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So, yeah, it's my blog. I guess I had better make the most of it after bitching about them recently. It's weird. I have no interest - at all - in a "real" blog at livejournal or whatever, but I wanted this one. Maybe because it gives me a forum to shout shit about wrestling, and only wrestling. There's TSM forums, of course, but I always end up getting dragged in to silly arguments in there, and there's too many annoyances to deal with.


It's, like, 1am here, so I better wrap it up. I doubt many people know and/or care about me enough to come read my blog, but I'll win you over yet with my RANDOM WRESTLING MATCH REVIEWS~! MWAHAHA. And other stuff, too. I've got a lot already reviewed that I'll post soon. One was already posted on the main forums, that being a London/Akio match from this year, and it got some decent feedback, so I'll post it here so that a larger audience can read it (LOLZ2005).


Now I go.

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