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OVW TV Report for January 17, 2009

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OVW TV Report for January 17, 2009


- Show open...


- Dean Hill, Kenny Bolin and Timmy Baltimore are your hosts.


- Tonight... Switchblade & Brewski team up... a six man tag match with Eugene, Debo and Ruff Ryder Rashaad taking on Cardinal, Money and Olivencia... the TV Title will be defended... Totally Awesome vs. The Insurgency...


- Video package of last week's battle royal. Vaughan Lilas won to get a shot at JBL on January 27th.


- Timmy Baltimore is in the ring to interview Vaughan Lilas. Lilas has words for JBL. OVW Champion Aaron "The Idol" Stevens comes out to interrupt. Idol says he was never eliminated last week, so Lilas only went though 28 guys, not 29. Senior Official Ray Ramsey says Idol is correct. Idol says they need to face off to determine who will face JBL. Lilas says he has nothing to gain and everything to lose. Idol says he'll put the OVW Title up against Lilas's match with JBL. The match is on!


- Commercial break


- Promo for TST, which is apparently a new team. TST stands for Top Shelf Talent. JD Michaels is now JD Maverick. Pat Buck is his partner. This promo was shot near Longhorn Steakhouse and they are trying to pass it off as a high end club. Too bad this reviewer knows Louisville well enough to mock them. There is nothing top shelf about Longhorn Steakhouse.


- The Insurgency (w/Bin Hamin) vs. Totally Awesome

Serena, who was abducted by The Insurgency last year, is brought to ringside by Bin Hamin. This is a non-title match. Ali and Sucio start off.Sucio usees his quickness to take Ali off his feet. Tag by Sucio brings in Kamikaze Kid. Kid goes for a pin, but Ali kicks out at 1. Turcan Celik tags in and hammers on TKK. TKK takes back control with a headscissors and tags in Sucio. Flying cross body by Sucio gets 1. Turcan catches Sucio with a knee lift and tags in Ali Akbar. Ali telegraphs a back drop and Sucio flips over him. Turcan comes in and clotheslines Sucio inside-out. Ali gets 2 after a snapmare. Ali misses an elbow drop, but is able to tag in Turcan. Turcan misses a shoulderblock in the corner and tags back in Ali. TKK tags in and he flys around the ring, hitting everything that moves. Sucio vaults over the top rope onto Turcan. TKK takes down Ali and climbs to the top rope. Here comes Serena to distract the referee and Bin Hamin nails TKK with the Iraqi flag pole. Ali rolls over and the pin is academic here. Your Winners: The Insurgency. Decent enough tag match, but the Southern Tag Champs look pretty weak losing to a team that did nothing for the second half of last year. **


- Commercial break


OVW Television Title Match

- Johnny Punch vs. "The Outlaw" Ben Woods ©

This is a rematch from December 27th. Punch lost that match after interference by Raul Loco. Woods is apparently no longer part of the War Party. Punch lands a big handspring elbow, but Woods starts chopping away at Punch's chest. The two start trading punches, but Punch takes advantage with a clothesline. Punch misses a splash in the corner, getting himself tied up in the process. Woods comes over and headbutts Punch's knee. Punch's left leg has been injured. Woods wraps Punch's knee around the ring post. Big elbow drop by the champ across Punch's knee. Woods locks in a figure-four in the middle of the ring. Punch is able to drag Woods and gets into the ropes. Woods drags him back to the middle of the ring. He goes for the figure-four again, but Punch catches him with a small package! 1-2-3! Your Winner and NEW TV Champion: Johnny Punch. Punch is a decent worker, but Outlaw is atrocious and I'm glad the title is off him. Nothing offensive here. **


- Commercial break


Theta Lambda Psi (Brent Wellington & Moose) vs. The Mobile Homers (w/Melody & Nine Fingers Dewey)

The Homers have gone back to Bar-Be-Que for the entrance theme. This is match 1,264,967,353 in this series. Wellington and Revolver start off. Wellington takes an early advantage with a headlock, but Revolver throws him into the ropes and nails Wellington with a dropkick. Wellington quickly tags out to Moose. Moose tries to outsmart Revolver, but fails. Ted McNaler tags in and goes to work on Moose. Moose is able to overpower McNaler and tag in Wellington. Cover by Wellington only gets 2. Wellington locks in an abdominal stretch and gets classic heel heat by getting leverage from Moose. Ashley Stefan Streetman tries to get in on the action, but Nine Fingers Dewey breaks it up. McNaler gets the tag and Revolver comes in with fists flying. Dewey and Moose are fighting on the outside over Streetman's paddle and McNaler flies over the top rope onto both of them. Back in the ring, Revolver rolls up Wellington, but Streetman comes in and rolls Wellington on top. Referee Ray Ramsey turns around and counts the three. Your Winners: Theta Lambda Psi. Usual fare from these two teams. **


- Commercial break


Six Man Tag Team Match

- Eugene, Debo and Ruff Ryder Rashaad vs. Scott Cardinal, Dirty Money and Jamin Olivencia.

With a make-shift team like the faces have, this match can only be a vehicle for progressing the break-up of Cardinal, Money and Olivencia. 3R and Money start. Money uses his power to take advantage on Rashaad. Rashaad reverses an armbar and tags in Debo. Debo takes some quick shots and tags in Eugene. Eugene does his usual antics and tags back in 3R. Thumb to 3R's eye gives Money a chance to tag in Jamin Olivencia. Olivencia can't compete with Rashaad's power and he gets tossed around the ring. Pin attempt by Rashaad is broken up by Dirty Money. Cardinal tags in and drops a big fist across 3R's face. Pin attempt only gets 2. Double team by Olivencia and Cardinal. Cardinal goes for the pin, but Eugene breaks it up. Money tags back in and hammers on 3R in the corner. Money with a take down on Rashaad. Money's arrogant cover only gets 2. Cardinal blind tags in. Cardinal misses an elbow drop, but is able to recover quick enough to tag in Olivencia. Olivencia goes for the pin, but just gets 2. Cardinal tags in, as does Eugene and they trade punches. Eugene's Irish whip is reversed and Cardinal sends him into the rafters with a back body drop. Debo tags in and takes out all the heels. Cardinal ducks Debo's right hook, but Debo quickly catches him with the second attempt. That's good enough for 3. Your Winners: Eugene, Debo and Ruff Ryder Rashaad. Match did what it was suppose to do and the wrestling wasn't terrible. ** 1/2


- Commercial break


- Igotta Brewski & Rudy Switchblade vs. Sergio and Los Rojos

I'm expecting a squash. Switchblade and Sergio start. They trade mat wrestling sequences. Rojos tags in, as does Brewski. Brewsk walks up to Rojos and headbutts him across the ring. Brewski hits two more and tags in Switchblade. Trickery by the heels let them get in some offense. Sergio tags in and wrenches on Switchblade's neck. He breaks out and Rojos makes a blind tag. Brewski tags in and hammers everyone. Brewski hits the Last Call on Rojos and that's it. Your Winners: Rudy Switchblade & Igotta Brewski. Total squash. *


- Commercial break


Match with JBL vs. OVW Heavyweight Title

- Vaughan Lilas vs. Aaron "The Idol" Stevens ©

Idol takes control with a side headlock. Shoulderblock takes down Lilas for a two count. Lilas with a hiptoss for two. They each go fir their finishers, but each move is well scouted by the opponent. Lilas breaks out of a waistlock and lights up Idol's chest with a chop. Lilas hits another chop. He goes for the pin, but only gets 1. Idol takes control with a knee lift. He goes for the pin, but gets 1. Lilas fights out of a butterfly lock, but Idol retains control with a vertical suplex. He goes for the cover 3 times, but can only get s two count. Lilas catches Idol with a chop. Idol charges the corner, but Lilas moves and Idol hits the steel post. Lilas with a roll up for two. Idol blocks the English Cravat with a backslide, but Lilas blocks that. He sets up for the Cravat again and nails it! Ray Ramsey makes the count... 1-2-3! Your Winner and NEW OVW Heavyweight Champion: Vaughan Lilas. Post match, Idol hands Lilas the title belt. Good match. OVW has really built up Vaughan Lilas. ***


Nothing terrible about this week's show. Two title changes, one of which I was really waiting for (the TV Title). They have put all their eggs in Lilas's basket. Hopefully it will pay off for OVW.

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