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The Loser League

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Another day, another OMG BASEBALL IS DEAD story. But I'm here to help the healing begin with a distraction. It's time to decide who was the worst team of my lifetime!


In a desperate need for content for this blog I've decided to run a simulation using Strat-O-Matic to crown the worst team of last 30 years. Each MLB franchise will be represented with their worst team from the last 30 seasons. I'll be using the 2008 MLB schedule as a guideline for the league as no way I'm going to take the time to create my own schedule and Strat's computer generated schedules aren't particularly good. It will be a couple of weeks before I actually begin the simulation as the 2008 rosters won't be shipping for another week and the '08 Nationals are the Montreal/Washington rep.


Now to truly decide who is the worst team of the last 30 years, the standings will be turned upside down. Last place teams in the six divisions and the worst next to last teams in each league will qualify for the playoffs. The playoffs will be just like the current playoff format but loser of each series will be the one who advances.


Start making your predictions now!


AL East

1979 Toronto Blue Jays (53-109)

1988 Baltimore Orioles (54-107)

1990 New York Yankees (67-95)

1992 Boston Red Sox (73-89)

2002 Tampa Bay Devil Rays (55-106)


AL Central

1982 Minnesota Twins (60-102)

1989 Chicago White Sox (69-92)

1991 Cleveland Indians (57-105)

2003 Detroit Tigers (43-119)

2005 Kansas City Royals (56-106)


AL West

1979 Oakland Athletics (54-108)

1980 California Angles (65-95)

1980 Seattle Mariners (59-103)

1985 Texas Rangers (62-99)


NL East

1988 Atlanta Braves (54-106)

1993 New York Mets (59-103)

1998 Florida Marlins (54-108)

2000 Philadelphia Phillies (65-97)

2008 Washington Nationals (59-102)


NL Central

1981 Chicago Cubs (38-65)

1982 Cincinnati Reds (61-101)

1985 Pittsburgh Pirates (57-104)

1991 Houston Astros (65-97)

1995 St. Louis Cardinals (62-81)

2002 Milwaukee Brewers (56-106)


NL West

1981 San Diego Padres (41-69)

1985 San Francisco Giants (62-100)

1992 Los Angeles Dodgers (63-99)

1993 Colorado Rockies (67-95)

1998 Arizona Diamondbacks (65-97)

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