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The Final 2007 Year in Review

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Gary Floyd


-Milky made a much needed return, helping to make TSM interesting again.


-Leena was banned for being a cunt who takes the internet as serious business, and made many aborted attempts at a return.


-Ron Paul supporters are fucking crazy.


-Chavez didn't become President for life (thank God), thus hurting the feelings of Cena's Writer and C-Bacon.


-Huckabee and Romney got more support, while Rudy continues to tank.


-Rosie became the worst fucking celebrity on Earth, left The View, revealed she's a Truther, and the list goes on.


-Brittney attempted a comeback...and failed.


-Something happened involving Chris Benoit...wildpegasus han't been heard from since.


-Hillary lost some footing in grounds to her goal to become president.


-Larry Craig has a wide stance, if you get my drift (hurr hurr hurr)


-Athiests yelled at each other on Youtube. So much for religion being the blame for everything. Here's a rule: guys who are teenagers and/or live at home with there parents should not be Athiests, because they can't say things intelligently. (teens and people who live at home, not Athiests.)


-Fark finally joined the ranks of Free Republic and Democratic Underground, as it is now a haven for truthers, trolls, conservative nutjobs, wanna be communists, and angry Athiests.


-Anna Nicole died. Her last movie is

Oh, and yes, that's Chyna. Speaking of which, her appearence on Larry King was something else. She'll be on "Celebrity Rehab" in January, and the fact that such a show exists kills my soul a bit.


-Fuck Chocolate Rain, this is the best video on Youtube.


-"Grindhouse" tanked, yet "Alvin and the chipmunks" made a ton of cash. For fuck's sake America. Oh, and "No Country for Old Men" is the best movie of the year.


-Deon became the worst poster on TSM, and had his name changed to Douchebag. Carlito Brigante's stupidity continues unabated, as he got a girl pregnant and is getting in another fight. To quote snuffbox, "One day, ehme, the internet will take you as seriously as you take it."

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