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81. Things that PISS ME OFF. Part I.

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The Williams' SISTAHZ.


Serena Williams' comments after losing to Sybille Bammer in Hobart last night (whatever time it is in Tasmania).


""I think she played the match of her life," Williams said. "I've never heard of her quite frankly. (Oh. And we know Bammer played the match of her life because...) I didn't play that well and I made a lot of unforced errors. (Of course, you didn't have your A-Game.) I think I'm a little rusty. You wish these players would play like this all the time instead of just against me. (Or, it's because you suck now because you're a fat pig that would rather be in the Bahamas 40 weeks of the year.) She played unbelievable. (Just say that next time. Ass.)"




Meanwhile, Venus withdrew from the Australian Open due to a "left wrist injury".


Of course, if you speak one bad word about either of these lazy bitches, you're RAYCIST.

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Very disappointing, at least with Serena.


With Venus, I believe most of her injuries are real. Which excuses some of her laziness. And she's definitely the lesser talented of the girls, so I question how much she would have won anyway.


Serena should be spoken of with Graf and Navratilova as the greatest ever in the sport. But, she decides that being a fat ho who occasionally "acts" is more important. It's truly a shame.

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