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OVW TV Report for January 10, 2009

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OVW TV Report for January 10, 2009


- Show open...


- Dean Hill, Kenny Bolin and the recently released from WWE Developmental Timmy Baltimore are your hosts.


- Tonight... A battle royal to determine who faces JBL on January 27th.


- Battle Royal

This is under Royal Rumble rules with a new participant coming every minute. Vaughan Lilas and Dirty Money are numbers 1 and 2, respectively. Money stalls to begin, but Lilas catches him stalling with some nasty chops. Lilas tries to dump Money, but Money gets a thumb in the eye. Number 3 is Ruff Ryder Rashaad. Ruff Ryder comes in and takes out Money. Money tries to toss Ruff Ryder, but Lilas comes over to break it up. Rashaad and Money team up to work over Lilas. Number 4 is Ali Akbar from The Insurgency. Ali has lost the Insurgency gear for more traditional tights for the new year. Lilas and Ali pair off while Money works over Rashaad. Number 5 is Al B. Show, whoever the fuck that is. Lilas wastes no time chopping the shit out of him.


- Commercial Break


- Ali and Money try to eliminate Rashaad to no avail. Number 6 is Raul Loco. Triple team on Rashaad still can't get him over the top. Number 7 is Mike Mondo (the former Mikey from the Spirit Squad) and he comes in and immediately tosses Al B. Show. Ruff Ryder Rashaad tries to take out Mondo, but he gets tossed, too. Mondo almost tossed Raul Loco, but he saved himself by holding onto the ropes. Money and Ali are quick to shut down Mondo with a double team. Number 8 is 1/2 of the Southern Tag Team Champions... The Kamikaze Kid. Kamikaze Kid tries to throw out Money to no avail. Raul almost gets Mondo out, but he rolls in under the bottom rope. Ali and Raul can't get Kamikaze Kid out. Number 9 is Brent Wellington from Theta Lambda Psi. Wellington goes after Kamikaze Kid, but Kid is too quick for him. Lilas chops the skin off of Mondo's chest. Goodness those are nasty chops. Number 10 is DCW wrestler Fang. Fang almost gets tossed by Wellington, but catches himself on the top rope. Fang is barely as tall as the top rope. Mondo tries to send Raul out, but he is able to hang on.


- Commercial Break


Number 11 is Dre Blitz. Wellington almost has Fang out, but he fights out. Mondo almost gets tossed, but he hangs on. Number 12 is Tony Mann and he is immediately tossed by Vaughan Lilas. Raul almost gets Mondo out, but Mondo lands on the apron to save himself. The Kamikaze Kid is hanging on to the top rope, so Mondo comes over and starts biting his fingers. Number 13 is Sucio and he saves his partner from elimination on his was in. Kamikaze Kid recovers quickly and tosses Dre Blitz. Mondo is in a precarious position, but puts a fist in the face of Raul. Wellington hangs on after almost being eliminated by Fang. Number 14 is Eclipse. Totally Awesome and Fang try to eliminate Wellington, but Ali puts a stop to that. Number 15 is Turcan Celik. Celik comes in and just hammers Fang. Celik takes a head of steam and throws Fang over the top. Number 16 is Hog Wild.


- Commercial Break


We come back and Turcan Celik sends Eclipse out. Mike Mondo and Sucio are battling on the apron. Number 17 is Moose from Theta Lambda Psi. Mooose makes an immediate impact by tossing Hog Wild. Totally Awesome almost get Mondo out, but he slides back in before hitting the floor. Number 18 is Supergloves Dos. Totally Awesome try a double team spot on Dirty Money that fails miserably. Not in the 'fails' sense that it didn't work. In the 'fails' sense that they completely blew the spot. Geez that was badly blown. Number 19 is Scott Cardinal. Cardinal comes in and beats on Sucio. Scott Cardinal tosses Sucio and The Kamikaze Kid, but also accidentally eliminates his tag team partner Dirty Money. Cardinal looks at his eliminated partner and says "Sorry. It's every man for himself." Number 20 is Los Rojos #1 (I'm assuming it is number 1. It's like telling The Conquistadors apart.). Rojos is looking doughier than usual. Even Hill and Bolin are commenting on how fat Rojos is. Lilas stops Rojo's dancing by chopping him and tossing him. Mike Mondo almost sends Turcan Celik over the top. Number 21 is Jamin Olivencia. Olivencia makes the mistake of going after Mondo and Mondo almost tosses him. Olivencia tries to suplex Mondo out of the ring, but Mondo blocks it.


- Commercial Break


Number 22 is the OVW Heavyweight Champion Aaron "The Idol" Stevens. Idol comes in and goes after Raul Locos. Tucan Celik has Mondo over the top, but Mondo quickly catches Celik with a headscissors on his way out eliminating both of them. Idol Stevens sends Ali Akbar out. Mondo and Turcan are still fighting on the outside. Ali pulls Idol under the bottom rope and they start brawling on the outside. The officials, busy trying to break up Mondo and Turcan, didn't see Idol get pulled under the rope and they send him back to the locker room. Number 23 is Rudy Switchblade. Switchblade comes in and goes after Olivencia. Number 24 is Adam Revolver from The Mobile Homers and he goes after both members of Theta Lambda Psi. Revolver tries to send out Wellington, but he can't get him over. Number 25 is Johnny Punch and he immediately goes after Raul Locos. Locos almost goes over, but he catches himself on the apron. Punch charges at him, but Raul flips him over the top onto the floor. Moose comes over and takes out both Raul Locos and Rudy Switchblade. Big splash in the corner by Olivencia on Revolver.


- Commercial Break


Number 26 is Ted "The Trailer" McNaler from The Mobile Homers. Wellington and Moose think they've eliminate both Mobile Homers, but they catch themselves. Number 27 is Nine Fingers Dewey from The Mobile Homers. McNaler andRevolver are still on the apron and they try to suplex Wellington out. Moose makes the save and slams Revolver and McNaler's heads together to cause their elimination. Dewey tries to get revenge, but Wellington and Moose send him out. Vaughan Lilas is still in there and close to becoming the 60 minute man. Number 28 is Sergio. Olivencia hides out on the outside by hanging on the ring post. Lilas chops the shit out of Sergio before Moose attacks him. Number 29 and the last man in is Igotta Brewski. He comes in headbutting everyone and eliminates Brent Wellington. Brewski clotheslines Sergio over the top. Moose and Brewski square off. Brewski puts Moose over his shoulder and almost gets him over, but here comes Jamin Olivencia and Scott Cardinal and they eliminate both of them!


The Final Four: Scott Cardinal, Supergloves Dos, Jamin Olivencia and Vaughan Lilas.


Cardinal and Olivencia team up on Lilas. Kenny Bolin mistakenly gives away the ending by saying "You've got Vaughan Lilas in there against JBL... I mean, uh, Vaughan Lilas against Olivencia and Cardinal." Nice work, OVW. You couldn't cover that up in post production? Cardinal Irish whips Supergloves and Olivencia back body drops him to the outside. A double team fails and Lilas takes advantage, chopping and headbutting Olivencia and Cardinal. Cardinal and Olivencia take back over and set up Lilas for the elimination. They try to eliminate Lilas the same way they eliminated Supergloves, but Lilas reverses the Irish whip and Olivencia back drops Cardinal over the top. Olivencia relizes what he has done and turns around to see Vaughan Lilas. Olivencia's over the top facial expressions are outstanding, by the way. Olivencia begs Lilas for mercy, but then decides chopping Lilas is a better option. Bad idea. Lilas lights up Olivencia's chest like a Christmas tree with some stinging chops. Lilas tosses Olivencia over the top rope to win the battle royal and earns the right to face John "Bradshaw" Layfield on January 27th at the Davis Arena.


- A pretty good battle royal ruined by Kenny Bolin giving away the winner in the final few minutes. You seriously couldn't edit that out? The winner could have been any three of the final four and Bolin gives away the ending. Also, they couldn't have got an even 30 participants? TV Champ Outlaw, Pat Buck, APOC, Lumpy Magoo and Debo were all missing. Still though, a good battle royal ruined by the commentary at the end.


Order of Elimination

1. Al B. Show

2. Ruff Ryder Rashaad

3. Tony Mann

4. Dre Blitz

5. Fang

6. Eclipse

7. Hog Wild

8. Dirty Money

9. The Kamikaze Kid

10. Sucio

11. Los Rojos #1

12. Mike Mondo

13. Turcan Celik

14. Ali Akbar

15. Idol Stevens

16. Johnny Punch

17. Raul Locos

18. Rudy Switchblade

20. Ted McNaler

21. Adam Revolver

22. Nine Fingers Dewey

23. Brent Wellington

24. Sergio

25. Moose

26. Igotta Brewski

27. Supergloves Dos

28. Scott Cardinal

29. Jamin Olivencia

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