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SmackDown! thoughts....

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So, after boasting about my "5/5", somebody decided it would be cool to rate this blog a big fat one. Heh. Walked in to that one. Anyway, SD was on here this morning, so my thoughts, which you all await, I'm sure:


- Opening package was cool. Put Benoit over, which is a plus with me. Seemed to differ from their usual video packages, with the spinning roster and the image of the WHC and all. I'm reaching. I liked it, anyway.


- JBL's promo was good, but it didn't seem to really do anything, ya know? I guess it sets up his GAB match with Benoit (?) or something. I liked the off-handed Basham comment, whcih foreshadowed the split later on. I also like that the announcers (read: Michael Cole) didn't pay attention to it, and so it seemed like more of a surprise when the Bashams "quit" later on, or would have done if i hadn't read the spoilers. Benoit's use was weird. He should have said something. Benoit/JBL could be really good. Last week wasn't too hot, but it was all about the ECW stuff then. With 20 or so minutes on PPV, I'm thinking these two could REALLY produce something special.


- Benoit/Doug was fine. They had a pretty good match in 03, during Benoit's feud with A-Train, and a really good match in 02, I think, in OVW. This wasn't as good as either, but I enjoyed it. Nice superplex from Doug. Cool snap suplex, ripping off Benoit. Ending was pretty decent, adding some "realism", I guess. Benoit disappearing for the aftermatch JBL/Taker stuff was bad, but I'm forgiving seeing as he returned later in the night. Taker and JBL should be, like, the leaders of the faces and heels on SD. Not feuding or anything, or a show-wide feud, but it should always come back to those two.


- Eddie/London was really fun and good, but too quick, and a glorified squash really. London was great. He showed a lot of fire, and his clotheslines early on were good. Nice powerbomb bump. Like that London's back became a focus as the match went on, with the TC submission as the payoff. Would love these two for 20 minutes, with London given a lot more. Ending was fantastic, with London fighting the submission and Eddie just going insane. Good stuff. Another, good, aftermatch brawl. Rey getting revenge from JD with the chair was boss. Didn't like that Eddie pretty much no-sold it, though. Good heat. Backstage brawl was nice and realistic. Also loved Eddie rolling under the garage shutters to escape Rey, then sitting exhausted.


- Eddie/Rey next week should be really good, but shouldn't be happening. Not that I endorse bait-and-switch, but they shouldn't blow this on free TV. It's the feud of the year. I have hope that they won't. Non-finish to set up an emotional rollercoaster at GAB, and then maybe hair vs. mask at SummerSlam. I dig that.


- Please don't feud Book and Carlito. PLEASE. I've no interest in it. Jobbing Book after he's just beaten Angle would be silly. There's no need to job Carlito at all. Can see Book and TBS Vs. Carlito and Morgan at GAB, which would be weak, but would solve the problem of either of those two jobbing. Of course, they really shouldn't job Show or Morgan either, and a tag match is just an awful way to capatalise on Book's momentum from the Angle victories (not the feud though). I'd prefer they had Taker return as Show's partner. Why? Dunno, but it's better than this. Segment was blah.


- Morgan/Show wasn't too bad, though I didn't really expect it to be. Liked Show throwing the punches early on, which isn't seen often from him. Showed that he was in a fight with Morgan. The sideslam counter was ok. Another nice payback spot with Morgan going through the table. Like I said, the big problem with this feud is nobody can afford to lose.


- Heidenreich's segment sucked. Badly. I don't hate him anymore, but this was bad. The divas are dreadful. I like how Michelle is always the one to attack the heel diva. Yes, I know WHY it's her, but it's still funny. Heidenreich with the chocolate around his mouth was horrible. I DO NOT need to see Heidenreich and Eugene vs. MNM. Melina making fun of Michelle was great, though.


- Backstage segment with the Cabinet was ok. Orlando's delivery was woeful. I hope they don't split, because there's more they can do with the Bashams, and the Cabinet as a whole. I mean, if they push both Doug and Danny as singles I won't be too upset, but that's unlikely to happen. If the Bashams have quit for good, they should remain a tag team and reform the Revolution, have Danny become the Damaja, Doug grow out his hair and sign Johnny Spade. Then have Nick Dinsmore say Eugene was a hoax, Conway become the Iron Man, Lesnar return and team with Shelton, and bring the DOS to SD. OVW! OVW! OVW!


- Didn't really pay attention to OJ/Holly but it didn't look horrible, though not good, either. Holly's managed to get over again. Varying the offense is cool. I could have sworn the ending was the same to the Carlito/Holly match. OJ needs a moveset. He needs some music too. Seems silly to have him come out to a rap theme after JBL's feud with Cena. OJ is a terrible US champion, though. Either make him look credibile or switch the belt.


- Main event seemed pretty good, but, again, wasn't paying enough attention. I'm going to watch this again, when I can, and comment further. Nice and stiff, with some good, dramatic, believable nearfalls. They shouldn't have wasted Taker's first pinfall loss in 18 month on JBL because, quite frankly, he doesn't need it anymore. Orton on SD is fine with me.


Will comment further when I remember more stuff.

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