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Why I Didn't Give a Shit about the Last Ten World Series

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Finally. Finally, finally, finally, finally I am excited about a World Series. I don't give a shit about the predictions of this being lowest rated World Series ever. If this ends up being true, then it's Fox and MLB's fault (and by proxy the WWL) for programing casual fans to think that only the Yankees, Red Sox, and Cubs matter. I personally have not watched the majority of a World Series since 1997 and let me run down each year as to why I didn't care.


1998: New York Yankees vs. San Diego Padres


At this time I was fairly indifferent towards the Yankees but I was always partial to the Padres because I liked Tony Gwynn. This was clearly a huge mismatch and I knew the Padres had no chance but I did tune into Game 1, which I was into until the bottom of the 7th when Tino Martinez took a pitch right down the middle (or at least that's what I remember) that should been a called strike three against Mark Langston to strand the bases loaded and keep the game tied. Next pitch, grand slam, and I tuned out from the rest of the series after that.


1999: New York Yankees vs. Atlanta Braves


Already saw them play in '96 and had no desire to see them play again. I think I watched about five minutes of Game 1 and that was it.


2000: New York Yankees vs. New York Mets


I like most people outside of New York and Bristol, CT didn't give a shit. Did not watch a single second of the series.


2001: New York Yankees vs. Arizona Diamondbacks


Now this one I think I will have to revisit some day but at the time I couldn't be bothered to watch any of it, not even Game 7. The Yankees had eliminated the A's for the second straight and this time in heartbreaking fashion in part to the most overrated defensive play in baseball history because some fat fuck didn't slide...not that I'm still bitter. I wanted to no part of the Yankees or any sort of baseball after that.


2002: Anaheim Angels vs. San Francisco Giants


Finally the Yankees reign of terror is stopped but instead we get the Rally Monkey against the Assholes by the Bay. Giants fans are the most smug group of fans in sports, with no real reason to be, and this didn't help matters. I think briefly tuned into Game 6 to torture myself but that was it.


2003: New York Yankees vs. Florida Marlins


Once again the Yankees were back to poison us all so once again I didn't tune in, although I think I did flip on the end of Game 6 due primarily to this board.


2004: Boston Red Sox vs. St. Louis Cardinals


Now I was genuinely intrigued by this series, for a brief moment. If had to say who my N.L. team is, it'd probably be the Cardinals because I did pretty much adopt them as my second favorite team and followed them pretty closely when Mark McGwire played there. I really thought it would be a good series and since it was the Red Sox, it would end with Boston have their hearts ripped out which is always fun. How wrong I was. I watched most of Game 1 and then quickly lost interest.


2005: Chicago White Sox vs. Houston Astros


Now this series was kinda similar to this year because it was a very fresh match-up. But 2005 was all about LOLZ OZZIEBALL > MONEYBALL and Joe Morgan and the usual band of idiots slobbering all over the White Sox ability to "manufacture runs." If it had ended up being a competitive series I might have tuned for a Game 6 or 7 but it wasn't, so I didn't watch any of it.


2006: Detroit Tigers vs. St. Louis Cardinals


Now I'm going to contradict myself with the "Caridnals are my N.L. team" thing because I really didn't want them to win this series. The baseball elitist in me simply didn't want to see an 83 win team win a World Series because I felt it cheapened the whole season. I didn't have any real animosity towards the Tigers for shitkicking the A's right out of the ALCS but I was disappointed that I wouldn't get use my World Series tickets so really wasn't up for watching the series. I think I tuned in every once in a while during the series but overall the whole thing fell flat and I could only put up with so much "David Eckstein is clutch and scrappy" talk.


2007: Boston Red Sox vs. Colorado Rockies


God damn did the 2007 postseason suck ass or what? Didn't watch a single second of the series.

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For as big a market as New York is, didn't The 2000 W.S. between The Yankees and Mets bomb in the ratings? That's why I laugh at assumptions that Phil vs TB will do horrible numbers.

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For an outsider, 2002 was interesting. The Angels had never won and had blown several chances to reach the World Series in agonizing fashion (namely 1986 and 1995). The Giants have yet to win a World Series since moving to the Bay.


I don't think I need to tell you that this is the most eagerly anticipated World Series in my lifetime.

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