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Phillies Prospects: Top 30 (Final List)

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EVIL~! alkeiper


Let's run with this. Some of the rankings might be off by one or two. I'll never be satisfied as a whole, and in general it's impossible to really create a solid list. I just hope to avoid making some stupid mistakes.


1. Carlos Carrasco, RHP

A strikeout an inning at AA and AAA, just 21 years old.

2. Jason Donald, SS

Gotta love a shortstop who can post a .500+ slugging percentage.

3. Dominic Brown, OF

The scouts love him. I'll buy into the hype.

4. Lou Marson, C

I have qualms about his power, but it's much easier to go with the flow on this one.

5. Michael Taylor, OF

Took a huge jump in one season.

6. Kyle Drabek, RHP

Looks great in the Hawai'ian league. Ace potential.

7. Travis D'Arnaud, C

8. Zachary Collier, OF

9. Joe Savery, LHP

Bad season, but peripherals weren't terrible. Deserves another look.

10. Jason Knapp, RHP

11. Sebastian Valle, C

12. Vance Worley, RHP

13. J.A. Happ, LHP

I'm leary even rating him this high. He walks far too many batters for a pitcher without blow away stuff.

14. John Mayberry Jr., OF

Hard to dismiss this kind of power potential. Doesn't strike out as much as you'd think for a player of this profile.

15. Michael Stutes, RHP

Statistics are impressive, but really lacks impressive stuff. Even watching him, you think nothing of it and all the sudden, you have 8 K's marked on your scorecard.

16. Antonio Bastardo, LHP

Big HR rate in Reading is a red flag.

17. Freddy Galvis, SS

Bat is iffy, but I LOVE the defense. This is a guy I want to watch.

18. Julian Sampson, RHP

While not striking out batters, extremely low HR rate is a good sign for a young pitcher. Keep an eye on this one as a possible Chien-Ming Wang type.

19. Michael Cisco, RHP

Completely under the radar, but posted a 30/0 K:BB ratio as a starter in Lakewood, with no home runs.

20. Drew Naylor, RHP

21. Edgar Garcia, RHP

Never impressive, but still very young.

22. Quintin Berry, OF

Should make a fifth outfielder someday with his speed. Complete lack of power.

23. Andrew Carpenter, RHP

Seemed to recover as the season developed. Thanks to an inning of mopup relief, he's forever a champion.

24. Sergio Escalona, LHP

25. Anthony Hewitt, SS

Performance was awful, but there's potential if he can learn to make contact.

26. Anthony Gose, OF

27. Michael Schwimer, RHP

6'8" reliever, posted high strikeout rates in Williamsport and did not allow a single HR.

28. Jeremy Slayden, OF

Why on earth has he never been pushed a level?

29. Chance Chapman, RHP

Old for Lakewood, but I think he has a future career as a reliever.

30. Brad Harman, 2B/SS

Performance was bad, but he's still quite young, plays defense well and has some power. Possibly a utility infielder in the future. He put on a show at the last World Baseball Classic for Australia, and should get another chance this time around.

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