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Start of 50 Worst Albums (50-48)

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Gary Floyd


I said I was going to start a countdown of the 50 Worst Albums of all time, so well, lets start


50.) The new Insane Clown Posse Album.

I never liked Insane Clown Posse. I always found them a lame gimmick, and their music never did anything for me. The reason I included this one is because of the comments from Carnival, whi is a fan of there's who I think is a pretty cool guy, and is one of my favorite posters. He says that the new album is "The worst thing he's ever heard" and that "If it was a tumor, it wouldn't grow on him." Wow. Anyways, I'd like to thank him for these comments. I'm not sure if they are the exact words (I deleted them on accident-really sorry, though it is amazingly appreciated. You don't need to send them back though, since your words are appreciated) but still...



49.) Boston-Corporate America

Brad Delp commited suicide recently, and he'll definately be missed. The first Boston album is a classic, and still warrents a listen. Hell, everyone but the biggest indie-rock snob likes that album. Their last album though, is a real suckfactory. Everything in it sounds recycled, and the arena rock riffs sound tired instead of fun, and Delp sounds bored. Also, what the hell is with the song "With You", which doesn't even have Delp? Bullshit. Lamest of all, is one of the best selling arena rock gods of all time bemoaning corporate America. Yes, the same corporate America that helped them turn them into best selling sensations. Oh, and it promotes vegetarianism, rips on modern living, and attacks SUV's and DVD's. I rest my case. Cool album cover though.



48.) Coil-Constant shallowness Leads To Evil

I love Coil. Love's Secret Domain, Horse Rotorvator, and the Musick to Play in the Dark albums are classics in electronic music. This 2000 album though, sees them taking on noise, While I like noise, and I like what they were aiming for here (a tribute to everything from La Monte Young to Krautrock to early Butthole Surfers), the end result falls on it's face. It all sounds dull and pretentious, and actually forgets what made the artists that influenced the album so great in the first place. Saddest of all is frontman John Balance, who's just treading the same water he has in the past. In the end, what we get is the worst album in their discography, and one of the worst electronic albums of the new millenium, or at least so far.

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