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I made it to round two! and other musings

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Gary Floyd


-First of all, I made it to round two of the Posters Tournament, which makes me happy. I even beat veteran and established poster Youth N Asia, which surprises me. To those who voted for me, I say thanks, and to those who didn't, that's ok, as long as you left kind words. Will I win round two? Probably not, but the fact that some of you think I'm a good or improved poster is great.


Also, congrats to Lushus, Venkman, King Kamala, Man in Blak, Carnival, and yes, even Matt Young, for making it to round two. I actually was rooting for Matt, as he could be the underdog of the year. Too bad it left a debacle involving him and Cena's Writer, but I'll give Matt the edge for not sucking up to Hugo Chavez. Also, unlike CW, he didn't vote for Carlito Brigante over King Kamala.


-Also, is it just me, or is Carlito Brigante really boring and predictable now. He repeats the same insults adnauseum, seems to call everybody fags, and is basically boring now. he's still scream at the moniter horrible though.


-Recent discovery: Primordial's 2007 album To The Nameless Dead, a great blend of Black Metal, Celtic music, and folk that never feels forced, and puts Viking Metal to shame. I never did like Viking Metal though. I wish I had known about it in 2007, because it would have made it in my best albums of 2007 list.


-Finally, look for my 12 best moments in music history to return to this blog soon.

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