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The 2 Lamest Forms fo Pornography

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Gary Floyd


No description needed. With NSFW examples.


5.) Hentai-Hey, why not wack off to something that isn't even real! Come on, why masturbate to animation or drawings? Just go with the real thing, it will save you the embarresment. Another reason hentai goes here is because of it's fantasy element. And by that, I mean tentacles. Just watch a gang bang video if you want to see a girl surrounded by a swarm of cocks.


4.) Erotic Fanfiction-Believe it or not, this used to be dominated by lonely guys without a chance of getting laid. Now it's dominated by sexually repressed teenage girls and housewives who like to think if Goku or Harry Potter taking it in the ass. Oh, and fictional males becoming impregnated.


3.) Furry Porn-What's worse than spanking it to anime? Spanking it to anthropomorphic animals and dressing up like said animals for sex. Someday, the internet will become so ingrated into the minds of humanity that normal consensual sex will be frowned upon and looked at as taboo.


2.) Second Life-Can't get laid? Masturbation just not doing it anymore? Then go to Second Life and pretend that you're getting pussy! It's pretty much virtual sex, only more widely used, and more pathetic. Oh, and apparently, furries have now gotten in on it. And yes, they watch anthropomorphic animals fucking instead of virtual people, which is even more pathetic than watching virtual people.


1.) Girls Gone Wild-Compared to the other examples, this one is tame. That's one of the reason's I included this, and why it is the most pathetic form of pornography available: porn that really isn't porn at all. Sure, there's all the tits and ass you'd expect, but it's so tame. It's pretty much porn for those who are too weak to look at actual porn.


And that's the list.

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