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82. Things that PISS ME OFF. Part II.

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No, not because he's the new leader of TSM that will be banning me shortly.


Because he's the perfect example of that asshole you have to deal with in life, no matter what. I know this all too well since I went to Catholic school with a bunch of rich yuppies and I was one of the poor city kids. There's always the braindead moron who starts shit with everyone and gets away with whatever because he's got a rich daddy.


How does this stupid asshole have the extra money to buy TSM. To buy whatever HD garbage he wants. The ability to con an attractive, yet stupid girl to be with him. Yet, after blowing all his dough on drugs on Lord knows what else.


Rich daddy.


This is why I feel it's always right to steal. Because we should steal from people like that.

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