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Editing the top 10 drama list.

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Since I have watched a few episodes of Deadwood and have absolutely adored it on every level, I shall now put it in the coveted top 10 - thus bumping Survivor off the list.


2. Lost - tremendous first season, the last episode had me freaking out which put it over the top, for me. Outstanding in every single category.


1. Angel - I forgot how much I loved this show, but this probably should be #1 cause I freaked out more for this show than any other. Fucking wicked consistant, Season 2-5 was a fucking masterpiece. This should be #1. I am changing it.


3. Gilmore Girls - I get this warm feeling after watching every episode. I think I will have to write an seperate post to explain how fucking good this show is.


4. Firefly - Gah. Fallen! I'll explain this in another post. I'll say right now that after seeing every episode at least 6 times, I can't bring myself to watch any of them. They seem a lil cold to me now.


5. Deadwood - When LOTC introduced me to the very notion of watching the show, I asked "does it have any supernatural elements?" he said no. As you may notice, only 3 of my top 10 are set in our current reality (though Gilmore Girls is very much not of our current reality, the pop culture references ground it there). I asked if there was any gimmick - a hook - that would make it interesting. He said Deadwood is a town built on the basis of a goldrush, and since its on Indian land there is no law. Not bad, not bad, there's enough there to attract different kind of folk but no vampires? no klingons? no black rock? How on earth would I ever enjoy such a show?


Interesting Characters, you cocksucker.


Great acting, you fucking cunt.


Al fucking Swearengen, you motherfucker.


Oh, and a way to tie together two characters who seemingly have nothing in common and still manage to make them believably bond and thus form a rich tapestry across the entire town where you could connect the dots and connect everyone in Deadwood together in 2 degrees or less. Deadwood has made me re-evaluate my entire list to see where it goes, because to be honest, it has made TV suck a lot more because it's so fucking good. The bar is set very high, as are my expectations.


6. CSI - Amazingly, I can find replay value in this show. Grissom is my hero, I love all the cast and the way they interact. I must see Season 5, though, as I've missed most of it. Their peak episodes are fantastic.


7. The Shield - I love silly and fantastical shows, as this list proves. This is the only show that isn't like that. It's serious, it's straight, and there are no supernatural forces. Unless you call Cleetus Van Damme a supernatural force. It's a badass show with some great acting and well written stories and plot developments.


8. Buffy - Too many "poorish" seasons for me to put any higher, and I've been well removed from the great years. Still, to make it in the top 10 is an acheivement, and it deserves to be here on season 5 alone. One of these days I'll pick up some Buffy DVDs and revisit and see why it belonged higher.


9. Star Trek DS9 - I had to pick a star trek, since I love Voyager and Next Gen as wel, but this stands out for having thee best star trek episode, as well as being a lot more consistent.


10. Carnivale - I need to see Season 2, but Season 1 was really fucking good. Some have said that they slow played it too much, but I enjoyed it. No one particular episode stands out, but rather, the entire story is what I remember best.

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Depending on how open you are to another non-supernatural TV series, I can almost guarantee The Wire will make your top 10 once you've gotten your hands on it. The characters are as good as Deadwood's, I'll say that. Plus, each season is like a novel. I can't pimp this enough.


Stringer Bell 0wnz!!!

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I'm saying this in all seriousness, and yes, the jokes of me recommending this to you are hilarious, but I have to wonder if you've seen Queer As Folk. Get past the BUTT sex and you have some really awesome storytelling with fantastic characters.

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Have you looked into the other FX dramas besides The Shield, and checked out Rescue Me and Nip/Tuck?


Both are equally great in every aspect, and Rescue Me brings a great deal of humor along with the serious and well developed plots and characters.



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Inked is just another amusing reality show with oddball characters.


It hardly stands out at all, I perfer DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER over Inked.



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I can't stand Dog's wife, thus, I don't watch the show.


I like Inked because it's drama filled and I'm a fan of tattoo's. It's right in my wheelhouse.

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