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Team USA 2009

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Quicky entry here. First off I'm currently working on a list of the 100 greatest baseball players of my lifetime. Whether I actually finish it is another story as I've tried to do similar lists like this before and always ended up chucking the whole thing.


Hey it's World Baseball Classic time and for this entry just going to very quickly put together my own Team USA. I did this a for 2006 (LOLZ Dontrelle Willis) so might as well do it for 2009 since I need an excuse for an entry. This time around though I'm going construct a roster based on a more standard baseball roster rather than the extreme reliever heavy WBC rosters. This is totally based if no one was injured and if Alex Rodriguez wasn't a TRAITOR TO OUR COUNTRY!



C.C. Sabathia

Brandon Webb

Tim Lincecum

Roy Halladay



Joe Nathan

Jonathan Papelbon

Brian Fuentes

Brad Lidge

Heath Bell

David Price


C: Joe Mauer

1B: Mark Texeira

2B: Chase Utley

3B: David Wright

SS: Alex Rodriguez

LF: Matt Holliday

CF: Grady Sizemore

RF: Nick Markakis

DH: Chipper Jones



Brian McCann

Lance Berkman

Dustin Pedroia

Jimmy Rollins

Evan Longoria

Curtis Granderson

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