his eventual sexual relationship with Satan.


-Remember when everywhere you went, you saw Ashley Simpson on the cover of every magazine? Well, it's now Rachel Ray. So it seems like I'll be seeing her on magazine covers for a while, as shw haunts my dreams.


-Finally, goodbye 2006. You where a year that gave us Clinton flipping out on TV, talk about global warming, Ann Coulter talking about anal sex and fisting (she acts like fisting is a bad thing), the long time coming ban of wildpegasus, a pedophile senator, Kevin Federline getting too much attention, Hillary getting too much attention, Ghostface Killah and The Roots not getting enough attention, Saddam, Gerald Ford, James Brown, Syd Barret, and Robert Altman's deaths, disappointing albums from The Killers, Ministry, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and the Revolting cocks, The Republicans losing, George Clooney doing an incredibly self-important oscar speech, a new guilty pleasure in The Sounds, Family Guy sucking, then suddenly regaining some momentum, the headbutt seen 'round the world, and this worthless little blog. So long 2006, you will/won't be missed.

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