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Pay Your Respects to the Vultures, For They are Your Future

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Gary Floyd


-Czech, NYU, Danny Dubya, and CWM are now running things here. I like that. Pay your respects.


-I've been doing more reviews on IMDB lately, mostly of weird, obscure horror movies, though I also did one recently of "Leonard Part 6."


-Marvin will be suspended soon. Honestly, I'm suprised the guy hasn't been banned yet. He managed to become the 2nd worst poster on this board (worst is still Deon), though for a while, Marvin was the worst.


Also: Come on Deon, Will Farrell as an avatar? Oh wait, this is Deon...


-Now that the list of best moments in music, I'll most likely do a list of underrated/underappreciated albums.

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