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CFB Pick 'Em Contest Announcement

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Regulars of the Sports forum know that for the past three years I've been running a College Football Pick 'Em Contest. At the conclusion of last season I was uncertain if I wanted to continue running this contest. During last season the contest started to become a chore for me to run rather than a fun time killer. But after giving it it some thought and given the desire of others to keep it going I've decided to do it for at least one more year. I'll be holding off on posting the sign up thread for this upcoming season until mid-July as I hope having sign ups start closer to the beginning of the season will mean less people jumping ship right as the contest starts. Last year I started signs up around this time and I had four people drop out within a month into the season. Further details of the 2007 contest will be held off until then, including a change in the BCS rankings.


To keep this entry in with the theme of my blog, it's time for a random list which relates to the contest. Last year I posted the Bored's College Football Pick 'Em Encyclopedia which had a recap of the first two seasons of the contest and all-time standings. I don't really feel like typing up a recap of last season but I have gone ahead and updated the all-time contest standings so here they are.


All-Time Records (ordered by total wins)


Note: Results where replacements picks were used are thrown out.


1t. CanadianChris 29-13

1t. teke 184 29-14

3. iggymcfly 28-11

4. Edwin MacPhisto 27-14

5. Vern Gagne 25-16

6t. AlwaysPissedOff 23-17

6t. phoenixrising 23-18

8t. Bored 22-18

8t. nogoodnick 22-21

10t. Cuban Linx 21-7

10t. Lando Griffin 21-19

10t. Spaceman Spiff 21-21

10t. Will Scarlet 21-22

14. Spicy McHaggis 20-21


15t. MarvinisLunatic 19-12

15t. Cartman 19-21

17t. Agent of Oblivion 18-21

17t. Gert T 18-21

19. Kotzenjunge 17-20

20t. JHawk 16-22

20t. bravesfan 16-23

22t. Secret Agent 13-12

22t. Agent Bond34 13-14

22t. Kingofthe909 13-16

22t. the pinjockey 13-25

26. Porter 12-13

27t. SilverPhoenix 11-10

27t. therealworldschampion 11-20


29. A MikeSC 9-3

30t. Loaded Glove 8-13

30t. Damaramu 8-15

30t. Carnival 8-17

33t. kkktookmybabyaway 7-5

33t. Urban Warfare 7-6

33t. Danville Wrestling 7-7

33t. Flyboy 7-7

33t. Vampiro69 7-7

33t. Leena 7-8

33t. Vitamin X 7-16

39t. UTBroward 6-7

39t. HarleyQuinn 6-8

39t. Angel Grace Blue 6-19

42t. Hawk 34 5-7

42t. Ortonsault 5-7

44t. Matt Young 4-2

44t. Dangerous A 4-7

44t. 2GOLD 4-9

44t. Mad Dog 4-9

48t. Jimbo 1-1

48t. "Hail" bps21 1-2

50t. IK Cool Jew 0-3

50t. Rob E Dangerously 0-4

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