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OVW TV Report for January 24, 2009

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OVW TV Report for January 24, 2009


- Show open...


- Recap of Vaughan Lilas's OVW Title win over Aaron "The Idol" Stevens last week.


- Dean Hill, Kenny Bolin and Timmy Baltimore are your hosts.


- Tonight... a bunch of tag team matches... the TV Title is on the line, of course...


- Aaron "The Idol" Stevens & Eugene vs. Theta Lambda Psi (w/Ashley Stefan Streetman)

The faces enter through the crowd, showing us how the OVW fanbase has shrunk since the WWE Split. There may be 35% of the seats filled. Wellington and Idol start the match. Idol goes for a quick cover for 1. Big shoulderblock takes down Wellington. Eugene tags in and does his old school nonsense. Wellington reverses an armbar and makes the tag to Moose. Moose is quickly outsmarted by Eugene's antics. Idol tags back in and works over Moose's arm. Idol nails Moose with a big clothesline. Streetman distracts referee Bill Clark and Theta Lambda Psi double team Idol Stevens. Cover made by Wellington only gets 2. Moose tags back in and hits Idol with a few punches before tagging Wellington back in. Wellington drops an elbow and goes for the pin, but only gets 1. Moose tags in and hammers on Idol. Irish whip sends Idol into the corner and Moose follows in with a splash. Moose goes for the win, but Idol kicks out at 2. Idol breaks a chinlock with a jaw breaker. He tries to make the tag, but Wellington tags in cuts him off. Idol fights off Wellington and makes the tag to Eugene. Eugene catches Wellington with the Big Boot. Moose comes in and gets nailed with a Rock Bottom. He tries to pin Moose, but Bill Clark tells him he isn't the legal man. Wellington takes advantage of Eugene's mistake. Moose grabs Idol Stevens and Theta Lambda Psi ram the face's heads together. Streetman comes up on the apron with the frat paddle. Wellington is about to ram Eugene into the paddle when the Mobile Homers come out. They run off Streetman and distract Moose and Wellington long enough for Eugene and Idol to recover. Double roll-up wins it for the faces. Your Winner: Aaron "The Idol" Stevens & Eugene. Not a bad tag match, but I don't know why makeshift teams keep going over established teams. ***


- Post match Streetman gets on the mic and calls out the Mobile Homers. He says he'll get in the ring to rid OVW of the Mobile Homers. The Homers take them up on the challenge, but add the stipulation that if they win, Theta Lambda Psi has to disband. Theta Lambda Psi accepts if the Mobile Homers will agree to the same stipulation. The match is made for January 27th.


- Interview with OVW Champion Vaughan Lilas. He's out to promote his match with JBL on January 27th. Out comes Lilas's former tag team partner APOC. He wonders why he has to come back to find Lilas as the new champ. Lilas says APOC left the country for a month. He says he got an opportunity and he took it. They have some more words before APOC congratulates Lilas on his recent success. He wishes him luck against JBL. Looks like the seeds are planted for the feud between the former partners.


- Commercial break


- Fang & Dre Blitz vs. Scott Cardinal & Dirty Money (w/ Jamin Olivencia)

Cardinal has the mic and they call out Totally Awesome. He invites Totally Awesome to sit at ringside to watch what will happen to them on the 27th. Cardinal and Money attack Fang and Dre Blitz before the bell. Fang gets tossed out of the ring and Money works over Blitz. Money tags in Cardinal and they hits a double flying neck breaker on Blitz. Cardinal goes out of the ring and tosses Fang back in. Money picks him up and levels him with a nasty spinebuster. Cardinal locks in a Crossface and Blitz taps out. Your Winners: Scott Cardinal & Dirty Money. Total squash. *


- Post match Cardinal says they have the opportunity to give the Southern Tag Titles over, but Totally Awesome say they'll just have to wait until the cage match on January 27th.


OVW Television Title Match

- Sergio vs. Johnny Punch ©

They trade off on some amateur moves before Punch goes for a pin attempt, only getting 1. Punch with a Japanese arm drag. Punch tries for a springboard elbow, but Sergio dropkicks him in the back. Sergio goes for the pin, but is only able to get 2. Punch dodges a corner splash and goes to the top rope. He takes tot he air, but misses a flying leg drop. Sergio goes for the pin, but only gets 2. Neckbreaker by Sergio only gets 2. Sergio tries a back body drop, but it gets totally botched and Punch lands awkwardly on his face. Sergio tries again for the win, but can only get 2. Sergio locks in a sleeper, but Punch is able to break out. Punch hits some weak looking kicks before hitting a weak seated dropkick. Punch hits a modified backstabber and gets the 3 count. Punch is apparently the TV Champion that gets his ass kicked the whole match and still manages to win. How exciting. Lousy match with a lot of botches there at the end. *


- Promo for Top Shelf Talent. This is the exact same promo they aired last week. Evidently they are so top shelf that they can't afford more than one promo.


- Commercial break


- Debo & Ruff Ryder Rashaad vs. "The Outlaw" Ben Woods & Raul Locos

Woods and Raul attack the faces before the bell, but their advantage doesn't last long. 3R and Debo toss the heels and we're finally ready to get going. Rashaad and Woods start off. They trade punches in the corner before Rashaad tosses Woods over the ropes. Kenny Bolin asks why Rashaad wasn't DQed for throwing Woods over the top. That's a good question. Debo and Raul both tag in. Debo fights his way out of a headlock and tags in 3R. Double shoulderblock takes down Raul. Rashaad tries for a corner splash, but Raul moves out of the way. Ben Woods tags in hammers on Rashaad. Woods misses a shot and tags in Raul while Rashaad tags in Debo. Debo hits Raul with some big left hands. Woods comes in and gets flying shoulder tackled out of the ring. Raul misses a flying forearm and Debo decks him with the Right Cross. That's good enough for the 3 count. Your Winners: Ruff Ryder Rashaad & Debo. Decent enough tag team match. Nothing offensive, like most OVW fare lately. Of course it isn't anything spectacular, either. **


- Commercial break


- The Insurgency (w/ Bin Hamin) vs. The Mobile Homers (w/ Melody & Nine Fingers Dewey)

The Insurgency has new music that isn't the call to prayer. Serena is still being held captive by Bin Hamin. Melody tries to talk to Serena, but The Insurgency punts a quick end to that. Ali and Adam Revolver start off. Ali really needs to go back to the camo pants because he has chicken legs. Revolver arm drags Ali down and Ali is quick to tag in Turcan Celik. Turcan asks for a test of strength with Revolver. Revolver goes in for it, but instead he locks Turcan in a headlock. Revolver punches Turcan down. In comes Ali and Revolver suplexes him over. In comes Ted McNaler and the Homers double back drop Turcan. The Homers then clothesline both members of The Insurgency over the top rope.


- Commercial break


- Back to the action and Turcan is getting chopped by both Mobile Homers. Bin Hamin causes a distraction and Turcan tosses Revolver into the steel post. Turcan hammers on Revolver. Ali tags in and puts the boots to Revolver. Revolver typically is the redneck-in-peril for the Homers. Turcan tags back in and kicks Revolver in the chest. Ali tags in and The Insurgency double teams Revolver. Ali goes for the pin, but only gets 2. Turcan tags back in nails Revolver with a diving shoulder block into the gut. Turcan makes the cover, but gets only 2. Turcan puts Revolver in a front facelock. Ali tags in to continue the punishment. Ali only gets 2 with the pin. Turcan tags in and Revolver tries to fight out of the corner. Rovolver tries to jump at his corner, but gets caught with a spinebuster by Turcan. Ali comes in and drops a knee across Revolver's face for good measure. Chinlock by Turcan. Revolver fights out and kicks Turcan in the face. Revolver makes the tag, as does Turcan. McNaler comes in takes out both members of The Insurgency. Spear by McNaler! he goes for the cover, but Turcan breaks it up at 2. Turcan tries to powerbomb McNaler, but he slides out. Over comes Revolver and The Mobile Homers take out Turcan with the Double Wide! They set up Ali for the Double Wide, but Bin Hamin jumps up on the apron. Dewey comes over to take out Hamin and here comes Theta Lambda Psi. On the other side of the ring, Melody is talking to Serena. The Homers save Dewey, but Bin Hamin decks McNaler with his flag pole. Ali makes the pin and gets the 3 count. Totally overbooked finish, but it was at least entertaining. Solid tag match. ***



** Card for the House Show at the Davis Arena for January 27th **


Vaughan Lilas vs. John "Bradshaw" Layfield


Steel Cage Match for the OVW Southern Tag Team Titles

Totally Awesome © vs. Scott Cardinal & Dirty Money


Losers Must Disband

The Mobile Homers vs. Theta Lambda Psi


Eugene & Aaron "The Idol" Stevens vs. The Insurgency


Mike Mondo will be in action


Battle Royal where the last 2 men in the ring will team up for an OVW Tag Team Title shot the next night

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