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10 Horror Movies I wouldn't mind being Re-made

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Gary Floyd


Normally, I think remakes are a horrible idea. Here's 10 movies that I would actually like to see get remade.


10.) The Thirsty Dead-A boring 1970's exploitation quickie from the Philippines about Beautiful young women being kidnapped by a blood cult. The premise may seem fun, but it's a pretty dull, tame affair, that has a PG rating. An updated, R-rated version probably wouldn't hurt.


9.) Curse of the Screaming Dead-Painfully bad zombie movie that may be the "Manos" of zombie movies. Even if a remake of it was made-and it ended up sucking-it wouldn't be worse than the original.


8.) Grizzly-Everyone has seen this movie. It's one of those forgettable nature's revenge movies that came after "Jaws." A remake wouldn't be that bad.


7.) Body Melt-I like this movie, I really do. That out of the way, it makes no sense, and the plot is basically a series of vignettes. A remake with a clearer plot-that kept the gory comedy of the original-would probably be a good idea.


6.) Carnosaur-I love this movie-it's so inept, it's hilarious. Plus, it has Clint Howard telling disgusting stories to people in a diner. That out of the way, it's not faithful to the book at all, and an remake that's more faithful to the source material would be great.


5.) The Dark-Bad in every sense of the word evil alien movie produced by Dick Clark of all people.


4.) Hard Rock Zombies-Horrible attempt at Horror/Comedy that tries too hard and succeeds at nothing. Make it a "Spinal Tap" style spoof.


3.) The Manitou-Decent adaptation of a story by an excellent author in Graham Masterson. I like it, but a remake wouldn't hurt.


2.) The Ghastly Ones-Andy Milligan is one of those early, H.G. Lewis style gore directors who was inept, but at least had laughable movies-that were also too talky. Do a remake that cuts some of the talk.


1.) The Corpse Grinders-Ever see a movie that you are amazed escaped MST3K? Here's one for you, fromt he director of "Girl with the Golden Boots" and the man that gave you "Eegah!" The plot: A local cat food producer uses a corpse grinding machine on human copses found in a graveyard, and uses the bits in cat food. Side effects include murderous felines. I say remake it as a splatter comedy (but don't try too hard to be campy-ie play it straight, that helps the comedy.)

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