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This is why we can't have nice things

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Gary Floyd



I don't get along with everybody. Granted, not everybody here gets along. But that's how it is. Fortunately, there is always the ignore feature. Here's the list of people I don't care for.

Douchebag: Horrible in every way imaginable. An idiot who missed the point of the movie "Shoot 'Em Up" (it was supposed to be stupid, you simpleton), bragged about potentially ruining somebody's life (in what may be one of the worst moments in TSM history), makes horrible attempts at humor, and yet isn't called out for being an idiot in the WWE folder (which already has it's share of simpletons.)

Carlito Brigante: In spite of what some may say, he isn't the worst poster on TSM at the moment (Douchebag is), but he is the stupidest. He thinks I take the folder too seriously, threatened to beat people up in the MMA folder (he says it was a joke, and if it was, it was a stupid joke), once called Black Lushus an "Uncle Tom", claims I'm "all on his jock" (when you act like an idiot, you are going to be treated like one or called out), and now apparently impregnated a girl, but is too dumb to get a test to see if it really is his.

razazteca: Speaking of horrible attempts at humor, here's the king. He's made at least 30,000 posts, and hardly any of them are any good. Even some at the WWE folder don't like him.

VanHalen: He should be called VanCherone, because that was the worst part of Van Halen's career. From taking other peoples avatars, to being an annoying prick, to his pointless threads, he's a waste of space.

Marvinisalunatic: A man who orgasmically goes on about HD TV, constantly goes "Jericho looks gay in that LOL!!!", makes bad posts in the Sports folder, "WWE", and looks like a mishappen mutant from "The Hills Have Eyes"

C-Bacon: Is essentially a socialist weasel who approves Anarcho-Socialism, has no idea how kids should be taken care of, thinks everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) about America is the result of imperialism, tends to invoke fascism, sucks Chomsky's cock, thinks kids should be allowed to do whatever they want, and is generally clueless. Thank God i have him on ignore.

gary floyd: I hate that faggot.
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