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Tokyo Gore Police and more

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Gary Floyd


-First, Brody is now off ignore simply for this thread, which is the most incredible one in a long time. Love or hate the guy, he deserves love for this.


-Second of all, I got advanced tickets for the film version of "Watchmen." So far, it's at 69% on rotten tomatoes (I'm not happy about this) but advanced reviews from fans of the graphic novel have been mostly positive, so I'm crossing my fingers.


-Finally, I mentioned it in the Comments that don't Warrent a Thread" thread in Movie and TV, but holy shit Tokyo Gore Police is fucking insane. If you ever wanted to see:


  • A man with a mutant cannon cock
  • Fake commericals for a Wii that allows family members to kill people who have harmed members of said family, and the "Wrist Cutter G"
  • Women with stitches where their nipples should be
  • A woman who has half her mouth transform into a gaping gator maw.
  • More blood and gore than a night with Macy Grey
Than this is the movie for you. Granted, the twist/social commentary that comes in at the 1 hour 17 minute mark bogs it down a little, but is made up for with more sheer insanity. I give it 8.5/10. Love it or hate it, it's most likely unlike anything you've seen before.



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