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Here is my on-going script for the movie "Shuffle". Which is a combination of Hackers and The Wizard and just about every 80's and 90's movie under the sun dealing with new fads and teenagers. This is inspired by the movie Quicksilver with Kevin Bacon, a movie about riding bicycles really fast. I hope to shop it to Apple and get millions for it.



Rated PG


Act One:


Scene One:


A taxi is driving down the highway, music is playing. We see the protagonist, Josh Smalls, in the back. He looks uncomfortable and nervous. Several shots of Josh and the taxi, along with shots of the city, as the credits roll. Finally Josh speaks up:


Smalls: Could you change the station, please?

Driver: What?

Smalls: The station, could you change it? I’ve heard this song so many times already.

Driver: No, no change. It is the same thing all over. See? See?


The driver changes the station to reveal the same song playing. Smalls rolls his eyes and continues to look out the window.


The taxi pulls up to a suburban house and Josh gets out and pays the driver. But it is not enough.


Smalls: Sorry, it’s all I have.


The driver leaves, obviously pissed off.


Josh knocks on the door but no one answers. He knocks again. No one answers. He tries to open the door, but it is locked. He looks around and ends up going around the house to the back. He sees a patio door open and he enters to loud music.


Smalls (trying to yell over the music): HELLO?! HELLO???


He walks around the house, trying to move towards the music. He finds a record player and turns it off. Immediately, two people rush in.


Uncle: What happened to the music?

Aunt: I don’t know; it just stopped.


They see Josh standing there with the plug in his hand.


Aunt: Oh, hello Josh. We didn’t expect you here so soon.

Josh: Yeah, my flight was a few hours early. Sorry about turning off the music, Aunt Marigold.

Uncle: Oh it’s no problem Josh.

Aunt: Your uncle Pete and I were just listening to one of our favourite albums.

Josh: Why was it so loud?

Uncle: Well it has to be loud, how else can you take the music with you around the house?


Josh shrugs.


Aunt: Now, you must be hungry and tired after such a long trip from Chicago. We’ll get you some dinner and show you your room. You have a big day tomorrow.


Uncle: First day of school. Big day.


Josh: Yeah… big day…


Scene 2:


Josh is in his new bedroom, unpacking his belongings. He pulls out a framed picture, of himself and his family. He looks down, sadly. He then clutches on to his neck lace that is under his shirt. His aunt comes in and sees him looking at the picture.


Aunt: It is unfortunate what happened to your parents, Josh. They loved you very much. My sister, she…


Josh: If they loved me so much… why did they have to go?


Aunt: I can’t answer that Josh, no one can... no one ever knows… have a good rest, big day tomorrow…


Scene 3:


A school is shown. Students busy, moving around, in groups. Lots of shots of students listening to music w. head phones. Every student, infact. Josh enters the building and looks lost. He tries to ask people for directions.


Josh: Do you know? Do you know where? Science class? Science? Do you?


In the confusion he ends up bumping into a girl, Kate, knocking both of their books down.


Josh: Oh jeez, I’m sorry.

Kate: What?

Josh: (louder) I’m SORRY.


Kate takes off her head phones.


Kate: What?

Josh: I’M.. sorry.

Kate: Nah, it’s cool. Hey, you’re new here, aren’t you?

Josh: How can you tell?

Kate: I’m psychic.

Josh: Really?

Kate: Nah, you just have that new kid look.

Josh: Yeah. Hey, maybe you could help me? Do you know where Mr. Franklins class is? Science?

Kate: Yeah, I was just headin there, c’mon I’ll show you.

Josh: Thanks. Here, (picks up her books), your books.

Kate: Oh, these ain’t books.


They start to move forward. She opens the books to reveal compartments for various accessories.


Kate: I have my pills in there, docks, cases, speakers, socks, camera, av..

Josh: Then how do you study?

Kate: I have Science, Algebra, Shakespeare; all the texts in audio format. All loaded up on my 'pod.

Josh: You’re what?


The last comment gets muted out as they enter the class.


Scene 4:


Class is over and Josh is walking through the halls. Kate catches up to him.


Kate: So, what do you have next?

Josh: Um, I have this break period.

Kate: Hey, me too. Here, come on, let me introduce you to the gang.


Scene 5:


They enter the cafeteria where they see a group of people lounging around. There is a black guy, Crafton, a Mexican, Luiz, an Asian chick, Alice, and a crazy white boy, Derrick.


Crafton: I am telling you, the E-30 pills are the absolute best on the market.

Luiz: The market? Dude, Crafton, those are ILLEGAL.

Crafton: Hey, the black market is still a market. Are you telling me, Luiz, that just because it’s black it shouldn’t be considered a market?

Derrick: That’s EXACTLY what he’s saying, man.

Luiz: I am not saying that at all, Derrick. Listen. It’s illegal. Those pills have really messed some peoples heads up.

Derrick: Hey, all I know man, is that those things have me ringing man, for days, man. It’s a trip, bros.

Crafton: That’s what I’m saying, they are the best. Now, you in? Or you going to wuss out AGAIN.

Kate: What’s goin on, fellas?

Alice: Crafton and Luiz are arguing over which pills are the best.

Kate: Come on guys, we all know the E-30’s are the best.



Crafton hits Luiz.


Josh: Pills?

Kate: Yeah.

Derrick: Hey, who’s the bumpkin?

Kate: Oh, sorry. Guys, this is Josh. Josh, this is the pill heads.

Josh: Pills as in…

Alice: Pills that go in the ear, not the mouth.

Josh: Uh…

Kate: Headphones, Josh.

Josh: Ooh.

Kate: Though sometimes with Derrick, there’s other kind of pills.

Derrick: Perfectly legal ones Katie. Over the counter and under my tongue.

Alice: Which ones you on today?

Derrick: Today is Friday, so that is Purple, Red, Greens, and, uuuh, Orange.

Crafton: Today is Monday, man.

Derrick: Oh sh- no wonder everything is in a shade of blue…

Luiz: What else did you think it was?

Derrick: I thought they just changed the lighting, man. Oh man… I’m really messed up right now, I’ll see you guys later.


Derrick leaves, but as he is going he bumps into Freeware and his crew.


Freeware: Watch where you’re going burn-out.

Derrick: Sorry dude, I’m just…

Freeware: In my way? I know, now get out.


Derrick gets up and leaves.


Freeware: Hey Kate.

Kate: Get bent, Freebie.

Freeware: It’s Freeware. You know that.

Crafton: She also knows your breath smells like old socks. Why you eatin socks anyways, bro?


Freeware ignores Crafton.


Freeware: So, you goin to the dance Friday night, Kate?

Kate: Yeah. With him.


Kate puts her arm around Josh.


Freeware: And who is him?

Josh: Uh, Josh Smalls.


Josh puts out his hand for a shake.

Freeware ignores it.


Freeware: What you doin with this 5-1-2, Kate?

Kate: None of your business, Freebie..

Luiz: Oooh.

Freeware: If I wanted your opinion, Pedro, I’d pay you well under minimum wage for it.


Luiz jumps up.


Kate: Hey, cool it. Listen, Freebie. Why don’t you and your crew go and shine up your 30 gig video pods.

Freeware: Oh, it’s 60 gigs now.

Kate: Whatever, get outta here.

Freeware: You don’t tell me where to go, Kate. I’m not just a song on your playlist that you can shuffle around.

Kate: And you never will be.


Freeware grabs Kate by the arm


Freeware: Hey..


Josh immediately jumps and pushes him off. The crew moves in as well as the pill heads but before things escalate Principal Taylor enters and breaks things up.


Kate: Hey, thanks.

Josh: Well, I figured since you’re my girl now, what with this dance and everything, I might as well be chivalrous.

Kate: Well, that was just for show.

Josh: You guys went out?

Kate: Once, in like junior high. He’s been thinking I’m his ever since.

Josh: What a jerk. Why do you call him Freeware?

Crafton: The dude gets everything for free. He’s a pirate. He’ll download music off the internet from these pirate sites or upload his own and spreads them around like a virus for a small fee. He doesn’t care, man. He’s in it for the money, not the science.

Luiz: His stuff is low quality, doesn’t even sound like the original albums.

Alice: And it’s all traceable. The feds could come down here any day and take all our pods away to see who has illegal music on their player.

Crafton: I don’t want the man knowin what I got on my shuffle, no way.

Luiz: Yeah, no one wants to know what you got on your shuffle. There’s only so many John Denver songs out there.


Everyone laughs.


Luiz: L-O-L.


Josh: Pods? Shuffle? Denver? What are you guys talking about?

Alice: You don’t know?

Josh: No, what’s a pod?

Kate: An Ipod. It’s a portable music listening device.

Crafton: Only the finest creation on the planet, next to myself.

Alice: It stores digital music. Depending on the pod, you can get hundreds of songs on just one player.

Luiz: It’s so sleek and sexy, everyone has one. I don’t know how you can live with out it.

Josh: How do you get the music?

Kate: Itunes, preferably. They have the most titles, the best sound quality, the easiest access.

Alice: Plus it’s legal. They have deals set up with the record companies, so the artists can get paid for their work.

Crafton: But then you have dudes like Freeware who ruin it for us, guys who have us lookin over our shoulder cause the feds be on our backs.

Luiz: It’s just so wrong.


All of a sudden Joey runs in, huffing and puffing.


Crafton: Joey, my man, what’s goin on?


Kate realizes that Joey is in trouble.


Kate: Joey, what’s wrong?

Joey: I… it’s…


Joey looks back and sees two guys in suits enter the cafeteria.




Joey hands Crafton his Ipod and runs out the back door, the men in suits follow him.


Josh: What they heck was that all about?


Kate: With Joey, you never know. He probably was skateboarding outside or something.

Crafton: Boy done left his pod with us too. Probably didn’t want it to be seized. Must be your lucky day bump, here, you can use Joeys.

Josh: Uh, thanks. How do you use it?

Kate: It’s so easy, let me show you.


Before Kate can show him, the principal walks in.


Principal: Josh Smalls, come with me to my office, please.

Luiz: Oooh.

Principal: Luiz, zip it.


Scene 6:


Josh is in Principal Taylors office, sitting across from him.


Principal: So, Josh, how has your first day been going.

Josh: Well..

Principal: Cause I see you’ve already gotten into a fight with one student, and you’re hanging around a bunch of nogoodnicks.

Josh: Nogoodnicks, sir?

Principal: Yeah, those “pill heads”. They do nothing but listen to music all day. In class, in the halls, all over. Those damn pods are so small that it’s hard to detect them, so they can take them anywhere. It distracts from their learning, Josh. And I don’t want them distracting you from yours. I know your situation, your parents. Josh, it’s very unfortunate and I don’t want you heading down that path too, you hear me?

Josh: Yeah, I hear ya.

Principal: Good, now I see you have Math now. Better hurry up or you’ll be late.


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