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Gary Floyd



8.) John Fogerty sued for self plagerisim (no, not the poster)
A lot of artists are accused of sounding the same. That out of the way, none of them have been sued, except for a 1994 case in which John Fogerty was sued. He was sued because his song "Old Man Down the Road" sounded a lot like the Creedence Clearwater Revival song "Run Through the Jungle." In other words, John was sued for sounding like well, himself.


7.) Cynthia :wub: teh cock
We all want to remember our rock idols-some in interesting ways. For Cynthia Albritton, it was making plaster molds of her rock idols cocks. She's done cock-models of Kiss (Who wrote a song about her), Pop Will Eat Itself, Hendrix (her favorite), Jello Biafra, and more. That my friends, is dedication. Her work has even been featured in art exhibits.
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