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Gary Floyd


-In case you guys didn't notice, or you're an idiot, TSM has changed ownership. Here's some of what has happened over the last few days:


. Leena is back, and not with stolen accounts. Fortunately, she's been regulated to Whiney Bitches, and can't annoy us anymore.

. Damaramu is back also. I never got to fully experience him before his banning, so maybe I can see what all the fuss was about.

. netslob, widpegaus, and CronoT will remain banned. Nobody wants them to return. Actually, EHME wants WP to return, but everyone knows EHME sucks.

. Not TSM related, but Christ, Marney is horrible.

. Cheech is now going to try to clean up the WWE folder. To that, I say good luck-you'll need it.


-Now to other news-Spring break is over for me after today. So much for r & r.


-"Hur Hur, them jiggaboos!" Again, Marney is horrible.


-"South Park" last Wednesday was pretty good, though a second viewng of the episode has changed my previous opinion. Also, "Breastiary in Nippopolis."


-Awkward Lapdance is... wow. This has to be Hotbutter Spoontoaster, only not as funny.



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