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Bored's Pointless Top 25 USF/Kansas BCS Title Game Edition

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Thank you to Oregon State Vanessa Hudgens I do not have to worry about a Cal national championship, although still need to some help to avoid them getting to the Rose Bowl.


With the BCS Rankings out I probably shouldn't even bother with this anymore but maybe one more week. Pretty simple there are five undefeated BCS teams so they make up my Top 5. This week though I now have to include two loss teams in the rankings and even rank some of them above one loss teams but I will rank all one loss teams. Now one rule that I always stick by is if you have two teams with the same number of losses and who have played each other, you must rank the winner of the head-to-head match-up higher. As much as I hate Cal there is no justifying ranking them below Oregon. Of course this rule has to be thrown out when you have a situation like with LSU, South Carolina, and Kentucky. LSU beat South Carolina, South Carolina beat Kentucky, Kentucky beat LSU. In this case given that yesterday's game could have gone either way and that LSU beat South Carolina convincingly, I've ranked LSU above Kentucky.


1. Ohio State

2. South Florida

3. Boston College

4. Arizona State

5. Kansas

6. LSU

7. South Carolina

8. Oklahoma

9. Kentucky

10. West Virginia

11. California

12. Oregon

13. Missouri

14. Virginia Tech

15. Auburn

16. Florida

17. Cincinnati

18. Texas Tech

19. Tennessee

20. USC

21. Virginia

22. Kansas State

23. Connecticut

24. Hawaii

25. Boise State

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