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More Entries about Buildings and Food

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Gary Floyd


-For those who don't know, the whole Benoit thing not only continues to be fucked up, but has become a "media circus", as you might say. Thw Warrior is supposed to give us his Warrior Wisdom on Hannity and Colmes tonight, Nancy "I'm an Insufferable Cunt" Grace has been well, an insufferable cunt, O'Rilley and Geraldo "The Moustache of Time" Rivera have been jackasses, Debra made me feel bad for her, Jericho saved the day by being the most rational, and the WWE folder continues to suck. That last part isn't anything new though.


The real winner as far as embarresment so far, has been Chyna. Here's somebody that's living proof of how one can fall from grace. She's gone from being a notable figure in the wrestling (who was never really a good worker) to becoming a coked up, bordering on fat mess. Her porn tape destroyed the sanity of many (Me, I've seen much worse), and it's a bizarre blend of depressing and hilarious. Just remember: No matter how bad things are, at least you aren't Chyna.


-The Beastie Boys (remember back when they were good?) have a new album made up completely of instrumentals, and it sucks. It's just really boring and unmotivated, without anything that hasn't been done before, only they've done it better (the instrumental breaks in Check Your Head and Ill Communication, the retro cool of In Sound From Way Out), and others have done much better. It's at least a better ablum than To the 5 Burroughs (which had one good single in "C-c-c-check It Out") and Hello Nasty (good singles, nothing else). If anything it's cheap, and probably makes alright background music for those times you wanna smoke pot. Oh, and it does have a few (repeat, a few) decent tracks.


-Finally, here's Rosie O Donnell's daughter


Yes, that's really her. Right now, Tom Selleck is smiling, and I don't blame him. It's amazing that in the world of obnoxius female celebrities, Rosie is the only one who pisses me off.

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