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My 2007 Pro Wrestling Career Review

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There's still only a few more weeks of 2007 but wrestling wise, there's no more shows I'm apart of. So I can go ahead and give 2007 a review wrestling wise.


2007 was a great year for me wrestling wise. I did so much and I accomplished a whole hell of a lot, in such a very short span of time. If you would have told me in Oct. of 2006 that I would Ref outside of California, work with former WWE/ECW wrestlers along with current TNA wrestlers, Referee at the Cow Palace, and to end it all, work with the Great Muta, I would have laughed at you, but by the end of 2006, it was all starting to become a reality.


It really all started back in November of 2006 when Helfyre asked me if I would like to go to Oregon and Referee for a promotion called BAW. I didn't know it a the time, but that's pretty much when all the crazyness of what I was really going to do in 2007 would start. BAW is what really set things off for me. It was the first time I Ref'ed out of the state of California and it was the first time I would have worked with fromer WWE/WCW/ECW wrestlers along with current (at the time) TNA wrestlers. It was where I got to meet and work with New Jack, Spike Dudley, and Molly Holly. BAW also gave me a lot more confindence when it came to Refereeing.


To be honest, before I went to BAW I didn't feel to comfortable being a Ref. There was just something about it, that made me keep thinking I wouldn't get it or I would be just pick of the litter Referee, but BAW made me feel differently. When I Ref'ed for BAW, the fans hated me...but it was a good kind of hate...the kind of hate wrestlers want to get from crowds. The Promoter and the Booker loved me as a Ref and would always tell me how I was doing a good job and the wrestlers loved working with me. It made me want to Referee more and more.


Ok, I'm getting a bit off track here, this post is going to become a BAW love fest instead of a 2007 year in review before to long. So BAW is what really jump started things for me and from there, wrestling wise, just continued to climb.



TRAINING:At the start of year, I re-started my training to become a Pro Wrestler. I enjoyed Refereeing but I didn't get into Pro Wrestling to become a Referee, I got into Pro Wrestling because I wanted to be a Wrestler. I think training was the only thing that brought me a lot of my lows wrestling wise throughout 2007. There were always times where I felt like I was getting it, I was understanding and doing/taking moves and understaning wrestling psycology a lot more but there were a lot more times where I wasn't getting it. Weather it was understanding how to give or take a move correctly, understanding the psycology of something or trying to do a stand-still front flip bump. Man I hate trying to do that. At one point I actually was able to do it, but we took something like a week in a half off from training because the ring was down and when we got back to training...I competely forgot how to do the front flip bump and still can't really do it to this day. I'm getting closer to remembering how to do it, but still quite pull it off again.


Though I guess I got the aspect of it enough to have my first offical pro wrestling match. It took me 12 months but hey, I got to have it. After 12 months straight of training, my trainers felt good enough to give me my first match and I'm glad they did. I felt more comfortable going into the match because I trained for so long, because I got to learn the craft of Pro Wrestling in a 12 month span. I think any earlier I wouldn't have been ready as I was for the match last Saturday as I was after training for 12 months.


DIFFERENT COMPANIES: At the end of 2006, I was only working for a hand-ful of promotions. BRAWL and CCW were really the only companies I was working for. I was with Devil Mountain Wrestling but by the end of 2006, Devil Mountain wasn't running any shows, we ran one in Sept. but after that, Devil Mountain Wrestling didn't have a show after that till mid-2007. So by the end of 2006, I was already working for BRAWL and CCW and just started working for BAW up in Oregon, and I really wanted to work for more companies as a Referee. So I actually made a New Years Resolution to work for those extra companies and I did.


By the end of 2007, I have worked with and Ref'ed Devil Mountain Wrestling (DMW), California Championship Wrestling (CCW), Barely Regulated American Wrestling League (BRAWL), BAW (I have no idea what they were actually called other than BAW.), North American Wrestling (NAW), and Supreme Pro Wrestling (SPW). Then their was the whole WrestleFanFest thing...technically that's not another company but fuck it, since it was put on by someone else, I'm gonna count it anyways. :D It's my blog, I'll count it if I wanna. (lol)


I'll admit while it was fun working for all those companies, it made my weekend life/schdule really hectic. There were a lot of times my schdule for a weekend looked like this....


Friday: BRAWL (BRAWL normally ran on Fridays)

Saturday CCW or DMW (either show normally run on Saturdays), then the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Sunday: NAW or SPW or BRAWL (Either show normally runs on Sundays, and every once in awhile BRAWL would run on a sunday)


So after working BRAWL on a friday night, on Saturday I'd either have to wake up really early to set up for the DMW show that was taking place, or I'd have to leave my house by 2 or 3 o'clock and make a hour to one in a half hour drive to Newman to work CCW, then after working either show, I would have to leave the show and make my way to Oakland and hopefully get there by 11:30 to help put on the Rocky Horror Picture Show. After Rocky Horror, I would get home normally by 4 Sunday morning. Now for Sunday shows, I have to get up around noon to make it to each show. SPW shows start at 5, so I have to be there by 3. NAW shows start around 7:30 normally but because they're about an hour in a half away from where I live, I have to get up between noon and 1 so I can get ready to go before my ride comes and picks myself and my roommate up. NAW shows also run really really long, because they're done at a bar/club. So a NAW show will start at 7:30 (usually) and run close to midnight. So after the NAW show, i'd get home around 2 in the morning and when I was working. I'd get a few hours of sleep then have to be at work by 6 in the morning Monday morning. Here's what my schdule would look like altogether with weeekends like that.


Thursday: work 6 am to 2:30 pm, Training @ 6:30 pm


Friday: Work 6 am to 2:30 pm, BRAWL @ 7 pm, had to be there around 5'ish.


Saturday: CCW @ 7:30 pm, had to be there before 5 pm, or DMW @ 7 pm, start setting up for show at 10:00 am.

After working either show, drive to Oakland for Rocky Horror, have to get there before midnight.


Sunday: NAW @ 7 to 7:30ish, leave house around 3 pm or SPW @ 5:00 pm, have to leave house by 2 pm or work BRAWL which took place at 6 pm, had to be there by 3:30 pm


Monday: Work 6 am to 2:30 pm, Wrestling Training @ 6:30 pm.


That's how a schdule could look for me at times.


Even though I was dead tired come Monday...I loved doing those types of weekends. I really did.


Will I work for more companies next year? To be honest, I honestly don't know. There are a few more companies here in the Bay Area that seem to be sprouting up, but they haven't contacted me about Ref'ing for them. I do know that I'm schduled to work for BTW (Big Time Wrestling) in Jan though, so that's already a new company right there, but I'm also not working job wise right now so it'll depend on if I can afford the gas to get back and forth or not.


BIG NAME WRESTLERS:Throughout 2007, I got to work with or be on the same show with a lot of wrestlers who work or have worked with WWE, WCW/NWA, ECW, TNA, and Japan. Here's just a list of them;


New Jack, Molly Holly, Brother Runt (Spike Dudley), Kamala, Rikishi, Al Snow w/ Head, Blue Meanie, Steve Corino, D-lo Brown, The Great Muta, Gangrel, Team 3D (The Dudley Boys), The Stiener Brothers, Slick (Slick was ribbing me the entire night), The Sandman, Francine, Babydoll, One Man Gang, Orlando Jordon, Diamond Dallas Page, Mean Gene Okerlund, Eric Bischoff, Barbarian, Warload, Scott Norton, Raven, Dr. Death Steve Williams, Tonga Kid, and I think there's a lot more names, I just can't remember them all. Some of them I got to work closely with while others I met for a few seconds and they most likely don't remember me.


But yeah, if anyone ever told me before 2007 I would meet and work with those people, I would have laughed at you. Never in my wildest dreams would I ever think I would meet all those people or even ever get to work with them. Some I still talk to today and I'm still pretty good with, others I've met once or twice but were all nice to meet and a good number of them have said I do a great job as a Ref. There's nothing better than hearing that a former World Champion loved your work in the ring, it's a awesome feeling.


2008: What will happen with me in 2008? I have no idea. I don't think anyting could really top 2007 wrestling wise for me. I was able to do so much and accomplish so much in 2007. I think really the only thing that could top 2007 would be wrestling in more wrestling matches, maybe winning a title for a company other than Devil Mountain Wrestling (I wouldn't feel right holding a title in the company that trained me, well not for quite awhile anyways.), and getting to work in another big show. Sorta like what WrestleFanFest was...just better organized. Those things might help make 2008 a better year than what 2007 was for me, but first before I even think that, I need to work on getting a new job so I can afford gas to make it to these other shows.

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