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Return to the mall

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Gary Floyd


Sunday was interesting, as I returned to the mall. Was it a fun experience?


Unlike last time, I saw no Juggalos. I even found t-shirts I wanted (all horror movie related). The guy working at the store though, hoo-boy. He was a loud talker. I mean a really loud talker. I was practically worried he was going to skin me alive, the way he went on about horror movies and whatnot, practically seeming like he was about to come out of his skin. In short, he scared the shit out of me. Oh, and the guy he was working with him looked like a chick. Also, the music they played in there sucked.


I thought of going into the Hot Topic for a laugh, but changed my mind. I already went to one store for shirts (called Cosmic or some bullshit) so I didn't want to suffer. I did go to the bookstore there (Waldens, which sure as hell ain't Borders) and got John Skipp's book "The Long Last Call." It's a good, quick read, with interesting characters, as well as a great introduction by Brian Keene.


All this out of the way, it would be nice if the people working at the mall knew where certain places were. Come on, they work there at the mall, and they don't know where the mall's book store is? Also, why do bookstores all the sudden have to be flooded with Anime merchandise? I go there to get a horror or sci-fi novel, or a magazine, not to have Inuyasha (no, not CronoT's attempt at being a master of disguise) look at me.


I then went to FYE, then left. In case the music industry is wondering "why aren't people buying CD's like they used to?", it probably has to do with the fact that CD's cost $19.99. I'm not paying that much for a Neurosis CD, no matter how much I like the band. That's too fucking expensive.


So yeah, that's my return to the mall in a nutshell.

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