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The (Second) Greatest Angle Ever: Part 1

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The Second Biggest Storyline Ever: UFC Invasion


UFC, SPIKETV, and TNA have a synergistic relationship with each other. Currently, SPIKE has grouped TNA and UFC in the same television block on Thursday Nights, with the idea that there is a crossover fan that watches The Ultimate Fighter and will stay around to see Impact. The following storyline will take advantage of this relationship. See, this angle takes place directly after the TUF finale, which means UFC will not have any television aside from UFC Unleashed –which is a collection of fights that already happened- and the odd Ultimate Fight Night Live, so they are able to keep their name and face on TV on a regular basis. And TNA gets the rub off the UFC.


Of course, UFC fans will probably hate it because Pro Wrestling would taint the sport, and TNA fans would hate it because they are not familiar with MMA. But I like this story, and it is a complete rip-off of the NWO invasion… which was a rip-off of the UWF-i/NJPW feud… and UWF-I was a fake shoot group whose head guy – Nobuhiko Takada – was the biggest star in PRIDE during its formative years, and UWF-I also produced one of the greatest fighters ever in Kazushi Sakuraba. The point? Well, there isn’t one… cept that things kinda have a way of coming full circle.



In June, The Ultimate Fighter will be having its finale. The TUF 2 finale drew one of the highest ratings for the UFC with a 2.0 and the TUF 1 finale was the first time the UFC was on national television live and will be remembered for the amazing fight between Forrest Griffin and Stephan Bonnar. This is where the angle begins.


The UFC likes to have a main event on the card, along with the two finals (Middleweight and Lightweight division finals). They like to feature interviews with celebrities and whatnot that are in attendance in regards to the main event.



*On TUF 3 Finale*


Joe Rogan: I’m here with Samoa Joe from TNA Impact, which will be following this show on SPIKETV at 11pm EST. Joe, how are you likin the fights tonight?


Samoa Joe: It’s been a great night of fights, lots of action, I’m enjoyin it a lot. I’ve got a martial arts background myself, I like to incorporate some MMA stuff into my matches, so I’m havin a blast watching this stuff live.


Joe Rogan: So who do you think is going to win between Fighter X and Fighter Y?


Samoa Joe: Well, Fighter X is this. But Fighter Y is that. It doesn’t really matter, though, I could take them both out.


Joe Rogan: You’ve got to be kidding me.


Samoa Joe: Nah. Put them in a wrestling ring with me, and I’d have them tapping out in no time.


Joe Rogan (with a bewildered look on his face): Ooook, Professional Wrestler Samoa Joe thinks he can beat Fighter X and Y, back to you Goldie.


*later on*


Joe Rogan: So Dana, we had TNA Pro Wrestler Samoa Joe on earlier saying he could beat both X and Y, what are you comments on this?


Dana White: So what? That’s professional wrestling. It’s ridiculous. You will never see a UFC fighter in a TNA ring. That’s all that needs to be said on it.



*On the TNA show after TUF 3 finale*


Mike Tenay: Welcome everyone to TNA Impact, your 60 minute adrenaline rush *gets a feed from his headset* Uh huh. Uh huh. WHAT? Ladies and Gentlemen I have just been notified that DANA WHITE – President of the UFC – has just called our producers in response to the shocking comments Samoa Joe made on the live telecast that aired before this show and WILL BE HERE NEXT WEEK to directly and publicly address TNA management on this issue.





*The next week*


*First segment*


*Dana White comes down to the ring, no music, or anything*


*Mike Tenay is in the center of the ring*


Mike Tenay: Ladies and Gentlemen, UFC president Dana White. Dana, word has it, you called SPIKETV offices immediately after Samoa Joes comments last week and demanded to be on TNA Impact this week to address those comments publicly. The good people at SPIKETV relayed the message to TNA management and producers who, because of the UFC’s relationship with SPIKE, would comply to your request. What do you want to say?


Dana White: … Are you through?... Ok… *Grabs the mic* Now, last week, a wrestler by the name of Samoa Joe came on my television programming and basically insulted my fighters by saying he could take them in a match. Now, the UFC was gracious enough to put that guy on our live show to get over this television show and get exposed to a larger audience, and in return he decides to take advantage of our goodwill and start making open challenges. If you didn’t hear what I said last week, I will say it again tonight. There will not be a UFC fighter, under contract to us, that will be in any TNA match. Our fighters are not professional wrestlers. Our fighters are real. They really hit each other, they really get hurt. UFC is as real as it gets. So I am out here tonight looking for an apology from TNA management, who I assume are not wrestlers themselves and therefore have some brains in their heads and will know how important I am and how important the UFC is to SPIKETV and will come down here and give me that apology or else I’ll go right from this building, fly over to SPIKETV offices, and get this show taken off the air. So who the hell is in charge here?


*Dixie Carter comes down*




*Dixie steps into the ring*


Dana White: So, uh, you’re the one I should be talking to.


Dixie Carter: Yes. I am President of TNA Wrestling.


Dana White: So you’re the one I should blame for what your wrestler said on my programming? First of all, I want that guy punished. I am holding him and I am holding YOU responsible for his insulting comments and I want some punishment laid down by TNA management.


Dixie Carter: Well, first of all, I don’t really appreciate being called out here on national television. There are better ways, more professional ways, of handling things.


Dana White: Well, I figured that since your guy decided to be unprofessional on my national television show, then I should return the favour.


Dixie Carter: I see. And secondly, after considering your demands and your relationship with SPIKE, I think it would be appropriate to suspend Samoa Joe for 30 days.


Dana White: 30 days? 30 days! You’re kidding me, right? That’s what I hate about professional wrestling. In the real world, if he were one of my guys, he’d be gone for 6 months. But in this fantasy world you have, 30 days is supposed to be enough punishment? I..


Dixie Carter: .. Dana…


Dana White: Don’t interrupt me… I can’t believe this stuff is still popular. This is so stupid. I can’t believe this morons here in Florida come out and eat this stuff up. Well, on second thought, we ran a show here a few years ago and you morons couldn’t have been more useless, so maybe I can believe that you’d like this stuff.


Dixie Carter: Now Dana.


Dana White: I said SHUT UP. And you will keep your mouth shut if you know what’s good for you.


Dana White: This stuff is so fake. 30 days? Ridiculous. Samoa Joe tapping out my guys. You’re in fantasy land. The UFC is real. The real deal. This? This is all pretend. No one really gets hurt. It’s all an act. It’s all..


*Jeff Jarrett sneaks up behind Dana White and as Dana turns around JJ hits him with a guitar. Knocking Dana out.*





*The next week, after replaying the previous weeks attacks*


Mike Tenay: UFC President Dana White has requested some SPIKE television time for a pre-taped announcement.


Dana White: Last week I was viciously attacked by a TNA wrestler named Jeff Jarrett. Before that I said that no UFC fighter would appear on TNA television. But when I said that, it was strictly on a professional level. A guitar shot and 12 stitches later, and this has become personal. I could go to SPIKETV and get TNA yanked off the air, but instead, instead I want to humiliate TNA. Instead I will be sending two UFC stars next week to attend a TNA Impact show, sit front row in the audience, and if they happen to cause any trouble, then so be it. I feel bad for the security guards who try to stop them.


*To Be Continued>>>*

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Putting aside the knowledge Dana White would never go for this, this was good stuff. Not sure if I'd have used Jarrett for taking Dana out since it babyfaces him to a degree, but he's as good as anyone on the roster to do it.


What were your plans for Joe? I figure you'd have him come behind Dana to choke him out and show him a pro wrestler could choke a person out as good as a UFC Fighter could?

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What good could admitting pro wrestling is fake on tv possibly do? It would kill all the "reality" of the UFC fighters eventually invading, and make TNA look insignificant.

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People know wrestling is fake. They don't like to be reminded of it, yes, but in this scenario it is necessary for Evil Heel UFC Owner Dana White. Plus, he is saying what most MMA fans think about wrestling anyways and is probably close to his own opinions. Nash and Hall "shouldn't" have said that everyone in WCW was old, because it made WCW look insignificant, but it was necessary for the "shoot" and "reality" aspects of the angle. To come in and ignore that the UFC Guys Are Real Fighters angle is to ignore the whole point. And it's not like Dana White gets away with saying all that he is saying, the payback comes in the form of a guitar shot.

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