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Gary Floyd rates the new Fall TV Line Up

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Gary Floyd


Yeah, you know how we do this


Valentine (CW)-Haven't seen it. A lot of the new shows seem aimed at women.


Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Cartoon Network)-While I'm not a "Star Wars" fan, it's better than expected. B-


Pushing Daisies(ABC)-It's back, and I still love it. Funny, odd, and kinda cute. A


True Blood(HBO)-Finally, a TV show about Vampires that gets it right. Good acting, interesting characters, and vampires who don't hate themselves. B+


The Shield: The Final Season(FX)-Back, and still one of the best shows around. Shame it's the last season though. A+


Sons of Anarchy (FX)-Pretty good show. Ron Perlman pretty much steals the show. B+


Superjail (Adult Swim)-I love this. Frequently gory and hilarious, with an animation style that reminds me of the shows that were on MTV's "Liquid Television" and "Cartoon Sushi" B+


Gary Unmarried-No. Just no. F

It's Always Sunny in Philidelphia (FX)-Still pretty funny, and I love it. B+


Do Not Disturb (ABC)-Again, no. F


Fringe (Fox)-Not bad, but not really exciting me that much so far. B


Knight Rider (NBC)-Worst show of the season? Without a doubt. F

Dexter Season Three (Showtime)-I love this show. Just really well written and acted, and with very few flaws. A


Chuck Season Two (NBC)-I'm really liking it so far-it's even better than the first season. B+

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