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Tecmo Super Bowl Simulated Season: Week 1

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About four years out of Boredom I went on a binge of downloading roms to play old NES games. It was fun for a little while but playing on the keyboard got old fast. One of the games I downloaded of course was the favorite childhood video game of many men my age, Tecmo Super Bowl. A couple of weeks ago I finally had the itch again to play TSB but again playing on the keyboard just isn't nearly as fun as playing the original on the NES. So I decided for my next series of blog entires was to simulate a TSB season and track it here on my blog.


Yes I'm officially out of ideas.


Anyways I'll just be doing the quick simulation of each game. I thought about sitting through computer vs. computer games but that would take too damn long and get boring. Besides the computer can play really fucking stupid, like ignoring the wide open receiver streaking 50 yards down the field and throwing to tight end underneath who is covered. Maybe when I get to the playoffs I'll do that and add some screen captures.


For Week 1 the big game was obviously the rematch of the 1990 NFC Championship between the Giants and 49ers. Giants blew a 21-0 lead here in the 4th but prevailed in overtime 24-21. The big news of the week though is an upset win over the Redskins, the Lions lost Barry Sanders to injury. Randall Cunnigham, or better known as QB Eagles, went off against the Packers with 348 yards passing and 5 touchdowns.


Week 1 Scores


Seattle 27, New Orleans 21

-John L Williams: 5 catches, 121 yards


L.A. Rams 24, Phoenix 21 OT

-Henry Ellard: 5 catches, 147 yards


Philadelphia 38, Green Bay 24

-Randall Cunningham: 348 yards passing


San Diego 21, Pittsburgh 20

-Anthony Miller: 6 catches, 106 yards


N.Y. Jets 31, Tampa Bay 28 OT

-Jets: 176 yards rushing


N.Y. Giants 24, San Francisco 21 OT

-Phil Simms: 154 yards passing


Indianapolis 19, New England 14

-Steve Grogan: 16% comp pct, 46 yards


Denver 38, Cincinnati 14

-Bobby Humphrey: 14 rushes, 116 yards


Buffalo 24, Miami 21

-Thurman Thomas: 191 total yards


L.A. Raiders 30, Houston 21

-Oilers: 12 yards rushing


Detroit 17, Redskins 14

-Barry Sanders: 106 yards rushing, leaves injured


Dallas 24, Cleveland 10

-Jay Novacek: 4 catches, 102 yards


Minnesota 30, Chicago 17

-Wade Wilson: 204 yards passing


Kansas City 38, Atlanta 0

-Falcons: 64 total yards, 3 first downs


Leaders thru Week 1


As I get later into the season I'll add expanded leaders. I've never quite figured out what the hell formula Tecmo used for passing rating on the game as it is obviously not the standard NFL version.


Passing Leaders

Rating: Randall Cunnigham 302.0

Yards: Cunningham 348

TD: Cunnigham 5


Receiving Leaders

Receptions: Art Monk; Anthony Miller, 6

Yards: Henry Ellard; Fred Barnett, 147

TD: Many with 2


Rushing Leaders

Yards: Bobby Humphrey, 116

TD: Many with 2


Defensive Leaders

INT: Many with 2

Sacks: Richard Dent; Lawrence Taylor; Al Baker, 3

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