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Spring Break So Far

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Gary Floyd


-Well, spring break is going on right now. So far, things have been just ok, and some of it has sucked.


For one thing, my aunt Mary recently has an aneurysm. Fortunately, she's doing betther, but it still scares me. I always got along with her, and though I'm usually not one to pick favorites, shes definately up there.


Also, today was a boring day. How boring? Well, I actually started to watch The Tyra Banks show for some reason. She was talking to a lesbian couple who won't be accepted by one of the girls mother. I was actually rooting for the couple, until I realized that I was watching the fucking Tyra Banks show, and I stopped and started reading horror instead to make sure that I wan't transforming into some kind of pussy. I do hope the mom accepts her daughter though.


-I saw 300 yesterday, and loved it. Granted, it may be the most homoerotic movie of the year (even Brokeback Mountain didn't have this much gay imagery), but it's still great. The trailers were ok. The Spiderman 3 was great (Fuck yeah Venom), but The Reaping (the new Dark Castle movie starring Hillary Swank) looks like shit. That reminds me, one of the Biblical Plagues is frogs, yet how is that bad? How are frogs deadly? Ok, so some are poisonous, but still, their frogs. Maybe God was on an off day when it comes to that plague.


-Oh yeah, I went to a mall last Saturday. It sucked, because nothing was there. The only place that sold DVD's and music and books has been replaced by a Christian bookstore. I did go to Best Buy however, and got Al Green's Call Me, which is one of the best soul albums ever recorded. Seriously, if you don't already own it, buy it. You won't regret it.


-Finally, I'm going to start a list of the 50 worst albums ever recorded. I'm going to ask for help from others, so suggestions from posters would be great.

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