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Thoughts on the "Watchmen" movie

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Gary Floyd


Read my review.


So yeah, it's not perfect, but it's the most faithful adaptation we could have gotten (it's one of the more faithful adaptations in recent memory, I must say) and is a pretty good time all around. Now, some added thoughts (Warning: Spoilers ahead)


-On the lack of Squid in the finale: On one hand, it is a bit annoying that we don't get a Squid, and instead end up with Dr. Manhatten being framed. That out of the way, let's face the facts: the Squid most likely wouldn't have worked in the movie. What worked in the graphic novel would have failed here. I know, I know, "then why did they make a movie?" Well,


-It was going to be made anyway-Love it or hate it, somebody was going to do it. It took at least 20 something years, three different directors (Terry Gillia,, Darren Arronofsky, and Paul Greengrass) different screenplays for this to happen.


-There's no way it was going to be as good as the graphic novel-If you thought so, then congratulations: you are an idiot. Few adaptations are as good as the original. Even if you didn't like it, you still have the source material. Nobody's taking that away.


-There's no way it was going to be 100% faithful-Few adaptations are also 100% faithful. I love "Moby Dick", but I don't want a 100% faithful adaptation of it. Why? Because 50-60 something percent of it would be about marine biology and the biology of whales. Unless I want to watch the National Geographic Channel, The Discovery Channel, or PBS I don't want to listen to that. Want something that's more successful and better? read the graphic novel.


-SuperJerk and cabbageboy are the worst posters in the "Watchmen" movie thread-cabbageboy is being...well, he's being cabbageboy, while Jerk is showing 1.) A failure to understand how irony works that borders on CronoT levels of stupidity, and 2.) A stubborn, argumentative attitude (nothing new for him really.) Look Jerk: I liked it too. That out of the way, I'm not going to argue with those who didn't. It's a divisive movie, and guess what? People are allowed to have opinions that don't agree with your own.


-Love it or hate it, you gotta give the director credit for one thing-No, not for faithfulness or "getting it" or whatnot, I'm saying Zack Snyder deserves respect for one thing: he did what many said was impossible. He brought the unfilmable graphic novel to the big screen. Whether or not it was a success is totally up to you. He tried to be as faithful as he could. He bit the bullet. Hell, he filmed 40-50 minutes of footage that didn't make it into the theatrical cut, and will be featured in a (hopefully awesome) director's cut. Love it or hate it, you gotta admit that it takes guts to try to bring this to the screen without losing much of it's meaning, and in my opinion, he did it. And if you don't think he did, then at least admit it took guts to turn "Watchmen" into a movie, bad idea or not.

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