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Scout yourself in your favorite sport

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Xavier Cromartie


My most-trusted adviser informs me that this topic would fail in the Sports folder. Ergo, it will be relegated to the blog.


Xavier Cromartie, volleyball player



A fantastic defender... Outstanding reflexes... Gives 100% effort... Tremendously competitive... Smart player... Understands defensive positioning and angles... Good footwork... Anticipates where the ball will go... Sacrifices his body for saves... Has excellent stamina... Very fast and agile... Can get to almost any ball... Makes saves in unorthodox situations and positions... Fearless against incoming attacks... Reliable passer... Dangerous server... Plays well under pressure... Has won at the small-college level... Distributes the ball well... Good back-setter... Almost never gives up the opponent's winning point... No injury history... Studies and is willing to make changes... Recognizes when his teammates need him to take control of the game... Experienced... Has fairly good timing... Won't quit... Knows obscure rules and takes advantage of them... Confident... Has a biological advantage because of his nutritional knowledge... Lots of upside.



Needs to improve vertical jump... Upper body is still a work-in-progress... Effective but inconsistent blocker... Tends to make unnecessarily risky serves... Gets frustrated by mistakes... Needs to control spikes better... Favors the amazing play to the safe play too often... Not familiar with all formations... Sets have room for improvement... Does not always communicate... Has some trouble with pancake saves... May be distracted by female players' uniforms.



A prototypical libero... A southpaw.

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While it's far from my favorite sport, it's the only one that I'm actively playing right now: Beer league softball.


Strengths: Quick: able to beat out most balls hit to the left side of the infield & frequently scores from first on balls hit to the OF ... Versatile: plays all 4 OF positions, along with 3b & 2b ... Good contact hitter: hitting roughly .850 on the season and capable of hitting the ball to all fields ... Strong arm: among the team leaders the team in assists (or putouts, whatever they're called when it's an OF throwing someone out) ... Likeable: hooked up with the 19 year old catcher from the DSS team (even though player is almost twice her age) as well as the cather on own team (even though she lives with her BF)


Weaknesses: Power: virtually non-existant with 0 'over the fence' homeruns in 3 years of play ... Apathy: it's obvious that player only plays for the excuse to drink during the week, and he regularly forgets how many outs there are, what the score is, or what inning they're in ... Knowledge of the game: e.g. not sure about putout/assist in "strength" category


Overall assessment: Should have a long, productive career in beer league softball.

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