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OVW TV Report for March 15, 2009

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OVW TV Report for March 15, 2009


- Show open...


- Dean Hill, Kenny Bolin and Timmy Baltimore are your hosts.


- Dirty Money & Scott Cardinal vs. Fang & Brewski

Weird make-shift team with Fang and Brewski. Money and Cardinal don't wait for the bell. They take out Fang and double up on Bewski. Brewski overpowers both and takes control. Fang just keeps getting thrown around. Money takes Fang and hangs Fang in the Tree of Woe. Cardinal jumps in and stomps Fang's face. Pin attempt is broken up by Brewski. Slingshot suplex/ elbow drop combo by Money and Cardinal. Brewski again comes in to break the pin. Huge sidewalk slam by Money. Cardinal tags in and chokes Fang on the middle rope. Money tags in and headbutts Fang in the chest. Fang seriously must be about 130 lbs soaking wet. Fang dodges a splash and the race is on for the hot tag. Brewski and Cardinal both tag in and Brewski is your drunk on fire. Big powerslam by Brewski. He goes for the pin, but Money breaks it up. Brewski sets up for the Last Call on Cardinal, but Money catches him and Cardinal decks Brewski with the superkick. Totally Awesome comes out with the OVW Southern Tag Titles and taunt Money and Cardinal. Brewski takes advantage and throws Fang at Money and Cardinal. They both catch him, which gives Brewski enough time to take out both with the Last Call. Double pin ends it. Decent enough tag match. **


- Commercial Break


- Tommy Baltimore is in the ring for an interview. We flashback to last week to what happened between APOC and Vaughan Lilas. APOC comes out for and interview. Baltimore wants to know why APOC did what he did last week. Lilas comes out and attacks APOC! He lights up APOC with some chops.We're reenacting the Tupelo Concession Stand Brawl now. All the refs comes out and try to break up the brawl. The fight to the back and that is where the cameras lose them.


- Unseen footage from last week's episode where Ben Woods and Raul Locos destroy Johnny Punch and Rudy Switchblade.


- Commercial Break


- Jamin Olivencia and Chris Alexander vs. The Mobile Homers (w/ Melody)

How bad must Olivencia feel being to tagging with a washed up, former OVW wrestler. Olivencia and Revolver start off. Seriously, Alexander has not updated his wardrobe since 1998. Olivencia jumps out of the ring and Alexander starts off in his place. The Homers make quick tags and work over Alexander. The Homers hit the Double Wide and that is all she wrote. Olivencia was over at the announce desk rambling about something. DUD of a match. McNaler gets the mic and says the Mobile Homers are back. He has bigger news... the Mobile Homers are getting a make over from Melody. Awesome.


- Commercial Break


- Ali Akbar (w/ Bin Hamin) vs. Tony Mann

Last week the Insurgency broke up. Ali gets on the mic and tells us about it. The jobber he is facing doesn't even get an introduction. Mann uses his quickness to get an early advantage, but Ali takes him out when he climbs the top rope. Nasty knee drop to the back of Mann's head. Nice brainbuster ends it. Nothing but a squash here. Post match, Ali puts Mann in the Camel Clutch. Turcan comes out to run off Ali. I have a hard time seeing Turcan as a face because he was the quiet, cold blooded member of The Insurgency. Now I can see why he was the quiet one, because the Iraqi insurgent sounds like he is from Ohio.


- Commercial Break


Non-Title Match

- Theta Lambda Psi vs. Totally Awesome

Wellington and Moose jump the tag champs before the bell. Totally Awesome do-si-do their way out of a collision and dropkick Moose and Wellington into each other. TA then send Theta Lambda Psi out of the ring. Kamikaze Kid dives onto Moose. Sucio tries to dive onto Wellington, but he hangs onto the rope too long and dives onto the apron instead. Wellington shows that he's a good sport and falls down anyway. Twinkletoes grabs Sucio's foot and Moose takes control. Wellington tags in and he hammers on Sucio. Moose tags back in and Irish whips Wellington into Sucio. Moose follows that up with a big splash in the corner. Moose goes for the pin, but Kamikaze Kid breaks it up. Moose puts Sucio into a chinlock and then throws him into the corner. Wellington tags back in. Sucio tries to make a tag, but Wellington grabs him and punches him in the face. Moose tags back in and misses a splash in the corner and Sucio makes the tag. Kamikaze Kid comes in and uses his quickness to wear down Moose. In comes Sucio and they do some fancy double team moves. Kid goes for the pin, but Wellington comes in and breaks it up. Wellington and Sucio slide outside and brawl in front of the announce table. Moose catches Kamikaze Kid in a cross body. He stalls for a bit and then the familiar music of The Mobile Homers starts up. Wellington and Twink focus on the entry way while Sucio slides back in the ring. He dropkicks Moose and Kamikaze Kid rolls him up in a crucifix for the 3 count in a horribly contrived spot. Lousy match between these teams. Totally Awesome are capable of much more, bu the blown and contrived spots really drug this one down. *


- Commercial Break


OVW Television Title Match

- Mike Mondo © vs. JD Maverick

Maverick earned the title shot last week during the 500th episode. Surprisingly Pat Buck does not come to ringside with his tag team partner. Referee Bill Parker holds up the title, signifying that it is on the line. Maverick slaps Mondo in the corner and then retreats. Maverick kicks Mondo in the gut and then slaps Mondo in the back of the head. Mondo reverses a wristlock, but Maverick sends him into the ropes. Maverick leapfrogs Mondo and starts taunting him, but Mondo is right here to slap Maverick in the face. Now Pat Buck has come to ringside. Mondo takes down Maverick with a drop toe hold and then dropkicks him in the face. Pin attempt only gets 1. Maverick takes a powder, but Mondo comes out to chase him. Pat Buck slows down Mondo and Maverick takes control back in the ring. Maverick unleashes a flurry of elbows in the corner. Flying back elbow only gets two for Maverick. Maverick goes to a chinlock to wear down Mondo. Maverick sets Mondo up on the top rope and follows him up. Mondo is able to punch him off! Mondo takes to the skies, but Maverick rolls out of the way. Mondo went face-first into the mat. Maverick goes up the ropes and drops an elbow. He goes for the pin, but Mondo kicks out at two. Back to the chinlock for Maverick. Parker comes in to check the arm, but Mondo's arm stays up. Big slam by Maverick. Maverick ties a rolling elbow, but Mondo gets out of the way. Mondo sends Maverick flying with a back body drop. A Bret Hart style elbow drop gets two for Mondo. Mondo puts his head down too soon and Maverick plans a boot. Mondo reverses an Irish whip and short-arm clotheslines Maverick. Mondo rolls though and hits two more. Mondo goes to the top rope and nails a flying headbutt. Maverick kicks out at two. Maverick tries to slide out of the ring, but Mondo catches him. Mondo goes to suplex Maverick back in, but Pat Buck grabs Mondo's feet. Buck holds on to Mondo's feet while Maverick goes for the pin, but Mondo is able to kick out! Mondo starts to go after Pat Buck, but Maverick rolls him up for two. Double-leg takedown by Mondo. He tries to put on the Texas cloverleaf, but Buck hops up on the apron to distract Mondo. Maverick is back up and clubs Mondo in the back of the head. Maverick head to the corner and loosens the padding on the turnbuckle. Referee Bill Parker goes over to fix it and TST now have Mondo set up for a double team. Out comes Jamin Olivencia and he distracts Pat Buck. Mondo reverses the Irish whip and Olivencia trips up Maverick. Mondo catches Maverick in the Texas cloverleaf and Maverick taps out. Olivencia is standing on the announce table and announces Mondo as the winner and still champion. Mondo is confused, as are the announcers and everyone watching. Solid main event this week. ***


Decent show this week with a inoffensive opener and a sold main event. The middle stuff was crap, but things still things seem to be moving in the right direction after the JBL bailout.

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