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    OVW TV Report for March 15, 2009

    OVW TV Report for March 15, 2009 - Show open... - Dean Hill, Kenny Bolin and Timmy Baltimore are your hosts. - Dirty Money & Scott Cardinal vs. Fang & Brewski Weird make-shift team with Fang and Brewski. Money and Cardinal don't wait for the bell. They take out Fang and double up on Bewski. Brewski overpowers both and takes control. Fang just keeps getting thrown around. Money takes Fang and hangs Fang in the Tree of Woe. Cardinal jumps in and stomps Fang's face. Pin attempt is broken up by Brewski. Slingshot suplex/ elbow drop combo by Money and Cardinal. Brewski again comes in to break the pin. Huge sidewalk slam by Money. Cardinal tags in and chokes Fang on the middle rope. Money tags in and headbutts Fang in the chest. Fang seriously must be about 130 lbs soaking wet. Fang dodges a splash and the race is on for the hot tag. Brewski and Cardinal both tag in and Brewski is your drunk on fire. Big powerslam by Brewski. He goes for the pin, but Money breaks it up. Brewski sets up for the Last Call on Cardinal, but Money catches him and Cardinal decks Brewski with the superkick. Totally Awesome comes out with the OVW Southern Tag Titles and taunt Money and Cardinal. Brewski takes advantage and throws Fang at Money and Cardinal. They both catch him, which gives Brewski enough time to take out both with the Last Call. Double pin ends it. Decent enough tag match. ** - Commercial Break - Tommy Baltimore is in the ring for an interview. We flashback to last week to what happened between APOC and Vaughan Lilas. APOC comes out for and interview. Baltimore wants to know why APOC did what he did last week. Lilas comes out and attacks APOC! He lights up APOC with some chops.We're reenacting the Tupelo Concession Stand Brawl now. All the refs comes out and try to break up the brawl. The fight to the back and that is where the cameras lose them. - Unseen footage from last week's episode where Ben Woods and Raul Locos destroy Johnny Punch and Rudy Switchblade. - Commercial Break - Jamin Olivencia and Chris Alexander vs. The Mobile Homers (w/ Melody) How bad must Olivencia feel being to tagging with a washed up, former OVW wrestler. Olivencia and Revolver start off. Seriously, Alexander has not updated his wardrobe since 1998. Olivencia jumps out of the ring and Alexander starts off in his place. The Homers make quick tags and work over Alexander. The Homers hit the Double Wide and that is all she wrote. Olivencia was over at the announce desk rambling about something. DUD of a match. McNaler gets the mic and says the Mobile Homers are back. He has bigger news... the Mobile Homers are getting a make over from Melody. Awesome. - Commercial Break - Ali Akbar (w/ Bin Hamin) vs. Tony Mann Last week the Insurgency broke up. Ali gets on the mic and tells us about it. The jobber he is facing doesn't even get an introduction. Mann uses his quickness to get an early advantage, but Ali takes him out when he climbs the top rope. Nasty knee drop to the back of Mann's head. Nice brainbuster ends it. Nothing but a squash here. Post match, Ali puts Mann in the Camel Clutch. Turcan comes out to run off Ali. I have a hard time seeing Turcan as a face because he was the quiet, cold blooded member of The Insurgency. Now I can see why he was the quiet one, because the Iraqi insurgent sounds like he is from Ohio. - Commercial Break Non-Title Match - Theta Lambda Psi vs. Totally Awesome Wellington and Moose jump the tag champs before the bell. Totally Awesome do-si-do their way out of a collision and dropkick Moose and Wellington into each other. TA then send Theta Lambda Psi out of the ring. Kamikaze Kid dives onto Moose. Sucio tries to dive onto Wellington, but he hangs onto the rope too long and dives onto the apron instead. Wellington shows that he's a good sport and falls down anyway. Twinkletoes grabs Sucio's foot and Moose takes control. Wellington tags in and he hammers on Sucio. Moose tags back in and Irish whips Wellington into Sucio. Moose follows that up with a big splash in the corner. Moose goes for the pin, but Kamikaze Kid breaks it up. Moose puts Sucio into a chinlock and then throws him into the corner. Wellington tags back in. Sucio tries to make a tag, but Wellington grabs him and punches him in the face. Moose tags back in and misses a splash in the corner and Sucio makes the tag. Kamikaze Kid comes in and uses his quickness to wear down Moose. In comes Sucio and they do some fancy double team moves. Kid goes for the pin, but Wellington comes in and breaks it up. Wellington and Sucio slide outside and brawl in front of the announce table. Moose catches Kamikaze Kid in a cross body. He stalls for a bit and then the familiar music of The Mobile Homers starts up. Wellington and Twink focus on the entry way while Sucio slides back in the ring. He dropkicks Moose and Kamikaze Kid rolls him up in a crucifix for the 3 count in a horribly contrived spot. Lousy match between these teams. Totally Awesome are capable of much more, bu the blown and contrived spots really drug this one down. * - Commercial Break OVW Television Title Match - Mike Mondo © vs. JD Maverick Maverick earned the title shot last week during the 500th episode. Surprisingly Pat Buck does not come to ringside with his tag team partner. Referee Bill Parker holds up the title, signifying that it is on the line. Maverick slaps Mondo in the corner and then retreats. Maverick kicks Mondo in the gut and then slaps Mondo in the back of the head. Mondo reverses a wristlock, but Maverick sends him into the ropes. Maverick leapfrogs Mondo and starts taunting him, but Mondo is right here to slap Maverick in the face. Now Pat Buck has come to ringside. Mondo takes down Maverick with a drop toe hold and then dropkicks him in the face. Pin attempt only gets 1. Maverick takes a powder, but Mondo comes out to chase him. Pat Buck slows down Mondo and Maverick takes control back in the ring. Maverick unleashes a flurry of elbows in the corner. Flying back elbow only gets two for Maverick. Maverick goes to a chinlock to wear down Mondo. Maverick sets Mondo up on the top rope and follows him up. Mondo is able to punch him off! Mondo takes to the skies, but Maverick rolls out of the way. Mondo went face-first into the mat. Maverick goes up the ropes and drops an elbow. He goes for the pin, but Mondo kicks out at two. Back to the chinlock for Maverick. Parker comes in to check the arm, but Mondo's arm stays up. Big slam by Maverick. Maverick ties a rolling elbow, but Mondo gets out of the way. Mondo sends Maverick flying with a back body drop. A Bret Hart style elbow drop gets two for Mondo. Mondo puts his head down too soon and Maverick plans a boot. Mondo reverses an Irish whip and short-arm clotheslines Maverick. Mondo rolls though and hits two more. Mondo goes to the top rope and nails a flying headbutt. Maverick kicks out at two. Maverick tries to slide out of the ring, but Mondo catches him. Mondo goes to suplex Maverick back in, but Pat Buck grabs Mondo's feet. Buck holds on to Mondo's feet while Maverick goes for the pin, but Mondo is able to kick out! Mondo starts to go after Pat Buck, but Maverick rolls him up for two. Double-leg takedown by Mondo. He tries to put on the Texas cloverleaf, but Buck hops up on the apron to distract Mondo. Maverick is back up and clubs Mondo in the back of the head. Maverick head to the corner and loosens the padding on the turnbuckle. Referee Bill Parker goes over to fix it and TST now have Mondo set up for a double team. Out comes Jamin Olivencia and he distracts Pat Buck. Mondo reverses the Irish whip and Olivencia trips up Maverick. Mondo catches Maverick in the Texas cloverleaf and Maverick taps out. Olivencia is standing on the announce table and announces Mondo as the winner and still champion. Mondo is confused, as are the announcers and everyone watching. Solid main event this week. *** Decent show this week with a inoffensive opener and a sold main event. The middle stuff was crap, but things still things seem to be moving in the right direction after the JBL bailout.
  2. Alro

    OVW TV Report for March 7, 2009

    After not paying the bills for a month or so, JBL has come to the rescue just in time for OVW to air their 500th episode. Every match tonight will be contested inside a steel cage. - Show open... - Dean Hill, Kenny Bolin and Timmy Baltimore are your hosts. - Tonight... all matches are in a cage... the Southern Tag Team Titles are on the line with Ironman Rob Conway as the special ref.... Theta Lambda Psi vs. The Bolshev-hicks... APOC vs. Vaughan Lilas... the TV Title is on the line... - Cage Match Battle Royal - Pinfalls or submissions equal elimination. The winner gets a TV Title shot. Entrants are Top Shelf Talent (Maverick and Buck), Dre Blitz, Tony Mann, Hog Wild, Los Rojos Dos, Fang, Shiloh, Chris Alexander (a true OVW Original; he wrestled on the first show), Eugene, and Brewski. Chaos ensues and it is nearly impossible to tell what is going on. TST is double teaming Tony Mann. Dre Blitz and Chris Alexander are squaring off. Shiloh tries to ram Eugene into the cage, but Eugene blocks it and Shiloh goes into the cage. - Commercial Break - Back in and Fang is covering Alexander, but he is able to kick out. Everybody gangs up on Brewski, but Brewski powers out of all 11 other wrestlers. Maverick clips Brewski's knee and everybody covers him, eliminating Brewski. Hog Wild submits to JD Maverick's Sharpshooter. Top Shelf Talent double team Dre Blitz and eliminate him. Eugene hits a stunner on Tony Mann and eliminates him. Chris Alexander pins Rojos for the elimination. TST double teams Shiloh to eliminate him. Eugene drops Fang with a stunner for the elimination. The final four is Eugene, JD Maverick, Pat Buck and Chris Alexander. TST hit their finisher on Chris Alexander and he is eliminated. Maverick sets Eugene in position, but Eugene ducks Pat Buck clothesline. Eugene with the quick roll up on Buck for the elimination. Eugene nails Maverick with the Rock Bottom, but Pat Buck comes back in the cage to break up the pin. TST hit Eugene with their finisher and Maverick wins the battle royal. Maverick wins the TV Title shot for next week. Entertaining enough. ** - Commercial Break OVW Alumni Match - Vic the Bruiser & Guido Andretti vs. "Smooth" Johnny Spade & Randy Royal Brandon Blaze is the referee, who is also an OVW alum. I vaguely remember Vic the Bruiser wrestling in a glorified backyard fed near my hometown. Vic and Royal start off. Test of strength won by Randy Royal. Spade tags in and chops away at Vic. Vic turns the tide with some chops of his own. Andretti tags in, but he gets tripped up by Spade. Some nice double team work by Spade and Royal. Royal goes for the pin, but only gets two. Andretti was a former co-Southern Tag Team Champion. Spade and Vic tag in. Vic works over Spade with a huge spinebuster. Spade was a former light heavyweight champion. Vic rakes the face of Spade. Royal tags in and he punches out Vic and Andretti. The faces take control and hammer on the heels in the corners. Royal hits a Downward Spiral on Andretti and a modified Rocker Dropper on Vic. Spade goes to the top rope and crashes down on Vic with a senton bomb for the win. Your Winners: "Smooth" Johnny Spade & Randy Royal. Decent enough match considering the shape and the ring rust for most of the participants. ** - Commercial Break OVW Heavyeight Title Match - APOC © vs. Vaughan Lilas APOC comes out on crutches asking for the mic. He says Lilas injured him in E-town over the weekend and thus can't compete tonight. Lilas says the doctor's note is a fake. APOC's valet Belle jumps Lilas, distracting him long enough for APOC to nail Lilas behind with his crutch. APOC goes into full dick heel mode, throwing powder in Lilas's face and then hitting the blinded Lilas with a low blow. Now that is a heel. APOC hits him a few more times with the crutch for good measure. He then goes to work on his knee. Lilas may have had his career ended. - Commercial Break Cage Match - The Insurgency vs. Debo & Ruff Ryder Rashaad Last week, Turcan Celik cost Ali Akbar the TV Title, causing a rift in The Insurgency. The Insurgency attacks before the bell. Turcan hits Debo with a flying shouderblock. Rashaad gets hammered and Ali goes for the cover for 2. Turcan gets the Iraqi flag. Ali holds up Rashaad and Turcan has second thoughts about using it. Turcan throwns down the flag and slaps Ali. Rashaad rolls up Ali for the pin. You Winners: Debo and Ruff Ryder Rashaad. Post match, The Insurgency is explodes. Turcan shoves down Ali and tries to leave the cage, but Ali jumps up and nails Turcan with the flagpole. Ali then send Turcan into the cage. Bin Hamin can do nothing to stop Ali. Ali takes a bite out of Turcan and he is busted open. Bin Hamin decides to jump in the fun and nails Turcan with the flagpole. DUD of a match. Nothing but story progression for The Insurgency. - Commercial Break OVW Southern Tag Team Title Match Dirty Money & Scott Cardinal © vs. Totally Awesome - "Ironman" Rob Conway is your special referee. Cardinal has a towel drenched in the blood of Totally Awesome from a few weeks ago. Totally Awesome don't wait for the bell and attack Cardinal and Money on the outside. They are brawling all over the ringside are and Conway can't get them in the cage. Cardinal doesn't like something Conway says, so he pushes him. Not a smart move, as Conway kicks Cardinal in the gut and throws him in the cage. They are all almost in the cage and Money and Cardinal have the advantage. Money tells Conway he doesn't want to get in, so Conway says fine. He shuts the door, leaving Cardinal to fight by himself against Totally Awesome. Lots of double team moves from Totally Awesome. Totally Awesome hit a Total Elimination and Sucio goes for the pin. Conway lets go of the door to make the count and Dirty Money slides in to break the pin. Cardinal and Money take control and hammer away on Totally Awesome. Money sets up The Kamikaze Kid and Cardinal levels him with a superkick. Pin attempt is broken up by Sucio. Heavy body shots by Money take out Sucio. Money then picks up Kamikaze Kid and lawn darts him into the cage. Kid is busted open. Money takes Sucio down with a sidewalk slam. Cardinal goes for the pin, but is only able to get 2. Money picks up Kamikaze Kid and again launches him into the cage. Cardinal takes off his shirt and chokes out the Kid. Cardinal goes for the pin, but Kamikaze Kid kicks out. Cardinal tries to Irish whip Money into Sucio, but Sucio moves out of the way! Sucio climbs the cage and comes off with a huge hurricarana on Money! Sucio goes for the pin, but Money kicks out at 2. Cardinal takes Kamikaze Kid up in a powerbomb position, rams the Kid into the cage, and THEN powerbombs him. This is brutal. Cardinal goes for the pin, but Sucio breaks it up. Sucio climbs again and Money comes after him. Money literally throws Sucio across the ring with a spectacular German suplex! Kamikaze Kid climbs up the cage and Cardinal comes after him. Kid fights Cardinal off. Kid is on top of the cage and he flies on top of both Money and Cardinal! All four men are down! Kamikaze Kid crawls over onto Cardinal to make the pin. Conway makes it to two and Money clubs Conway in the back of the head. Money then sends Conway face first into the cage. Money with a huge spinebuster on Kamikaze. Money goes for the cover, but Conway is out. Cardinal comes over and makes his hand hit the mat, but Conway wakes up! He kicks Money low and levels Cardinal with a right hand! Conway sends Cardinal into the cage! Sucio comes over to pin Cardinal! Conway counts... 1-2-3! You Winners and NEW Southern Tag Team Champions: Totally Awesome! Another awesome match between these two teams. **** Great main event this week with some decent undercard matches. No TV Title match or Preps vs. Rednecks as advertised, not that missing the latter is a bad thing. Maybe with the new investor things will start getting better for OVW. This show was a step in the right direction.
  3. For whatever reason, OVW has been preempted the past two weeks with paid programming. I have no idea what is going on with the show, but it may be a bad sign when your program is being dropped in favor of hour-long commercials. Here are the results from the past two weeks: January 31, 2009 The Mobile Homers won a tag team battle royal The Insurgency defeated Eugene & Aaron "The Idol" Stevens APOC defeated OVW Heavyweight Champion Vaughan Lilas in a non-title match Theta Lambda Psi defeated The Mobile Homers when Nine Fingers Dewey turned on the Homers. Dewey is the newest Theta Lambda Psi pledge, replacing the departing Ashley Stefan Streetman. Steel Cage Match for the OVW Southern Tag Team Titles Scott Cardinal & Dirty Money defeated Totally Awesome to win the OVW Southern Tag Team Titles February 7, 2009 Debo defeated Raul Loco Igotta Brewski defeated "Outlaw" Ben Woods Top Shelf Talent (JD Maverick and Pat Buck) did an interview Theta Lambda Psi (Brent Wellington, Moose and Dewey w/Karl Martin) defeated AL B. Show, Hog Wild, & Tony Mann 3-Way Dance for the OVW Television Title Match Mike Mondo defeated Johnny Punch and Aaron "The Idol" Stevens to win the OVW TV Title The Insurgency defeated Fang & Rudy Switchblade OVW Heavyweight Title Match APOC defeated Vaughan Lilas to win the OVW Heavyweight Title OVW Southern Tag Team Title Match The Mobile Homers defeated Scott Cardinal and Dirty Money via DQ. Cardinal and Money retain the titles. The next OVW TV show showing up on my TV listings isn't until the end of the month, so there may be a few more weeks of this.
  4. OVW TV Report for January 24, 2009 - Show open... - Recap of Vaughan Lilas's OVW Title win over Aaron "The Idol" Stevens last week. - Dean Hill, Kenny Bolin and Timmy Baltimore are your hosts. - Tonight... a bunch of tag team matches... the TV Title is on the line, of course... - Aaron "The Idol" Stevens & Eugene vs. Theta Lambda Psi (w/Ashley Stefan Streetman) The faces enter through the crowd, showing us how the OVW fanbase has shrunk since the WWE Split. There may be 35% of the seats filled. Wellington and Idol start the match. Idol goes for a quick cover for 1. Big shoulderblock takes down Wellington. Eugene tags in and does his old school nonsense. Wellington reverses an armbar and makes the tag to Moose. Moose is quickly outsmarted by Eugene's antics. Idol tags back in and works over Moose's arm. Idol nails Moose with a big clothesline. Streetman distracts referee Bill Clark and Theta Lambda Psi double team Idol Stevens. Cover made by Wellington only gets 2. Moose tags back in and hits Idol with a few punches before tagging Wellington back in. Wellington drops an elbow and goes for the pin, but only gets 1. Moose tags in and hammers on Idol. Irish whip sends Idol into the corner and Moose follows in with a splash. Moose goes for the win, but Idol kicks out at 2. Idol breaks a chinlock with a jaw breaker. He tries to make the tag, but Wellington tags in cuts him off. Idol fights off Wellington and makes the tag to Eugene. Eugene catches Wellington with the Big Boot. Moose comes in and gets nailed with a Rock Bottom. He tries to pin Moose, but Bill Clark tells him he isn't the legal man. Wellington takes advantage of Eugene's mistake. Moose grabs Idol Stevens and Theta Lambda Psi ram the face's heads together. Streetman comes up on the apron with the frat paddle. Wellington is about to ram Eugene into the paddle when the Mobile Homers come out. They run off Streetman and distract Moose and Wellington long enough for Eugene and Idol to recover. Double roll-up wins it for the faces. Your Winner: Aaron "The Idol" Stevens & Eugene. Not a bad tag match, but I don't know why makeshift teams keep going over established teams. *** - Post match Streetman gets on the mic and calls out the Mobile Homers. He says he'll get in the ring to rid OVW of the Mobile Homers. The Homers take them up on the challenge, but add the stipulation that if they win, Theta Lambda Psi has to disband. Theta Lambda Psi accepts if the Mobile Homers will agree to the same stipulation. The match is made for January 27th. - Interview with OVW Champion Vaughan Lilas. He's out to promote his match with JBL on January 27th. Out comes Lilas's former tag team partner APOC. He wonders why he has to come back to find Lilas as the new champ. Lilas says APOC left the country for a month. He says he got an opportunity and he took it. They have some more words before APOC congratulates Lilas on his recent success. He wishes him luck against JBL. Looks like the seeds are planted for the feud between the former partners. - Commercial break - Fang & Dre Blitz vs. Scott Cardinal & Dirty Money (w/ Jamin Olivencia) Cardinal has the mic and they call out Totally Awesome. He invites Totally Awesome to sit at ringside to watch what will happen to them on the 27th. Cardinal and Money attack Fang and Dre Blitz before the bell. Fang gets tossed out of the ring and Money works over Blitz. Money tags in Cardinal and they hits a double flying neck breaker on Blitz. Cardinal goes out of the ring and tosses Fang back in. Money picks him up and levels him with a nasty spinebuster. Cardinal locks in a Crossface and Blitz taps out. Your Winners: Scott Cardinal & Dirty Money. Total squash. * - Post match Cardinal says they have the opportunity to give the Southern Tag Titles over, but Totally Awesome say they'll just have to wait until the cage match on January 27th. OVW Television Title Match - Sergio vs. Johnny Punch © They trade off on some amateur moves before Punch goes for a pin attempt, only getting 1. Punch with a Japanese arm drag. Punch tries for a springboard elbow, but Sergio dropkicks him in the back. Sergio goes for the pin, but is only able to get 2. Punch dodges a corner splash and goes to the top rope. He takes tot he air, but misses a flying leg drop. Sergio goes for the pin, but only gets 2. Neckbreaker by Sergio only gets 2. Sergio tries a back body drop, but it gets totally botched and Punch lands awkwardly on his face. Sergio tries again for the win, but can only get 2. Sergio locks in a sleeper, but Punch is able to break out. Punch hits some weak looking kicks before hitting a weak seated dropkick. Punch hits a modified backstabber and gets the 3 count. Punch is apparently the TV Champion that gets his ass kicked the whole match and still manages to win. How exciting. Lousy match with a lot of botches there at the end. * - Promo for Top Shelf Talent. This is the exact same promo they aired last week. Evidently they are so top shelf that they can't afford more than one promo. - Commercial break - Debo & Ruff Ryder Rashaad vs. "The Outlaw" Ben Woods & Raul Locos Woods and Raul attack the faces before the bell, but their advantage doesn't last long. 3R and Debo toss the heels and we're finally ready to get going. Rashaad and Woods start off. They trade punches in the corner before Rashaad tosses Woods over the ropes. Kenny Bolin asks why Rashaad wasn't DQed for throwing Woods over the top. That's a good question. Debo and Raul both tag in. Debo fights his way out of a headlock and tags in 3R. Double shoulderblock takes down Raul. Rashaad tries for a corner splash, but Raul moves out of the way. Ben Woods tags in hammers on Rashaad. Woods misses a shot and tags in Raul while Rashaad tags in Debo. Debo hits Raul with some big left hands. Woods comes in and gets flying shoulder tackled out of the ring. Raul misses a flying forearm and Debo decks him with the Right Cross. That's good enough for the 3 count. Your Winners: Ruff Ryder Rashaad & Debo. Decent enough tag team match. Nothing offensive, like most OVW fare lately. Of course it isn't anything spectacular, either. ** - Commercial break - The Insurgency (w/ Bin Hamin) vs. The Mobile Homers (w/ Melody & Nine Fingers Dewey) The Insurgency has new music that isn't the call to prayer. Serena is still being held captive by Bin Hamin. Melody tries to talk to Serena, but The Insurgency punts a quick end to that. Ali and Adam Revolver start off. Ali really needs to go back to the camo pants because he has chicken legs. Revolver arm drags Ali down and Ali is quick to tag in Turcan Celik. Turcan asks for a test of strength with Revolver. Revolver goes in for it, but instead he locks Turcan in a headlock. Revolver punches Turcan down. In comes Ali and Revolver suplexes him over. In comes Ted McNaler and the Homers double back drop Turcan. The Homers then clothesline both members of The Insurgency over the top rope. - Commercial break - Back to the action and Turcan is getting chopped by both Mobile Homers. Bin Hamin causes a distraction and Turcan tosses Revolver into the steel post. Turcan hammers on Revolver. Ali tags in and puts the boots to Revolver. Revolver typically is the redneck-in-peril for the Homers. Turcan tags back in and kicks Revolver in the chest. Ali tags in and The Insurgency double teams Revolver. Ali goes for the pin, but only gets 2. Turcan tags back in nails Revolver with a diving shoulder block into the gut. Turcan makes the cover, but gets only 2. Turcan puts Revolver in a front facelock. Ali tags in to continue the punishment. Ali only gets 2 with the pin. Turcan tags in and Revolver tries to fight out of the corner. Rovolver tries to jump at his corner, but gets caught with a spinebuster by Turcan. Ali comes in and drops a knee across Revolver's face for good measure. Chinlock by Turcan. Revolver fights out and kicks Turcan in the face. Revolver makes the tag, as does Turcan. McNaler comes in takes out both members of The Insurgency. Spear by McNaler! he goes for the cover, but Turcan breaks it up at 2. Turcan tries to powerbomb McNaler, but he slides out. Over comes Revolver and The Mobile Homers take out Turcan with the Double Wide! They set up Ali for the Double Wide, but Bin Hamin jumps up on the apron. Dewey comes over to take out Hamin and here comes Theta Lambda Psi. On the other side of the ring, Melody is talking to Serena. The Homers save Dewey, but Bin Hamin decks McNaler with his flag pole. Ali makes the pin and gets the 3 count. Totally overbooked finish, but it was at least entertaining. Solid tag match. *** ** Card for the House Show at the Davis Arena for January 27th ** Vaughan Lilas vs. John "Bradshaw" Layfield Steel Cage Match for the OVW Southern Tag Team Titles Totally Awesome © vs. Scott Cardinal & Dirty Money Losers Must Disband The Mobile Homers vs. Theta Lambda Psi Eugene & Aaron "The Idol" Stevens vs. The Insurgency Mike Mondo will be in action Battle Royal where the last 2 men in the ring will team up for an OVW Tag Team Title shot the next night
  5. OVW TV Report for January 17, 2009 - Show open... - Dean Hill, Kenny Bolin and Timmy Baltimore are your hosts. - Tonight... Switchblade & Brewski team up... a six man tag match with Eugene, Debo and Ruff Ryder Rashaad taking on Cardinal, Money and Olivencia... the TV Title will be defended... Totally Awesome vs. The Insurgency... - Video package of last week's battle royal. Vaughan Lilas won to get a shot at JBL on January 27th. - Timmy Baltimore is in the ring to interview Vaughan Lilas. Lilas has words for JBL. OVW Champion Aaron "The Idol" Stevens comes out to interrupt. Idol says he was never eliminated last week, so Lilas only went though 28 guys, not 29. Senior Official Ray Ramsey says Idol is correct. Idol says they need to face off to determine who will face JBL. Lilas says he has nothing to gain and everything to lose. Idol says he'll put the OVW Title up against Lilas's match with JBL. The match is on! - Commercial break - Promo for TST, which is apparently a new team. TST stands for Top Shelf Talent. JD Michaels is now JD Maverick. Pat Buck is his partner. This promo was shot near Longhorn Steakhouse and they are trying to pass it off as a high end club. Too bad this reviewer knows Louisville well enough to mock them. There is nothing top shelf about Longhorn Steakhouse. - The Insurgency (w/Bin Hamin) vs. Totally Awesome Serena, who was abducted by The Insurgency last year, is brought to ringside by Bin Hamin. This is a non-title match. Ali and Sucio start off.Sucio usees his quickness to take Ali off his feet. Tag by Sucio brings in Kamikaze Kid. Kid goes for a pin, but Ali kicks out at 1. Turcan Celik tags in and hammers on TKK. TKK takes back control with a headscissors and tags in Sucio. Flying cross body by Sucio gets 1. Turcan catches Sucio with a knee lift and tags in Ali Akbar. Ali telegraphs a back drop and Sucio flips over him. Turcan comes in and clotheslines Sucio inside-out. Ali gets 2 after a snapmare. Ali misses an elbow drop, but is able to tag in Turcan. Turcan misses a shoulderblock in the corner and tags back in Ali. TKK tags in and he flys around the ring, hitting everything that moves. Sucio vaults over the top rope onto Turcan. TKK takes down Ali and climbs to the top rope. Here comes Serena to distract the referee and Bin Hamin nails TKK with the Iraqi flag pole. Ali rolls over and the pin is academic here. Your Winners: The Insurgency. Decent enough tag match, but the Southern Tag Champs look pretty weak losing to a team that did nothing for the second half of last year. ** - Commercial break OVW Television Title Match - Johnny Punch vs. "The Outlaw" Ben Woods © This is a rematch from December 27th. Punch lost that match after interference by Raul Loco. Woods is apparently no longer part of the War Party. Punch lands a big handspring elbow, but Woods starts chopping away at Punch's chest. The two start trading punches, but Punch takes advantage with a clothesline. Punch misses a splash in the corner, getting himself tied up in the process. Woods comes over and headbutts Punch's knee. Punch's left leg has been injured. Woods wraps Punch's knee around the ring post. Big elbow drop by the champ across Punch's knee. Woods locks in a figure-four in the middle of the ring. Punch is able to drag Woods and gets into the ropes. Woods drags him back to the middle of the ring. He goes for the figure-four again, but Punch catches him with a small package! 1-2-3! Your Winner and NEW TV Champion: Johnny Punch. Punch is a decent worker, but Outlaw is atrocious and I'm glad the title is off him. Nothing offensive here. ** - Commercial break Theta Lambda Psi (Brent Wellington & Moose) vs. The Mobile Homers (w/Melody & Nine Fingers Dewey) The Homers have gone back to Bar-Be-Que for the entrance theme. This is match 1,264,967,353 in this series. Wellington and Revolver start off. Wellington takes an early advantage with a headlock, but Revolver throws him into the ropes and nails Wellington with a dropkick. Wellington quickly tags out to Moose. Moose tries to outsmart Revolver, but fails. Ted McNaler tags in and goes to work on Moose. Moose is able to overpower McNaler and tag in Wellington. Cover by Wellington only gets 2. Wellington locks in an abdominal stretch and gets classic heel heat by getting leverage from Moose. Ashley Stefan Streetman tries to get in on the action, but Nine Fingers Dewey breaks it up. McNaler gets the tag and Revolver comes in with fists flying. Dewey and Moose are fighting on the outside over Streetman's paddle and McNaler flies over the top rope onto both of them. Back in the ring, Revolver rolls up Wellington, but Streetman comes in and rolls Wellington on top. Referee Ray Ramsey turns around and counts the three. Your Winners: Theta Lambda Psi. Usual fare from these two teams. ** - Commercial break Six Man Tag Team Match - Eugene, Debo and Ruff Ryder Rashaad vs. Scott Cardinal, Dirty Money and Jamin Olivencia. With a make-shift team like the faces have, this match can only be a vehicle for progressing the break-up of Cardinal, Money and Olivencia. 3R and Money start. Money uses his power to take advantage on Rashaad. Rashaad reverses an armbar and tags in Debo. Debo takes some quick shots and tags in Eugene. Eugene does his usual antics and tags back in 3R. Thumb to 3R's eye gives Money a chance to tag in Jamin Olivencia. Olivencia can't compete with Rashaad's power and he gets tossed around the ring. Pin attempt by Rashaad is broken up by Dirty Money. Cardinal tags in and drops a big fist across 3R's face. Pin attempt only gets 2. Double team by Olivencia and Cardinal. Cardinal goes for the pin, but Eugene breaks it up. Money tags back in and hammers on 3R in the corner. Money with a take down on Rashaad. Money's arrogant cover only gets 2. Cardinal blind tags in. Cardinal misses an elbow drop, but is able to recover quick enough to tag in Olivencia. Olivencia goes for the pin, but just gets 2. Cardinal tags in, as does Eugene and they trade punches. Eugene's Irish whip is reversed and Cardinal sends him into the rafters with a back body drop. Debo tags in and takes out all the heels. Cardinal ducks Debo's right hook, but Debo quickly catches him with the second attempt. That's good enough for 3. Your Winners: Eugene, Debo and Ruff Ryder Rashaad. Match did what it was suppose to do and the wrestling wasn't terrible. ** 1/2 - Commercial break - Igotta Brewski & Rudy Switchblade vs. Sergio and Los Rojos I'm expecting a squash. Switchblade and Sergio start. They trade mat wrestling sequences. Rojos tags in, as does Brewski. Brewsk walks up to Rojos and headbutts him across the ring. Brewski hits two more and tags in Switchblade. Trickery by the heels let them get in some offense. Sergio tags in and wrenches on Switchblade's neck. He breaks out and Rojos makes a blind tag. Brewski tags in and hammers everyone. Brewski hits the Last Call on Rojos and that's it. Your Winners: Rudy Switchblade & Igotta Brewski. Total squash. * - Commercial break Match with JBL vs. OVW Heavyweight Title - Vaughan Lilas vs. Aaron "The Idol" Stevens © Idol takes control with a side headlock. Shoulderblock takes down Lilas for a two count. Lilas with a hiptoss for two. They each go fir their finishers, but each move is well scouted by the opponent. Lilas breaks out of a waistlock and lights up Idol's chest with a chop. Lilas hits another chop. He goes for the pin, but only gets 1. Idol takes control with a knee lift. He goes for the pin, but gets 1. Lilas fights out of a butterfly lock, but Idol retains control with a vertical suplex. He goes for the cover 3 times, but can only get s two count. Lilas catches Idol with a chop. Idol charges the corner, but Lilas moves and Idol hits the steel post. Lilas with a roll up for two. Idol blocks the English Cravat with a backslide, but Lilas blocks that. He sets up for the Cravat again and nails it! Ray Ramsey makes the count... 1-2-3! Your Winner and NEW OVW Heavyweight Champion: Vaughan Lilas. Post match, Idol hands Lilas the title belt. Good match. OVW has really built up Vaughan Lilas. *** Nothing terrible about this week's show. Two title changes, one of which I was really waiting for (the TV Title). They have put all their eggs in Lilas's basket. Hopefully it will pay off for OVW.
  6. OVW TV Report for January 10, 2009 - Show open... - Dean Hill, Kenny Bolin and the recently released from WWE Developmental Timmy Baltimore are your hosts. - Tonight... A battle royal to determine who faces JBL on January 27th. - Battle Royal This is under Royal Rumble rules with a new participant coming every minute. Vaughan Lilas and Dirty Money are numbers 1 and 2, respectively. Money stalls to begin, but Lilas catches him stalling with some nasty chops. Lilas tries to dump Money, but Money gets a thumb in the eye. Number 3 is Ruff Ryder Rashaad. Ruff Ryder comes in and takes out Money. Money tries to toss Ruff Ryder, but Lilas comes over to break it up. Rashaad and Money team up to work over Lilas. Number 4 is Ali Akbar from The Insurgency. Ali has lost the Insurgency gear for more traditional tights for the new year. Lilas and Ali pair off while Money works over Rashaad. Number 5 is Al B. Show, whoever the fuck that is. Lilas wastes no time chopping the shit out of him. - Commercial Break - Ali and Money try to eliminate Rashaad to no avail. Number 6 is Raul Loco. Triple team on Rashaad still can't get him over the top. Number 7 is Mike Mondo (the former Mikey from the Spirit Squad) and he comes in and immediately tosses Al B. Show. Ruff Ryder Rashaad tries to take out Mondo, but he gets tossed, too. Mondo almost tossed Raul Loco, but he saved himself by holding onto the ropes. Money and Ali are quick to shut down Mondo with a double team. Number 8 is 1/2 of the Southern Tag Team Champions... The Kamikaze Kid. Kamikaze Kid tries to throw out Money to no avail. Raul almost gets Mondo out, but he rolls in under the bottom rope. Ali and Raul can't get Kamikaze Kid out. Number 9 is Brent Wellington from Theta Lambda Psi. Wellington goes after Kamikaze Kid, but Kid is too quick for him. Lilas chops the skin off of Mondo's chest. Goodness those are nasty chops. Number 10 is DCW wrestler Fang. Fang almost gets tossed by Wellington, but catches himself on the top rope. Fang is barely as tall as the top rope. Mondo tries to send Raul out, but he is able to hang on. - Commercial Break Number 11 is Dre Blitz. Wellington almost has Fang out, but he fights out. Mondo almost gets tossed, but he hangs on. Number 12 is Tony Mann and he is immediately tossed by Vaughan Lilas. Raul almost gets Mondo out, but Mondo lands on the apron to save himself. The Kamikaze Kid is hanging on to the top rope, so Mondo comes over and starts biting his fingers. Number 13 is Sucio and he saves his partner from elimination on his was in. Kamikaze Kid recovers quickly and tosses Dre Blitz. Mondo is in a precarious position, but puts a fist in the face of Raul. Wellington hangs on after almost being eliminated by Fang. Number 14 is Eclipse. Totally Awesome and Fang try to eliminate Wellington, but Ali puts a stop to that. Number 15 is Turcan Celik. Celik comes in and just hammers Fang. Celik takes a head of steam and throws Fang over the top. Number 16 is Hog Wild. - Commercial Break We come back and Turcan Celik sends Eclipse out. Mike Mondo and Sucio are battling on the apron. Number 17 is Moose from Theta Lambda Psi. Mooose makes an immediate impact by tossing Hog Wild. Totally Awesome almost get Mondo out, but he slides back in before hitting the floor. Number 18 is Supergloves Dos. Totally Awesome try a double team spot on Dirty Money that fails miserably. Not in the 'fails' sense that it didn't work. In the 'fails' sense that they completely blew the spot. Geez that was badly blown. Number 19 is Scott Cardinal. Cardinal comes in and beats on Sucio. Scott Cardinal tosses Sucio and The Kamikaze Kid, but also accidentally eliminates his tag team partner Dirty Money. Cardinal looks at his eliminated partner and says "Sorry. It's every man for himself." Number 20 is Los Rojos #1 (I'm assuming it is number 1. It's like telling The Conquistadors apart.). Rojos is looking doughier than usual. Even Hill and Bolin are commenting on how fat Rojos is. Lilas stops Rojo's dancing by chopping him and tossing him. Mike Mondo almost sends Turcan Celik over the top. Number 21 is Jamin Olivencia. Olivencia makes the mistake of going after Mondo and Mondo almost tosses him. Olivencia tries to suplex Mondo out of the ring, but Mondo blocks it. - Commercial Break Number 22 is the OVW Heavyweight Champion Aaron "The Idol" Stevens. Idol comes in and goes after Raul Locos. Tucan Celik has Mondo over the top, but Mondo quickly catches Celik with a headscissors on his way out eliminating both of them. Idol Stevens sends Ali Akbar out. Mondo and Turcan are still fighting on the outside. Ali pulls Idol under the bottom rope and they start brawling on the outside. The officials, busy trying to break up Mondo and Turcan, didn't see Idol get pulled under the rope and they send him back to the locker room. Number 23 is Rudy Switchblade. Switchblade comes in and goes after Olivencia. Number 24 is Adam Revolver from The Mobile Homers and he goes after both members of Theta Lambda Psi. Revolver tries to send out Wellington, but he can't get him over. Number 25 is Johnny Punch and he immediately goes after Raul Locos. Locos almost goes over, but he catches himself on the apron. Punch charges at him, but Raul flips him over the top onto the floor. Moose comes over and takes out both Raul Locos and Rudy Switchblade. Big splash in the corner by Olivencia on Revolver. - Commercial Break Number 26 is Ted "The Trailer" McNaler from The Mobile Homers. Wellington and Moose think they've eliminate both Mobile Homers, but they catch themselves. Number 27 is Nine Fingers Dewey from The Mobile Homers. McNaler andRevolver are still on the apron and they try to suplex Wellington out. Moose makes the save and slams Revolver and McNaler's heads together to cause their elimination. Dewey tries to get revenge, but Wellington and Moose send him out. Vaughan Lilas is still in there and close to becoming the 60 minute man. Number 28 is Sergio. Olivencia hides out on the outside by hanging on the ring post. Lilas chops the shit out of Sergio before Moose attacks him. Number 29 and the last man in is Igotta Brewski. He comes in headbutting everyone and eliminates Brent Wellington. Brewski clotheslines Sergio over the top. Moose and Brewski square off. Brewski puts Moose over his shoulder and almost gets him over, but here comes Jamin Olivencia and Scott Cardinal and they eliminate both of them! The Final Four: Scott Cardinal, Supergloves Dos, Jamin Olivencia and Vaughan Lilas. Cardinal and Olivencia team up on Lilas. Kenny Bolin mistakenly gives away the ending by saying "You've got Vaughan Lilas in there against JBL... I mean, uh, Vaughan Lilas against Olivencia and Cardinal." Nice work, OVW. You couldn't cover that up in post production? Cardinal Irish whips Supergloves and Olivencia back body drops him to the outside. A double team fails and Lilas takes advantage, chopping and headbutting Olivencia and Cardinal. Cardinal and Olivencia take back over and set up Lilas for the elimination. They try to eliminate Lilas the same way they eliminated Supergloves, but Lilas reverses the Irish whip and Olivencia back drops Cardinal over the top. Olivencia relizes what he has done and turns around to see Vaughan Lilas. Olivencia's over the top facial expressions are outstanding, by the way. Olivencia begs Lilas for mercy, but then decides chopping Lilas is a better option. Bad idea. Lilas lights up Olivencia's chest like a Christmas tree with some stinging chops. Lilas tosses Olivencia over the top rope to win the battle royal and earns the right to face John "Bradshaw" Layfield on January 27th at the Davis Arena. - A pretty good battle royal ruined by Kenny Bolin giving away the winner in the final few minutes. You seriously couldn't edit that out? The winner could have been any three of the final four and Bolin gives away the ending. Also, they couldn't have got an even 30 participants? TV Champ Outlaw, Pat Buck, APOC, Lumpy Magoo and Debo were all missing. Still though, a good battle royal ruined by the commentary at the end. Order of Elimination 1. Al B. Show 2. Ruff Ryder Rashaad 3. Tony Mann 4. Dre Blitz 5. Fang 6. Eclipse 7. Hog Wild 8. Dirty Money 9. The Kamikaze Kid 10. Sucio 11. Los Rojos #1 12. Mike Mondo 13. Turcan Celik 14. Ali Akbar 15. Idol Stevens 16. Johnny Punch 17. Raul Locos 18. Rudy Switchblade 20. Ted McNaler 21. Adam Revolver 22. Nine Fingers Dewey 23. Brent Wellington 24. Sergio 25. Moose 26. Igotta Brewski 27. Supergloves Dos 28. Scott Cardinal 29. Jamin Olivencia
  7. Alro

    OVW TV Report for January 3, 2009

    OVW TV Report for January 3, 2009 - This is OVW's 2008 Year-In-Review show - Music video showing all the wrestlers who have entered an OVW ring in 2008 opens the show. - Dean Hill is your host. He says we'll be seeing the best matches of the year and hear comments from the OVW Superstars. - Comments from The Mobile Homers. Whoop-eee. - Bar-Be-Que music video from The Mobile Homers. This was the start of the "rednecks show the Brit how they live" shit that was the exact opposite of funny. - October 25 - The Mobile Homers won a match to earn the right to give Twinkle Toes 10 lashes with a belt. Then Twink got his hair cut by Nine Fingers Dewey. - November 1 - Adam Revolver pins Gavin Garrison in a Loser Leaves Town Match. Garrison returned the next week under a mask. - December 6 - The Mobile Homers beat Theta Lambda Psi to unmask El Maestro which revealed Gavin Garrison. Garrison was signed to a WWE developmental deal in 2008. - Commercial Break - August 2 - Jamin Olivencia faces Joey Matthews. Matthews was pretty awesome in OVW this year. Matthews gets ambushed by APOC and Vaughan Lilas before the match. Los Locos make the save. Matthews overcomes the beatdown to beat Olivencia in a *** match. The match was the epitome of what a "good guy finally gets revenge on the bad guy who tormented him all year" should be. - Commercial Break - July 2 - The OVW Women's Title was being defended 24/7 at this point. Josie attacks Serena from behind to win the title. Serena wins it back later in the show, though. Even later in the show, Reggie and Josie double team Serena, but they can't get along so Serena escapes with the belt. - July 16 - The other three women in the division all pin Serena, but since Reggie was on top of the pile, she gets the title. The win is short lived, as Serena recovers to take out Josie and Melody, give us a nice shot of her g-string, and spear Reggie to regain the belt. - November 15 - Four Way Dance for the Women's Title with Serena © vs. Melody vs. Josie vs. Reggie. Melody hits a high spin kick to win the Women's Championship. - Commercial Break - October 18 - Rudy Switchblade comes out to defend the TV Title but gets attacked by an "injured" JD Michaels. The title is forfeited to Olivencia, but OVW Troubleshooter Nick Dinsmore makes him immediately defend the title against Igotta Brewski. Brewski spears Olivencia for the TV Title. - November 8 - Brewski defends the TV Title against Shiloh. After the match Outlaw comes out to attack Brewski to set up their title match. - November 29 - Brewski is set to defend the TV Title against Outlaw, but gets laid out in the locker room before the match. Outlaw wins the title by forfeit. Outlaw is the worst OVW TV Champion of the year. - Commercial Break - Words from The Insurgency - August 16 - Rob Conway beats Turcan Celik via DQ when the rest of The Insurgency interferes. Pat Buck comes out to save Conway. - August 30 - Conway faces off with Omar Akbar. They wrestle to a double count-out and out comes the rest of The Insurgency to attack Conway. Kenny Bolin says Conway is taking a beating like the Kentucky Wildcats football team will take against Louisville, which is hilarious since UK destroyed Louisville much to my delight. Pat Buck again makes the save. - Date Not Shown - Pat Buck turns on Rob Conway in a cage match to join The Insurgency. Conway takes out each member of The Insurgency one-by-one before getting his match with Buck. - November 8 - Pat Buck takes on Rob Conway in a Falls Count Anywhere Match. Conway wins in a decent blow off and then disappears from OVW. I have no idea where Conway has gone. - Commercial Break - September 13 - APOC and Vaughan Lilas beat Darryl Kelly and Josh Lowrey to win the Southern Tag Team Titles. - November 1 - Jamin Olivencia turns on APOC and Lilas by helping Dirty Money and Scott Cardinal win the Tag Titles. - December 13 - Totally Awesome (Sucio and The Kamikaze Kid) upset Dirty Money and Scott Cardinal to win the OVW Southern Tag Team Titles in a ** 1/2 match. Totally Awesome won the Thanksgiving Thunder Tag Team Tournament to earn the title shot. - June 21 - Anthony Bravado challenges Nick Dinsmore for the OVW Heavyweight Championship. - July 5 - Bravado became the new OVW Heavyweight Champion on June 28. This is the rematch. Dinsmore put Bravado over big by letting him power out of his Texas Cloverleaf. Bravado retains by pinning Dinsmore after a jackhammer. - September 6 - Joey Matthews has the champion Bravado beat after a TKO, but the referee is knocked out. Bravado wins by KOing Matthews with the title belt to retain. - October 18 - Ryback (who recently signed a developmental deal with WWE) wins the OVW Title by chokeslamming Bravado. - November 1 - Bravado uses an ether-soaked rag to knock out Ryback to regain the OVW Title. - November 29 - Idol Stevens wins the OVW Heavyweight Title when Ryback distracts Bravado long enough for Idol to roll him up. - Dean Hill closes the show by reminding us that Brock Lesnar is coming to the Davis Arena to sign autographs. - This was your basic year-end clip show. Nothing before the WWE break-up was shown, since the E owns that footage. That's too bad because there were some title changes that couldn't be shown. Overall, 2008 was a tough year for OVW, particularly after the split. They wandered aimlessly through the summer only to have things pick up near the end of the year.
  8. OVW TV Report for December 27, 2008 - Show open... - Dean Hill and Kenny Bolin are your hosts. - Tonight... the Southern Tag Titles are on the line as Totally Awesome defend against Dirty Money & Scott Cardinal... Josie wrestles her last match in OVW before she goes to TNA... Idol Stevens defends the OVW Heavyweight Title... The Mobilehomers are also in action... - In case you didn't hear last week, Brock Lesnar will be signing autographs Jan. 7. - Moose (w/ Ashley Stefan Streetman) vs. Debo Moose attacks Debo from behind to take a quick advantage. Big splash on the corner by Moose. Considering how strong they've built up Debo, I'm surprised that they are letting Moose get so much offense in. Moose hits another splash in the corner and goes to work on a chinlock. Moose tries to punch Debo, but Debo hulks up and takes down Moose. Big right hook knocks out Moose for the 3 count. You winner: Debo. Glorified squash. * - Commercial break. Lesnar is coming. - Anthony Bravado vs. Lumpy Magoo Lumpy is without Serena tonight. This should be another squash. Bravado starts off by showing his strength. Lumpy accidentally gets in some offense, but Bravado take back control with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Lots of power moves by Bravado. Bravado shows off his strength with a delayed vertical suplex. Magoo gets sent into the ropes and Bravado catches him with a huge sidewalk slam. That's good enough for the pin. Your winner: Anthony Bravado. I was right. Another squash. Post match, Bravado gets on the mic and calls out OVW Champion Idol Stevens. * - Commercial break. Lesnar is still coming, by the way. OVW Television Title Match - Johnny Punch vs. The Outlaw © I hate Outlaw. Stalling by Outlaw to start. Punch tries to do some amateur wrestling, but Outlaw puts a quick end to that. Punch blocks a punch and takes over with a headlock. Backslide attempt by Punch only gets 2. Punch clotheslines Outlaw through the ropes onto the Davis Arena floor. Outlaw catches Punch on the way in with a guillotine leg drop across the second rope. He goes for the cover, but only gets two. Outlaw delivers a huge boot to the face of Punch. Punch ducks a clothesline and catches Outlaw in a flapjack. Outlaw blocks a chop and tries for the Indian Death Grip, but Punch blocks it. Referee Joe Wheeler is inadvertently knocked out. Raul Loco comes out with a crutch and blasts Punch across the back with it. Outlaw goes for the cover and gets 3. Your winner and still TV Champion: The Outlaw. Nothing special. * 1/2 - Commercial break. Brock Lesnar is still coming to Davis Arena. - Ali Akbar & Lightfoot (w/ Bin Hamin) vs. The Mobilehomers (w/ Melody & Nine Fingers Dewey) What the fuck? Why is a Native American teaming with an Iraqi? Even Dean Hill is confused as to why a Native American would join up with The Insurgency. Homers have new theme music, thankfully. Ali and McNaler start off. McNaler puts Ali in a hammerlock, but Ali is quick to break the hold. He tags in Lightfoot, but McNaler armgrags him into the ring. Revolver tags in to work on Lightfoot's arm. McNaler tags back in hit a few double team moves. McNaler goes for the pin, but Ali comes in to break the pin. Ali tags in and hits McNaler with a vertical suplex. Pin attempt only gets 2. Lightfoot tags back in. Lightfoot hits a springboard elbow and goes for the pin, but Revolver breaks it up. Ali tags back in and locks in a chinlock. McNaler tries to break out, but Ali takes him to the mat. Lightfoot tags back in and he flies in with a flying clothesline. Lightfoot tries to make the pin, but again Revolver breaks it up. Ali tags in and McNaler has enough time to tag in Revolver. Revolver is on a redneck rampage. Ali gets slingshotted into the corner and Revolver goes for the pin, but Lightfoot dropkicks Revolver right in the face. McNaler comes in an tosses Lightfoot. The Mobilehomers hit the Double Wide on Ali for the pin. Your winners: The Mobilehomers. Decent enough tag match. ** 1/2 - Commercial break. More Brock Lesnar promos. OVW Heavyweight Title Match - Brent Wellington (w/Ashley Stefan Streetman) vs. Aaron "The Idol" Stevens © Tie-up won by Idol. Idol wins another tie-up and Idol locks on a headlock. Wellington takes a snapmare and takes a powder. He doesn't get long because Idol slingshots him back in. Standing suplex by Idol. Idol goes for the pin, but Ray Ramsey gets distracted by Streetman. Wellington collects his bearings and hits Idol with a jawbreaker. Idol staggers over to the ropes where Streetman nails him with a croquet mallet. Wellington goes for the pin, but Idol kicks out at 1. Wellington distracts Ramsey so that Streetman can choke Idol with his mallet. Wellington goes for the pin, but Idol kicks out at two. Idol fights back with some fists to the midsection. Wellington ducks a punch and dropkicks Idol. Wellington with another pin attempt for two. Idol takes back control with a shoulder into the midsection of Wellington. Tackles by Idol take Wellington to the mat. Huge atomic drop by Idol. Idol runs into the ropes, but Streetman trips him. Streetman then jumps up on the apron with his mallet. Idol reverses an Irish whip what sends Wellington into Streetman's mallet. Idolizer finishes off Wellington. Your winner and still OVW Champion: Aaron "The Idol" Stevens. Decent enough match, but the outcome was never in question. ** 1/2 - Commercial break. Quick reminder that Brock Lesnar is coming to the Davis Arena. - Reggie vs. Josie This is Josie's farewell match in OVW before she goes to TNA full time as Sojourner Bolt. Lots of stalling by Reggie to start. Headlock takedown by Josie. Reggie reverses with a head scissors. Josie flips out and catches Reggie in a Thez press for two. Shoulderblock by Josie takes Reggie down. Josie goes for a backslide but only gets two. Huge dropkick by Josie sends Reggie to the outside. Josie takes out Reggie with a baseball slide. Flying body press by Josie off the apron. Back in the ring, Josie goes for the pin, but only gets two. Reggie gets Irish whipped, but she grabs the ropes causing Josie to miss a dropkick. Josie tries a crucifix, but Reggie just falls backwards. Pin attempt only gets two. Big suplex by Reggie. Another pin attempt only gets two. Reggie puts on a chinlock, but Josie breaks it back backing her into the corner. Josie tries for a splash in the corner, but Reggie is there to catch her with a spinning kick. Reggie goes for the pin, but again can only get two. Reggie puts in a full nelson, but Josie breaks it with a jaw breaker. Josie catches Reggie in a nasty German suplex. Josie with the pin, but Reggie kicks out at two. Back up Josie throws Reggie over her shoulders, but Reggie snakes out into a sunset flip for two. Pin reversal by Josie also gets two. Reggie goes to the top , but Josie catches her. Josie again looks live she's going for a Death Valley Driver, but Reggie rakes her face. Reggie hits what looks like a double spin Impaler and that gets the three count. Your winner: Reggie. Best women's match in OVW is a a very, very long time. *** - Commercial break. More Lesnar promos. OVW Southern Tag Team Title Match - Dirty Money & Scott Cardinal (Jamin Olivencia) vs. Totally Awesome © (w/ Vaughan Lilas) I don't know where APOC has been since Thanksgiving Thunder. Money and Cardinal waste no time, attack Totally Awesome before they can even take their belts off. Sucio gets tossed and the heels double team Kamikaze Kid. Sucio comes back in and catches Money and Cardinal with a double DDT. Money and Sucio will start. Sucio shows his quickness on Money. Scott Cardinal comes in and just manhandles Sucio right in front of the ref. Cardinal tags in officially can continues to beat down Sucio. Money back in and he hits Sucio with a backbreaker. Cardinal tags in and channels Tully Blanchard with a slingshot suplex. Pin attempt is broken by Kamikaze Kid. Cardinal slows down Sucio with a chinlock. Pin only gets two. Money tags in and does nothing before tagging Cardinal back in. Double flapjack by the hells. Cardinal goes for the pin, but Sucio kicks out at two. Money tags back in and misses a splash. Sucio and Money both make tags and Kamikaze Kid comes flying in on Cardinal. Flying neckbreaker by Kamikaze Kid. Kid goes for the pin, but Cardinal grabs the ropes to break the count. Olivencia pulls Cardinal outside and the Kamikaze Kid flies through the ropes taking them both out. Sucio takes out Money with a hurricarana. Kamikaze Kid goes to the top, but Olivencia pushes him off onto the canvas. Here comes Lilas to run off Olivencia. Cardinal crawls over for the pin, but only gets two. Money comes in to hold Kamikaze Kid in place, but the Kid moves and Cardinal superkicks Money. Sucio is perched on the top rope and he catches Cardinal with a flying dropkick. Kamikaze Kid goes for the pin and gets the three count. Your winners and still OVW Southern Tag Team Champions: Totally Awesome. Another good tag team match between these teams. *** - A strong ending to what was shaping up to be a mediocre show. The women's match and the main event totally saved the show.
  9. OVW TV Report for December 20, 2008 - Show open... - Back to a normal show this week after two weeks of tag team tournament action. Dean Hill and Kenny Bolin are your hosts. - Tonight... Loser Leaves Town Match with Anthony Bravado vs. Ryback... The Mobilehomers vs. Theta Lambda Psi... - Dean Hill talks about the big event on January 7 featuring UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar signing autographs. - Recap of OVW Southern Tag Team Championship match from last week where Sucio and The Kamikaze Kid defeated Dirty Money and Scott Cardinal for the titles. For some reason they felt the need to show the whole match. - Commercial Break. Brock Lesnar is coming to Davis Arena on 1/7. Six Man Tag Team Match - Dirty Money, Scott Cardinal & Jamin Olivencia (with Josie) vs. Totally Awesome & Vaughan Lilas Dean Hill apparently has no idea what is going on because he thought this was a non-title tag team match. He tries to cover up by saying they decided to makeit a six man as the came through the curtain. Money and Sucio start off with Bill Clark as the referee. Sucio demonstrates that his speed is better than Money's strength by flying around the ring. Kamikaze Kid tags in, as does Scott Cardinal. Same deal as the other guys with Kid using his speed to get a pin attempt for two. Cardinal is frustrated by the speed of Kid. Olivencia tags in, but TKK is still too fast. Vaughan Lilas tags in and Olivencia makes a quick tag out to Cardinal. Lilas pushed Cardinal into the corner and tags in Sucio. The face advantage doesn't last long, as Cardinal takes control. Olivencia tags in, but misses a splash. Sucio dropkicks Olivencia all over the ring. Sucio tags in Kamikaze Kid and he flies into the ring with a cross body. Cardinal tries to come in, but gets hurricaranaed out of the ring. Dirty Money grabs TKK boot to take advantage for the heels. Money tags in and slams Kid to the mat. Cardinal back in and he chokes TKK on the ropes. Olivencia tags in and goes for the pin, but only gets 2. Cardinal back in and he levels TKK with a huge right hand. Dirty Money tags in to hammer away on TKK. Money puts him in a sleeper, but TKK break it with a jawbreaker. Money is stunned, but he quickly catches TKK with a spinebuster before he can make the tag. Money goes for the pin, but just gets 2. Cardinal tags in and srops a knee across TKK's chest. Pin attempt gets two. TKK dodges two fistdrops and amkes the tag to Vaughan Lilas. Lilas comes in and lays in to Cardinal with vicious chops that echo through Davis Arena. Headbutt takes Cardinal down to the mat. Sucio tags in. He climbs onto Lilas's shoulders and drops a flying elbow onto Cardinal. Pin attempt is broken up by Olivencia. Lilas tosses Olivencia out of the ring. TKK is back up and he dives through the ropes, taking out Olivencia, Money and Lilas. Sucio reverses an Irish whip. Josie, thinking Sucio is running the ropes grabs Cardinal's ankle. The miscommunication is enough for Sucio to get the roll-up for 3. You winners: Totally Awesome and Vaughan Lilas. Money, Cardinal and Olivencia all blame Josie for the loss (as they should). They back her into a corner and Cardinal takes her by the hair. Cardinal sets her up for a piledriver, but the faces come back out to put a stop to that. This is apparently how OVW is writing Josie out now that she's signed with TNA. Pretty good six-man match between feuding factions. *** - Commercial break. If you haven't heard, Brock Lesnar is coming to Davis Arena on 1/7. - Al Barone (w/JD Michaels) vs. Debo Debo rushes the ring and drags Barone to the outside. Michaels distracts Debo long enough for Barone to take advantage inside the ring. Debo has a reputation for knocking out his opponents. A few weeks ago Barone knocked out Debo with brass knuckles. There's your story. Barone works over Debo's arm with a variety of armbars and arm locks. Barone locks in a modified STF. Pin attempt gets 2. Now we go to the Italian nerve hold. Bedo fights out and knocks down Barone with a shoulder block. JD Michaels distracts the ref and tosses Barone some brass knuckles. Debo steals them from Barone and knocks him out. Then he goes over to Michaels and knocks him out for good measure. Pin is academic from here. You winner: Debo. Nothing special * - Commercial break. Quick reminder that Brock Lesnar will be at the Davis Arena on 1/7. OVW Television Title Match The Outlaw © vs. Tomasso No idea who Tomasso is. Referee Reuben Ramos displays the title belt to indicate that it is on the line. Outlaw takes Tomasso down with a shoulderblock. Instead of following up with another move, Outlaw decides that running his mouth is a good idea. A shoving match ensues and Outlaw retreats to the corner. Tomass dropkicks Outlaw out of the ring. Outlaw back in and he takes Tomasso into the corner. Irish whip sends Tomasso across the ring, but he gets caught trying a slingshot. Tomasso gets free and runs up the turnbuckle. He jumps off, but gets caught with Outlaw's big boot on the way down. Outlaw chokes Tomasso in the corner. Tomasso tries to fight back, but Outlaw is too strong for him. Kick to the face gets Outlaw a two count. Outlaw slams Tomasso down and climbs to the 2nd turnbuckle. Tomasso is able to dodge a diving headbutt. Tomasso hits a big splash on Outlaw and starts peppering him with punches. Flying back elbow takes down the Outlaw. Running double stomp to the back of Outlaw's head only gets a two count. Outlaw telegraphs a back drop and gets kicked in the head. Rocker Dropper only gets two. Tomasso is getting some decent moves in that should end the match. DDT by Tomasso only good for two, as Outlaw gets his foot on the ropes. Tomasso goes to the top and tries a diving headbutt, but Outlaw catches him by the throat on the way down. Apparently it isn't a choke as much as it is the Tongan Death Grip. Outlaw takes Tomasso's shoulder to the mat and gets the three count. Your winner, and still OVW Television Champion: The Outlaw. Tomasso got things going when he was in control and his big offensive moves should have won him the match. Outlaw is awful. Not offensive, but Tomasso looked pretty good. I looked up Tomasso and apparently he did a Delirious gimmick last year in OVW as Prodigy before being released from his developmental deal. ** - Commercial break. Lesnar is coming on Wednesday, January 7. You may not have known that. The Mobilehomers (with Melody) vs. Theta Lambda Psi (with Reggie) The Homers know that Gavin Garrison is under The Maestro mask and they will prove it. Garrison lost a loser leaves town match a few weeks ago and Maestro started appearing with Theta Lambda Psi. If they can unmask him, Garrison is gone (to Tampa, as he was recently signed to a development deal). The frat comes out and accepts the challenge under their rules. They want it to be 3-on-2, the only way for The Homers to win is by taking off the Maestro's mask and they want Ashely Stefan Streetman to be the referee. Adam Revolver and Moose start off. Shenanigans begin instantly as Streetman blocks Revolver from hitting Moose with a closed fist. This of course gives Moose an opportunity to nail Revolver with his own closed fist. Maestro tags in and hammers away on Revolver. Revolver tries to take the mask off, but fails and gives Maestro an atomic drop. Tag to Ted McNaler and he takes Maestro down with a flying cross body. McNaler tries to take the mask off, but in comes all of Theta Lambda Psi to stop things. Streetman turns his back to allow the dastardly triple teaming to happen. Brent Wellington tags in to throw a few punches before quickly tagging Moose back in. Moose chokes McNaler in the corner. Maestro tags in and works over McNaler. You know, since the only way for the Homers to win is by taking off the mask, I would just keep Maestro out of the ring. Wellington tags in and chokes McNaler in the ropes while Streetman checks on the turnbuckle padding. Moose tags in and rakes the face of McNaler. Maestro back in with a front face lock. McNaler fights out and runs into the ropes, but Reggie trips him. Dean Hill is pissed because Streetman saw the trip and ignored it. Maestro runs the ropes and Melody returns the favor for The Mobilehomers. Revolver tags in and he's a redneck on fire. He punches Maestro and atomic drops Wellington into Moose. Both Mobilehomers in and the whip Wellington and Maestro into each other. The Mobilehomers hit The Double Wide (Russian Leg Sweep/spear combo) on Maestro. Revolver takes the mask off only to find a second mask. Maybe today's masked wrestlers actually learned something from the Black Scorpion. Streetman tries to stop the unmasking, but gets speared for his troubles. Off comes the second mask it is in fact Gavin Garrison. Your winners: The Mobilehomers. Garrison is gone from OVW forever. Fun match for what it was. ** 1/2. -Commercial break. Two more reminders that Brock Lesnar is coming to Davis Arena. Loser Leaves Town Match -Anthony Bravado vs. Ryback No surprise who is winning this one since Ryan Reeves recently signed a developmental deal with WWE. OVW Champion Aaron "The Idol" Stevens will be doing commentary for the match. Bravado eyeballs Idol on his way out, saying that the OVW Title is his. Ryback opens up with standard power fare. Bravado takes a powder. Hill continues to stay in the dark as he is informed that the match is also No DQ. Ryback and Bravado trade punches and clotheslines in the corner. Ryback tosses Bravado out of the corner and goes for the pin, but only gets two count. Huge powerslam by Ryback only gets two. Ryback goes for a chokeslam, but Bravado rakes the eyes. Bravado tosses Ryback with two overhead belly-to-belly suplexes. He hits a third and goes for the cover, but only gets 2. Ryback is quick to his feet. He grabs Bravado and puts him over his shoulders... F5! Referee Ray Ramsey was taken out by Bravado's feet, so we have no referee for a No DQ match now. Ryback pins him, but there is no referee to count. Ryback climbs the ropes, but Bravado catches him. Bravado goes up with him and sends him over with a superplex. Ramsey is still out. Bravado goes to the back and gets some ether. He takes too long in getting to Ryback and Ryback tags the ether-soaked rag from Bravado! Out comes Pat Buck with a chair and all he does is gets Ryback's attention. Buck takes a huge chokeslam and goes to the outside where Idol throws him behind the curtain. Bravado has picked up the ether-soaked rag and Ryback is knocked out. Ramsey has regain consciousness and counts the pin. Your winner: Anthony Bravado. Ryback must leave OVW. Don't know why they needed a ref bump for a No DQ match. Basic power match between two stiffs. * One of the better OVW shows I've seen this year. Could have done without the replay of the tag title match from last week, but 3 out of 5 watchable matches is really good for recent OVW.
  10. OVW TV Report for December 13, 2008 - Show open... - Dean Hill and Kenny Bolin are at the desk telling us that tonight we will see round two, three and the finals of Thanksgiving Thunder tonight. The winner of the tournament will get a shot at OVW Southern Tag Team Champions Dirty Money and Scott Cardinal. Second Round Match #1 - Totally Awesome (The Kamikaze Kid & Sucio) vs. Johnny Punch & Rudy Switchblade Totally Awesome advanced by beating Los Rojos Uno and Shiloh while Punch & Switchblade defeated Sergio and Supergloves Dos. This could be a decent, fast-paced match. Sucio and Switchblade start things with a handshake. Switchblade wins a tie-up and pushes Sucio into the corner where Punch tags in. Sucio returns the favor on Punch by tagging in TKK. Kid flies in and catches Punch in a roll-up for two. Punch in able to make a tag. Switchblade comes in and takes control with some hip tosses. Kid is quick to reverse, though, as the starts taking Rudy down with arm drags before nailing him with a dropkick. Kid takes Rudy down with a crucifix that gets two. Kid runs the ropes, but get caught with a twit-a-whirl backbreaker. Punch tags in and goes for the cover, but only gets two. Punch with a suplex and cover for another two count. Punch goes to work on Kid's back. Switchblade tags in and comes off the top rope with a senton. Pin attempt in broken up at two by Sucio. Punch tags back in but apparently forgets that immediately as he leaves the ring after a double team maneuver. Rudy goes for the pin, but it is broken up by Sucio. Punch tags in for real this time and loses control of TKK who makes the tag. Sucio is on fire with dropkicks. Sucio loses focus and flips over the top to the floor onto Switchblade. Back in the ring, Punch gets a bridging German suplex for two. Punch calls in Rudy for their double team move, but Sucio flips out and sends Punch into the ropes, knocking Switchblade off the top turnbuckle. Hurricane DDT by Sucio gets the three count on Punch. Solid tag match. *** - Commercial Break Second Round Match #2 - Al Barone & Los Rojos Dos vs. The Mobilehomers (Adam Revolver & Ted McNaler) with Melody Barone & Rojos beat Outlaw & Hog Wild last week and The Mobilehomers defeated Turcan Celik and Matt Bond to advance. Revolver was attacked by Turcan after that match and his knee is wrecked. Kenny Bolin is getting sauced on Thanksgiving wine and proposed a four-way between himself, Melody, Dirty Money and Josie. Rojos and McNaler start out. Lost of stalling to start. Apparently this is a tactic to embarrass Barone. Barone tags in. McNaler uses his quickness to avoid Barone, but he isn't quick enough. Barone catches him and blatantly chokes McNaler. McNaler is able to escape to make a tag to Revolver. Revolver tries to slam Barone, but his knee gives out. Barone hones in on the knee with a half crab. Rojos tags in does some work on the knee before quickly tagging Barone back in. Modified STF by Barone. Barone puts on a shitty figure four, but the ref catches him using the ropes for leverage. Missed splash by Barone gives Revolver some hope. Barone is able to make the tag, but Rojos misses an elbow drop and Revolver makes the tag. McNaler is a redneck on fire. McNaler goes for the pin, but Barone breaks it up. Spear by McNaler and that is good for three. Nothing offensive. ** - Commercial break Second Round Match #3 - Pat "The" Buck and Anthony Bravado vs. Eugene & OVW Heavyweight Champion Aaron "The Idol" Stevens Kenny Bolin is drunk. He asks Josie to "turn loose his banana." Some decent history between the competitors here, as Bravado beat Eugene for the OVW Title and Idol be Bravado. Eugene and Buck start off. Shenanigans start off with Eugene pulling a Rip Rogers by sticking his thumb up the referee's ass. Buck and Eugene trade off wristlocks before Eugene tags in Idol. Idol drops the leg across Buck's chest and goes for the pin, but only gets two. Jawbreaker gives Buck a chance to tag in Bravado. Buck comes in behind the ref's back and kicks Idol in the back of the head. Buck tags in and goes to work on Idol. Quick tag by Buck. Bravado now in and hammers away on Idol. Pin by Bravado only gets two. Bravado works a bearhug while Bolin passes out at ringside. Idol breaks out and tags in Eugene. Eugene channels Hulk Hogan with a big boot. He drops the leg and Bravado rolls out. Buck sneaks back in and gets caught with a Rock Bottom and a People's Elbow. Eugene tries to pin the illegal man to no avail. Eugene and Idol try for a double battering ram, but the heels push off causing the faces to collide. Bravado sends Eugene over the top and the ref starts the count. Eugene tries to beat the count, but Buck grabs his foot to prevent him from getting back in the ring. Bravado and Buck win by countout. More inoffensive tag team wrestling. ** - Commercial break Third Round Match #1 - Totally Awesome vs. Buck and Bravado Apparently the Mobilehomers get a bye, which gives Revolver a chance to rest his knee. The bell rings and Buck and Bravado overpower Totally Awesome. Bravado tags in and press slams Sucio. Buck back in now and he hammers on Sucio. Sucio and TKK are obviously overmatched, which means they will probably win. Sucio makes the tag. TKK start out strnog, but Busk takes back control. Bravado tags back in and just destroys The Kamikaze Kid. Bravado tags in Buck. Bravado puts TKK in a full nelson which Buck measures Kid for a superkick. Buck goes into motion, but Kid moves and Bravado eats Buck's foot. TKK rolls up Pat Buck for the three count. Figures. Not much to rate, but it didn't totally suck. ** - Commercial break Thanksgiving Thunder Finals - Totally Awesome vs. The Mobilehomers in a Steel Cage I believe this is the third steel cage match in OVW history. The first was in 2006 at a Six Flags show with Al Snow beating Simon Dean and the second was earlier this year when Pat Buck turned on Rob Conway in a match with The Insurgency. This match is under WWE Cage Match rules where pin, submission and escape all count. Apparently we're also under tornado rules. Shake of hands to start off. McNaler is taking it to Sucio while Revolver takes contgrol of Kamikaze Kid. McNaler goes face first into the cage. Sucio tries to climb out, but gets caught by Revolver. Sucio hits Revolver with a flying leg lariat. Sucio tries to hit McNaler with a splash, but gets caught with a spear. McNaler goes for the pin, but only gets one. TKK tries to make the escape but McNaler is there to catch him. McNaler and Revolver send TKK to the mat with a double powerbomb. The go for the cover, but Sucio break up the pin. Sucio send Revolver into the cage. Big DDT by Sucio. Sucio tries to climb out, but McNaler climbs up with him. Sucio and McNaler trade punches with McNaler coming out on the short end. TKK locks in a figure four on Revolvers weakened knee. Revolver reverses the hold, but Sucio flies off the top of the cage and drops a leg to the back of Revolver's head. McNaler tries to escape, but gets caught by both Sucio and TKK. All three are on the top rope. It looks like the are going for a double suplex from the top. Here comes Revolver and sends all three crashing to the mat. Everyone is out. Revolver is first up and he tries to climb out. Sucio catches him. On the other side McNaler and TKK try to climbout. The OVW locker room has emptied and all the OVW Superstars want front row seats for this match. Sucio tries to exit through the door, but Revolver catches him and sligshots him into the cage. Revolver tries to get out the door, but Kamikaze catches him. McNaler is trying to climb out, but Sucio catches him. McNaler knocks Sucio off the top and he is going for the escape. Kamikaze is bale to catch him and throws him from the top of the cage. Revolver catches Kamikaze and sends him to the mat with an electric chair onto Sucio! Everyone is down! McNaler and Sucio are the first up. McNaler goes for the spear, but Sucio side steps him and sends McNaler head first into the cage. Sucio makes the climb, but Revolver is there. Top rope back drop takes out both Sucio and Revolver. Kamikaze Kid is almost out, but he's stopped by McNaler. Kamikaze kicks off McNaler and he's going over the top... NO! He stops and turns around! Off the top of the cage The Kamikaze Kid flies and lands on Revolver and McNaler. Kid goes for the pin on Revovler... 1-2-3! This is the best match I've seen out of the Mobilehomers and probably the best match of the year in OVW. Totally Awesome move on to face Dirty Money and Scott Cardinal for the OVW Southern Tag Team Titles. A total spotfest, but it was entertaining as hell. **** - Commercial break OVW Southern Tag Team Title Match - Dirty Money & Scott Cardinal © w/ Josie & Jamin Olivencia vs. Totally Awesome I don't know when this was taped, but needless to say it was after Thanksgiving Thunder. Referee Bill Clark holds up the titles to signify that they are on the line. Dirty Money and Sucio to start off. Money tries to stall, but Sucio has none of that. He tries to use his quickness, but Money takes him down with a shoulderblock. Flapjack attempt by Money fails and Sucio tags in The Kamikaze Kid. Kid comes in with a flying cross body. Some double teaming by Totally Awesome puts Dirty Money down. Clark tries to get Sucio out of the ring and Scott Cardinal comes in behind the ref's back to take control. Money tags back in and puts the boots to Kamikaze Kid. Cardinal back in and he slams Kamikaze face first into the mat. Money tags back in and headbutts Kamikaze in the solar plexus. Money puts Kamikaze in the corner and hammers away. Tag to Cardinal. Cardinal send Kamikaze into the corner and follows him in with a big splash. Cardinal goes for the cover, but Sucio comes in to break the pin. Money comes in behind the referee's back and kicks Kid in the ribs. Cardinal works a modified chinlock while driving his knees into Kid's back. Cardinal goes for the cover again, but Sucio is right there the break it up. Cardinal slams Kid and tags in Dirty Money. Money wastes time posing and Kid is able to dodge an elbow drop. Money tags in Cardinal who misses a splash and Sucio is tagged in. Sucio dropkicks anything that moves. Sucio then sets his sights on Jamin Olivencia outside and dives over the top onto Olivencia. Sucio climbs the top rope. He tries a flying cross body, but Cardinal catches him in mid-air. Spinning back cracker by Cardinal. The Kamikaze Kid sneaks in and tries to gain an advantage, but Dirty Money comes in a destroys Kid with a nasty spinebuster. Apoc and Vaughan Lilas come out to mess with Josie, who along with Jamin Olivencia, stabbed them in the back a few months ago. Lilas plants a big smooch on Josie which distracts the champs long enough for Totally Awesome to get a double roll-up for the pin! Winners and new Southern Tag Team Champions... Totally Awesome. Not a bad match, but I could have done without the fluke win. Could have been *** if the win was clean, especially since they spent the whole show build around how spectacular Totally Awesome are. ** 1/2 - Not a bad show. Much better than last week's opening round matches. I'll be glad when they go back to real shows next week, though.
  11. OVW TV Report for December 6, 2008 - Show open... - Dean Hill and Kenny Bolin are at the desk informing the viewers that over the next few weeks we will see the Thanksgiving Thunder tag team tournament to determine the number one contenders for the OVW Southern Tag Team Championship in it's entirety over the next few weeks. This week we will see the opening round. Opening Round Match #1 - Theta Lambda Psi (El Maestro & Moose w/Reggie) vs. Eugene & OVW Heavyweight Champion Aaron "The Idol" Stevens Hill and Bolin are joined by one-half of the Southern Tag Team Champions Dirty Money and his manager Josie. Theta Lambda Psi enters first. El Maestro is new FCW Developmental Talent Gavin Garrison under a mask. I have no idea why Idol and Dinsmore are teaming, particularly when Idol is the Heavyweight Champion, but whatever. Hill notes that both are former WWE Superstars. Bill Clark is the referee. Maestro and Idol start out. Idol takes control with some amateur wrestling moves. Idol goes for a quick pin that only gets a one count. Big shoulderblock by Idol sends Maestro to the mat and he makes a tag to Moose. Moose says he wants Eugene and Idol obliges. Moose works the headlock but Eugene whips Moose into the ropes. Eugene starts a criss-cross and dives out of the ring to chase after Reggie (who is looking pretty hot in her skirt, by the way). Moose attacks Eugene coming back into the ring. Tag brings Maestro back in. Maestro knocks Eugene down with a shoulderblock and goes for the pin, but only gets 2. Tag brings in Moose, who goes to work on Eugene's arm. Moose goes for a big elbow drop, but Eugene rolls out of the way. Eugene and Moose both make tags and Idol comes in on fire. He unloads on Maestro and Moose. Maestro takes a double stomp to the gut by Idol. Idol hits the ropes and drills him with a sweet sliding clothesline on the seated Maestro. Idol only gets 2, as moose breaks the pin. Moose tries to send Idol into the ropes, but Eugene catches him and bites his ass. Brilliant scientific wrestling there by Nick Dinsmore. Idol Stevens hits the Idolizer on Maestro and that's all she wrote. * Match went nowhere and resulted in a patched together team of singles wrestlers beating an established team. - Interview with Totally Awesome (The Kamikaze Kid & Sucio). They say that Thanksgiving Thunder will be the night of the underdogs. - Commercial break Opening Round Match #2 - Totally Awesome vs. Los Rojos Uno & Shiloh I don't know why Los Rojos Uno isn't teaming with Los Rojos Dos. Uno decides to take his chances in the tournament with a brand new partner, which seems to go against conventional wisdom. Apparently Sucio has gone from being an ambiguously gay wrestler to being a young high flyer. I guess he gets to switch between his DCW persona and his OVW persona as he pleases. Joe Wheeler is your referee. Shiloh and Kamikaze Kid will start. After lots of stalling by TKK, he tags in Sucio without ever locking up with Shiloh. Finally a lock up which is won by Shiloh. He doesn't take control long, as they trade hammerlocks. Pin attempt by Sucio gets 2. Rojos tags in and snapmares Sucio to the mat. He does the Macrena before dropping an elbow, but he danced too long and Sucio moved. TKK tags in and hits Rojos with a leg lariat. TKK slams Rojos down and tags in Sucio. Sucio slingshots himself in, dropping an elbow on Rojos. Rojos reverses an Irish whip and Shiloh nails Sucio with a knee in the back. Rojos makes the tag and Shiloh chops away at Sucio. Shiloh slams Sucio to the mat and works the chinlock. Sucio fails at his first attempt to fight out and almost gets out on a second attempt, but Shiloh hammers him back down and tags in Rojos. Rojos tries a splash from the second turnbuckle, but Sucio is able to roll out of the way. Shiloh tries coming into the ring, but Sucio pushes Rojos into his own partner. Here comes TKK in the ring. He sets up Rojos in a backbreaker position. Sucio into the ropes... nice double stomp! That will get the 3 count. * 1/2. Not much better than the opening match, but there were some decent offensive maneuvers. -Commercial Break Opening Round Match #3 - Rudy Switchblade & Johnny Punch vs. Sergio & Supergloves Dos I've never seen Supergloves Uno, so don't even ask me to explain. Apparently Sergio needed someone to replace Chris Cage. Switchblade and Punch are pretty popular with the OVW crowd. Ruben Ramos is your referee. Supergloves and Rudy will start. Rudy pushes Supergolves into the ropes, but we get a clean break. Rudy and Supergloves trade hammerlocks and waistlocks. Supergloves gets a quick takedown, but Rudy was ready. Switchblade goes for the pin, but Supergloves is quick to kick out at one. Punch tags in and goes to work on the arm. Punch goes for the pin, but only gets 2. Supergloves makes a blind tag and Sergio goes to work, hammering away on Punch. Sergio locks in an abdominal stretch. Sergio wants Supergloves to help him get some additional leverage, but Supergloves refuses. Why did they patch together a heel and a face? Sergio didn't have the stretch lock in strong enough and Punch flips him over. Rudy tags in and hiptosses Sergio. Rudy takes down Sergio with a leg sweep and follows that up with a senton. Pin attempt only gets 2. Sergio gets the advantage and slams Rudy off the top rope. Sergio nails Johnny Punch to draw him into the ring. Sergio tries to convince Supergloves to illegally double team Rudy Switchblade while Ramos is distracted, but Supergloves will have no part of it. Punch tags in and whips Sergio from one corner to the other. Punch sets Sergio up for a reverse powerbomb and Rudy comes off the top rope with a splash. Beautiful double team maneuver. That's good enough for 3. ** It made no sense for Sergio to team up with Supergloves, but Switchblade and Punch made it watchable. - Commercial Break Opening Round Match #4 - Anthony Bravado & Pat "The" Buck vs. Apoc & Raul Locos Buck is no longer part of The Insurgency. Bravado is no longer OVW Champion. No word on where Ramon Locos (Raul's usual partner) or Vaughan Lilas (Apoc's usual partner) are. Bill Clark is the referee and Raul and The Buck will start. Raul takes control with a wristlock, but Buck gets to the ropes to break the hold. Raul and Buck trade wristlocks. Apoc and Bravado tag in. Bravado tries to take control with his power, but Apoc is too quick. He send Bravado into the corner and follows in with a big elbow. Raul tags back in and drops a double ax handle on Bravado. Bravado is able to use his power against Raul and drop him with a shoulder block. The Buck tags in and hits Raul with some quick, stiff kicks. Bravado tags back in and headbutts Raul in the ribs. Big vertical suplex by Bravado. Arrogant pin only gets one. Bravado locks in a bearhug on Raul. Kenny Bolin is going to town with Mexican jokes on commentary. Big clap breaks the breahug and Raul is able to tag in Apoc. Apoc pushes away on Bravado. He sends him into the ropes and catches Bravado with a huge spinebuster. Raul tags back in. Irish whip and Bravado runs into a double flapjack. Buck comes in to even the odds. Apoc runs at Buck in the corner, but misses a flying knee and sails to the floor of the Davis Arena. Clark goes outside to check on Apoc. Raul hits Bravado with a flying forearm and goes for the pin, but Buck breaks it up before Clark can even get in position to count. Bravado rolls over and a nasty kick to Raul's head and gets the three count. *** Acceptable tag team wrestling. The matches are at least improving, though I don't get these makeshift teams. - Commercial break Opening Round Match #5 - Outlaw & Hog Wild vs. Al Barone & Los Rojos Dos Again, more makeshift teams. Outlaw (OVW TV Champion) typically teams with Lightfoot as The War Party. We saw Los Rojos Uno earlier teaming with Shiloh. Hog Wild is a douche stuck in the 70's. Barone has been working with JD Michaels, so you would think they would team together. Rojos and Hog Wild will start out. Wild tries to get the crowd to do the "Hangin' Tough" (yes, THAT Hangin' Tough) chant to no avail. Rojos is able to get the crows on his side, but Wild attacks and pounds away on Rojos. Outlaw tags in. Outlaw tries an atomic drop, but Rojos quickly turns that into a cross body. Barone tags in and goes to work on Outlaw's arm. Outlaw tries a sunset flip, but can't get Barone over. Barone drags Outlaw, still fighting for the flip, and tags in Rojos. Outlaw doesn't see the tag and Rojos tries to pin the distracted Outlaw, but only gets 2. Hog Wild tags back in to work an armbar. Wild tries a pin, but only gets 2. Rojos is basically getting thrown around the ring by Hog Wild. Outlaw back in. Outlaw draws Barone in to distract referee Joe Wheeler so they can do some dastardly, illegal double team moves. Outlaw covers Rojos, but only gets 2. Hog Wild back in and he's doing the cabbage patch. Hog Wild proves that he is the dumbest wrestler ever by trying a splash after Rojos rolled out of the way before he even jumped. Rojos makes the tag to Barone and he decks Hog Wild. Outlaw isn't paying attention, so Barone walks over and decks him for good measure. Barone tags in Rojos, just so he can make the pin. DUD. Awful match. -Interview with The Mobilehomers (Adam Revolver & Ted McNaler). Whoopee. - Commercial Break Opening Round Match #6 - The Mobilehomers w/ OVW Femme Fatale Champion Melody vs. "The Welsh Warrior" Matt Bond & Turcan Celik At least one of these teams are a real team. Who knows where Ali Akbar and Bin Hamin are. Ray Ramsey is on referee duty. Turcan and Adam Revolver to start. Turcan celebrates winning a tie up by praising Allah. Turcan wins another tie up, but gets caught with a dropkick while praising Allah. McNaler tags in and doesn't keep the advantage for long. Bond tags in and works a headlock. McNaler quickly reverses and put on his own headlock. For some reason (not that anything tonight has made sense) Matt Bond has Vaughn on his tights. Knowing OVW production values, it could be a real possibility that the graphics people heard Bond out of Vaughn. Revolver tags in and takes Bond down with a bulldog. Turcan sneaks in a clips Revolver's knee while Ramsey escorts McNaler out of the ring. Turcan tags in and goes to work on Revolver's knee. Bond tags back in and works over the knee. Turcan is quickly back in and drops a leg across Revolver's knee. Bond back in and kicks away at the knee of Revolver. Revolver tries to fight back, but to no avail. Turcan tags in. Turcan tags in and tries to Irish whip Revolver across the ring, but his knee gives out. Turcan wastes a lot of time praising Allah and gets caught in a small package.... 1-2-3. The Mobilehomers move on. ** Nothing offensive, but Turcan not having his regular tag team partner hurt the match. There is plenty of back story between The Mobilehomers and The Insurgency. I don't know why they just couldn't have done that match. Turcan gets in an extra shot at Revolver's knee after the bell. - Dean Hill and Kenny Bolin recap the first round for us. No explanation on how the tournament will fill out with just 6 teams. Again, no surprise since nothing has made sense tonight. I don't know what is going on with airing the tournament over 2 weeks instead of giving us new wrestling, but whatever. Next week we get the quarters, the semis and the finals which was held in a steel cage.
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    2008 Summer Olympics

    So much for Federer-Nadal XXVIII. James Blake beat Federer for the first time ever in straight sets. Federer looks more and more human while Blake plays the match of his life and keeps his emotions in check.
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    Just refusing to job

    Vader getting the belt at Survivor Series is probably true, as the next month's IYH was subtitled It's Time.
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    Random Thoughts

    Punk did a 3-Way Dance with Brent Albright & Ken Doane that was outstanding. That whole feud was done really well and if I'm not mistaken, Paul Heyman was booking OVW then. They did another 3-way a few months later with Albright and Aaron Stevens that was pretty good, too. I can upload those (heads up - they are huge files) if anybody wants to see them.
  15. Alro

    OVW TV Report for June 14, 2008

    OVW TV Report for June 14, 2008 -CM Punk promo for Six Flags -The Mobilehomers are backstage comforting “Tubby” Tommy McNaler about losing his TV Title. Twinkletoes comes in to gloat, but Tommy bites Twink’s finger. -Show Open -Dean Hill and Kenny Bolin are the hosts -Tonight… Southern Tag Team Champions will be in action… Scott Cardinal vs. Darryl Kelly… The Insurgency in action… Chris Cage vs. Raul Locos… Nick Dinsmore defends the OVW Title against Dirty Money… Rudy Switchblade vs. Anthony Bravado… Joey Matthews vs. Jamin Olivencia -Joey has APOC and Vaughn Lilas in his corner. Jamin backs away from the face off in the ring. He reaches into his tights and pulls out a glove. It is the golven that we’ve seen handing APOC and Lilas envelopes for the past few weeks. APOC and Lilas destroy Joey Matthews while Olivencia stands back and watches. Olivencia calls them off so he can wail on Matthews. He picks Matthews up and drops Joey Matthew’s with his own Double-Arm DDT. APOC counts the pin, but I don’t think that will count as a victory. Olivencia makes another payment to APOC and Lilas. The crowd is pretty quiet here, as Jamin Olivencia has been built up as the classic babyface and Joey Matthews is a total dick heel. I’m going to have a hard time seeing Matthews as a good guy. -Six Flags promo… Not 15 seconds after the turn and beatdown, Matthews has signed for a match against Olivencia at Six Flags. Me thinks the graphics guys may be in on the double cross. -Bravado is backstage with Twink, bitching about how his weight gets announced. Here comes Igotta Brewski. Bravado says he can’t compete with him in the ladies department. Brewski tries to bring up how he hangs out with biker chicks, but Bravado isn’t impressed. To compensate for his lack of success with the ladies, Brewski smashes a chair over his own head to show how tough he is. You can re-read that last sentence all you want, but it won’t make any sense. Rudy Switchblade vs. Anthony Bravado -Switchblade is the OVW Newcomer of the Year, of course. Rudy tries to run at Bravado, but Bravado catches him and throws him across the ring. Rudy uses his speed to catch Bravado in a sunset flip, but only gets 2. Rudy ducks a clothesline and drops an elbow after taking Bravado down. Rudy tries a victory roll, but couldn’t get him over. Dropkick to the face has Rudy going for the pin, but he only gets 2. Rudy takes to the skies, but gets caught with a belly-to-belly suplex. Bravado starts putting be boots to Rudy Switchblade. Big shoulderblock in the corner by Bravado. Anthony Bravado works on Rudy’s back with a back breaker stretch. Rudy is able to fight out with knees to Bravado’s head. Rudy takes control with his speed and takes control with a bulldog headlock. Rudy goes to the apron to go for an Outisde-In Senton Splash, but Bravado gets the knees up. Bravado gets him up with the Jackhammer and that’s all she wrote. ** Not a bad power vs. speed match. -Stephanie is backstage with JD Michaels. He’s number 1, you know. -Six Flags promo… OVW Live Events calendar Non-Title Match Nick Dinsmore © vs. Dirty Money - Dean Hill says this is a non-title match, so while we get the champ on TV, he’s not defending the belt. Kenny Bolin gives Dinsmore shit about never being on TV or defending the belt. Dinsmore and Money trade wristlocks. Money gets a snapmare and showboats. Probably not a smart move. Dinsmore takes Money down with a double leg takedown and he’s already locking in the Texas Cloverleaf. Quick tap out by Dirty Money. Total DUD. Nothing but a squash for the frequently MIA champion. Can we not find a credible contender and title holder so Dinsmore can do whatever the fuck he does between appearances with affecting the company’s image? Hulk Hogan would at least do an interview on SuperStars. We go weeks without hearing shit about Dinsmore. -Promo for Al Barone… he’s a big guy that has been down in DCW for a while. He’s going to be a stereotypical Italian mob guy. Chris Cage vs. Raul Locos -Cage is still awesome. Ray Ramsey is your referee. The bell hasn’t even rung yet and the crowd already has a “Chris Cage sucks” chant going. Cage starts working on Raul’s arm. Raul flips out and takes Cage down with a sweep to go for the pin. Cage kicks out at 1. Now Raul goes to work on the arm. Cage tries to flip out, but Raul hangs on. Clothesline takes Cage to the mat and Raul is going for the pin…Cage kicks out at 1 again. Raul snaps Cage down with a headlock. Cage pushes Paul into the corner and of course we do not get a clean break. The two start trading blocks and Cage takes the advantage. Snapmare by Cage followed up with a knee drop to the head only gets 2. Cage follows Raul into the corner with a clothesline. Cage want to send him the other way, but Raul reverses the Irish Whip. Raul comes into the corner, but Cage flips him onto the apron. Raul with the shoulder to the gut/sunset flip combo… but Cage hangs on to the ropes. He drops down on Raul and holds onto the top rope for leverage to get the 3 count. ** Good back and forth between the two. -Cage jumps back in the ring and starts beating on Raul. Tank Toland runs out for the save! Dean Hill brings up the history between those two, citing that the first time they teamed up as Adrenaline, they won the OVW Southern Tag Team Titles. Could this mean a match at Six Flags? Or maybe a long term feud with some backstory and interest from me. OVW Television Title Match JD Michaels © vs. “Tubby” Tommy McNaler -This is a return match from last week. McNaler jumps Michaels before the bell and starts punching Michaels in the back of the head. Michaels tries to push him off, but McNaler won’t be denied. McNaler goes back to the attack and tries for a pin, but only gets 1. “Tubby” Tommy tries to keep on the offensive, but Michaels sidesteps a running attack and McNaler goes flying to the outside. Michaels drops McNaler across the railing on the outside. Big elbows across the head of McNaler. McNaler tries to kick Michaels, but Michaels catches the foot and delivers a short clothesline. Michaels goes up top, but McNaler is on his feet. He goes to the corner and bites the fingers of JD Michaels. He then hits the ropes, causing Michaels to crotch himself on the turnbuckle. Now McNaler bits Michaels on the head. Roll up by McNaler gets 2. Big splash from McNaler only gets 2. McNaler up to the top… blown spot! I guess Michaels was supposed to catch him, but McNaler connected with the cross body. He then stayed on the ground while Michaels got up and shook it off. Dean Hill tried to play it off like McNaler landed awkwardly, but it was about as clean of a cross body as you could ask for. Michaels tries for the Ratings Spike, but McNaler starts biting him. McNaler goes for the Trailer Jack (or Hitch; they change their minds week-to-week), but JD Michaels blocks it and drops McNaler with the Ratings Spike. That good for the 3 count. * ½ . I hate The Mobilehomers. Michaels needs a credible challenger. Or maybe he could challenge for the OVW Heavyweight Title, but then Dinsmore would have to show up at Davis Arena more often. -Six Flags promo… OVW Live Events Calendar… The Insurgency vs. Los Rojos -Los Rojos is some jobber team in masks with no distinguishing characteristics, so recapping this match should be fun. Ali and #1 start off. Ali works the headlock. Ali tags in Turcan Celik. He starts hammering away on #1. Another tag by the Insurgency. Ali comes in and rakes the face of #1. Quick tags by the Insurgency. Turcan levels #1 and goes for the pin, but #2 comes in to break it up. Turcan drags #1 over to his corner and makes him tag in #2. #2 gets a punch that knocks him off the apron from Turcan. Ali comes over and rolls #2 in the ring. Turcan powerslams #2 down and gets the 3 count. DUD. Terrible squash. -We go back to the frat house with Theta Lambda Psi. They tell us how awesome they are and he we aren’t good enough to be in their fraternity. -Six Flags promo… -Scott Cardinal rips Dirty Money for losing to Dinsmore. Scott Cardinal vs. Darryl Kelly Should be another jobber-riffic match. Kelly’s mustache makes him look like somebody you wouldn’t want around children. Cardinal is pretty over. Cardinal and Kelly trade offensive maneuvers to start the match. Cardinal gets caught with a dropkick and a quick cover by Kelly only gets 1. Back up and Cardinal hammers Kelly with a forearm. Cardinal makes liberal use of the 5 count by gouging Kelly’s face. Cardinal gets caught off guard with a small package, but Kelly is only able to get 2. Cardinal gets back ot his feed and gets back in the driver’s seat. Big headbutt by Cardinal send Kelly to the mat. Cardinal mounts Kelly and wails on Kelly’s head with right hands. Kelly gets whipped hard into the corner. Cardinal picks up Kelly… Death Valley Driver. That’s enough for the 3 count. * While it was a squash, it is moderately competitive. -Six Flags Promo… OVW Live Events Calendar. Non-Title Match The Men of Iron vs. The War Party -This is the main event? The Southern Tag Team Titles getting defended against The War Party? How fucking sad is this organization? When I first saw Lightfoot a few years ago at a live event, I thought he could have been Native American. I’m pretty sure he’s black. And the other half of the War Party is obviously white. And he painted over his chest tattoo with a bear paw. Awful, awful, awful. Conway has started wearing an arm band on his left bicep for some reason. -The War Party jumps the Men of Iron before the bell hoping to gain an advantage. Buck gets tossed and the War Party double teams Rob Conway. Outlaw holds up Conway and Lightfoot comes in with a big clothesline. And the bell finally rings. Double falling headbutts by the War Party. Conway gets tossed and the War Party focuses their attention on Pat Buck. Buck gets slingshotted in off the apron. More double teaming by the War Party and Buck gets taken down with chops. Conway is back on the apron. The War party looks to slingshot him in, but Conway blocks the attempt and he sligshots the War Party to the outside. Back inside, the Men of Iron do a do-si-do and hammer the War Party. Out come Scott Cardinal and Dirty Money to attack the Men of Iron. And here comes The Insurgency to join the fray. All 3 heel tag teams beat down the Men of Iron. No decision given. * ½ -To end the show, we go over the Six Flags card one more time. In the background, you can hear the beatdown continue. This may have been the worst show of the summer. Cage-Toland may be an interesting feud, but everything else is either pointless or complete garbage. So here is the announced card for the Six Flags show on June 20th: Joey Matthews vs. Jamin Olivencia The Mobilehomers vs. Theta Lambda Psi Serena © vs. Melody for the OVW Women’s Title The Men of Iron © vs. Scott Cardinal & Dirty Money for the Southern Tag Team Titles CM Punk will be in action Punk may be a draw, but this looks to be the worst Six Flags show yet. No announced opponent for Punk and once again, no OVW Title defense.