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Draftback: 1998 MLB Draft

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Hey look my blog isn't dead! Okay it's pretty close to being dead but decided to throw together a Draftback baseball entry before this upcoming week's MLB Draft.




1. Phillies - Pat Burrell, Third Baseman, Miami


Heavily scrutinized, but very productive player throughout his career outside a dreadful 2003 season.


2. Athletics - Mark Mulder, Pitcher, Michigan State


Rotator cuff problems have pretty much ruined a once promising career.


3. Cubs - Corey Patterson, Outfielder, Harrison High School (Harrison, GA)


Toolsy player who has never figured out the strikezone.


4. Royals - Jeff Austin, Pitcher, Stanford


Usually doesn't take three picks to get to the first bust in a baseball draft. 65 1/3 career innings in the Majors.


5. Cardinals - J.D. Drew, Outfielder, Florida State


Of course the year before Drew (and agent Scott Boras) infamously refused to sign with the Phillies after being the #2 pick overall. Incredibly talented player but injuries have hampered him for most of his career.


6. Twins - Ryan Mills, Pitcher, Arizona State


Didn't reach Triple-A until 2003 and was out of baseball after 2004.


7. Reds - Austin Kearns, Outfielder, Lafayette High School (Lexington, KY)


Has shown flashes of potentially being a great hitter in the past but injuries and a lack of consistency have held him back.


8. Blue Jays - Felipe Lopez, Shortstop, Lake Brantley High School (Altamonte Springs, FL)


Had one great year offensively in 2005 but not much else and is poor defensively.


9. Padres - Sean Burroughs, Third Baseman, Wilson High School (Long Beach, CA)


Never developed any power and now appears to be out of organized baseball.


10. Rangers - Carlos Pena, First Baseman, Northeastern


Very odd career, broke out with a monster season last year but remains to be seen if it was a fluke or not.


11. Expos - Josh McKinley, Shortstop, Malvern Prep School (PA)


Never got past Double-A, hit .254/.340/.375 in seven minor league seasons.


12. Red Sox - Adam Everett, Shortstop, South Carolina


Great defense, terrible offense.


13. Brewers - J.M. Gold, Pitcher, Toms River North High School (Toms River North, NJ)


Topped out at high Single-A ball.


14. Tigers - Jeff Weaver, Pitcher, Fresno State


Easy to forget he was pretty impressive early on his career but now hanging by a thread with the Brewers Triple-A squad.


15. Pirates - Clint Johnston, Pitcher, Vanderbilt


Gave up pitching after 2001, but becoming a first baseman only got him to Double-A.


16. White Sox - Kip Wells, Pitcher, Baylor


Sorta like Weaver in that he showed some promise early on his career but has stringed together some truly awful seasons.


17. Astros - Brad Lidge, Pitcher, Notre Dame


The demise of his career post-Pujols has been greatly exaggerated.


18. Angels - Seth Etherton, Pitcher, USC


6.30 ERA in 115 1/3 innings in the Majors.


19. Giants - Tony Torcato, Third Baseman, Woodland High School (Woodland, CA)


Only had 53 MLB plate appearances.


20. Indians - C.C. Sabathia, Pitcher, Vallejo High School (Vallejo, CA)


Cy Young winner last season who barring injury will cash in big this offseason, even with a potential down year.


21. Mets - Jason Tyner, Outfielder, Texas A&M


Has some how fooled teams into giving him 1400+ plate appearances in the Majors. Has hit four homeruns in nearly in 5000 plate appearances in professional baseball and he's a corner oufielder!


22. Mariners - Matt Thornton, Pitcher, Grand Valley State


Next Randy Johnson he was not but has become a decent reliever.


23. Dodgers - Bubba Crosby, Outfielder, Rice


Great name but not so good player.


24. Yankees - Andy Brown, Outfielder, Richmond High School (Richmond, IN)


.219 career hitter in eight minor league seasons.


25. Giants - Nate Bump, Pitcher, Penn State


Had a bumpy career. *rim shot*


26. Orioles - Rick Elder, Outfielder, Sprayberry High School (Marietta, GA)


Never got past high Single-A and lasted only five seasons in the minors.


27. Marlins - Chip Ambres, Outfielder, West Brook High School (Beaumont, TX)


Pretty much a career minor leaguer.


28. Rockies - Matt Roney, Pitcher, Edmond North High School (Edmond North, OK)


An extended stint with the 119-loss Tigers in 2003 has been about it for him.


29. Giants - Arturo McDowell, Outfielder, Forest Hill High School (West Palm Beach, FL)


Another swing and a miss for Brian Sabean.


30. Royals - Matt Burch, Pitcher, Virginia Commonwealth


Double-A was as good as it got for him.



Other Picks of Note


33. Expos - Brad Wilkerson

35. White Sox - Aaron Rowand

43. Yankees - Mark Prior (did not sign)

50. Reds - Adam Dunn

57. Tigers - Brandon Inge

83. Rangers - Barry Zito (did not sign)

162. Devil Rays - Aubrey Huff

176. Brewers - Bill Hall

210. Rockies - Matt Holliday

225. Athletics - Eric Byrnes

258. Cardinals - Jack Wilson

265. Red Sox - Mark Teixeira (did not sign)

272. Astros - Morgan Ensberg

390. Rockies - Juan Pierre

411. Blue Jays - Jay Gibbons

499. Twins - J.J. Putz (did not sign)

500. Reds - B.J. Ryan

550. Marlins - Adam LaRoche (did not sign)

609. Orioles - Cliff Lee (did not sign)

1139. White Sox - Mark Buehrle

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16. White Sox - Kip Wells, Pitcher, Baylor


Sorta like Weaver in that he showed some promise early on his career but has stringed together some truly awful seasons.



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