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Abortion Fest '08 (or, Thanksgiving with relatives)

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Gary Floyd


There's a lot of reasons why people don't want to go to meet relatives for Thanksgiving-mine just happens to be politics.


You see, I was raised Catholic (I consider myself a non-religious believer now), and well, my mom's side of the family is very Catholic and very strict about it. That means every issue for them turns into abortion. They obsess over it. That's the main reason they vote Republican-they hate abortion. Everytime you try to point out that they are wrong (no, Sarah Palin was not very bright, there's a reason more young people voted), they tell you "well, Obama's going to abort all the babies." I can understand why someone wouldn't like Obama (I did vote for him, but come on, this is America), but for the main reason being "grrr ABORTION!", that's just close minded. It was like talking to those people at Pro-Life rallies that hold pictures of aborted fetuses and shove them in your face, screaming "YOU SEE! YOU SEE!" Yes, I see, and that's a disgusting picture. Get that shit out of my face.


So yeah, Thanksgiving was fun when people weren't talking politics. Too bad about 65% of it was just that. I actually went into it thinking "I am not going to talk politics." That's wishful thinking. I hope your Thanksgiving was better.

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I went out to eat and watched the first two Planet of The Apes movies. Can't see how a Thanksgiving could possibly get better than that.


I never remember arguments on either side of my family RE: politics. Doesn't help that both sides are split about 50/50 between conservatives and liberals. We're all smart enough to realize that it'd probably get ugly if it were brought up. We're lucky I guess.

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