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HOF Profile: Ron Gant

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Ron Gant, Left Fielder


Atlanta Braves 1987-1993

Cincinnati Reds 1995

St. Louis Cardinals 1996-1998

Philadelphia Phillies 1999-2000

Anaheim Angels 2000

Colorado Rockies 2001

Oakland Athletics 2001, 2003

San Diego Padres 2002



1991 NL Silver Slugger - OF


All-Star Selections: 2 (1992, 1995)


League Leader



Career Ranks

Home Runs: 96th


Best Performance

July 5, 1990 - New York at Atlanta

Easy pick as he matches he career high in hits (four), home runs (two), RBI (six), and total bases (eleven) in the same game.


Hall of Fame Stats

Gray Ink: Batting - 52 (477) (Average HOFer ≈ 144)

HOF Standards: Batting - 26.0 (377) (Average HOFer ≈ 50)

HOF Monitor: Batting - 41.5 (441) (Likely HOFer > 100)


Similar Batters in HOF: None

Top 10 Similar Batters: Reggie Sanders, Jeromy Burnitz, Jimmy Wynn, Andruw Jones, Bobby Bonds, Roy Sievers, Greg Vaughn, Darryl Strawberry, Bobby Thomson, Frank J. Thomas


Year-by-Year Win Shares & Wins Above Replacement Level (WARP3)


1987: 1/0.4

1988: 16/5.3

1989: 1/0.1

1990: 21/7.4

1991: 25/8.6

1992: 17/3.8

1993: 25/6.0

1995: 21/6.1

1996: 18/5.8

1997: 11/3.3

1998: 11/2.5

1999: 16/5.3

2000: 7/3.9

2001: 4/1.4

2002: 12/3.3

2003: 0/-0.4


Career Win Shares: 206

Career WARP3: 62.9


My Stupid Opinion


Had a nice combination of power and speed in his prime but was never among the best players in the game in any particular year. Don't think the dirt bike accident he had in '94 where he broke his leg, costing him the entire season and a contract with the Braves that he just signed a week before (oops!), hurt him too much as he followed that up with of his best seasons in '95. His #1 comp of Reggie Sanders is one of the more apt comparisons I've seen with the Similar Batters tool.

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Recommended Comments

Any idea on the specifics of that contract he lost out on? Wikipedia says it was one of the richest in Braves history (at that time) but no specifics.

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It was just a one-year deal for $5.5 million but that would have made him the 3rd highest player in baseball that season behind Bobby Bonilla and Ryne Sandberg. Braves paid a $901k buyout to get out of the deal.

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Well I guess that isn't too bad then, since he ended up making plenty of money in his career. I was thinking it was a multi-year deal he fucked up.

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