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OVW TV Report for January 3, 2009

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OVW TV Report for January 3, 2009


- This is OVW's 2008 Year-In-Review show


- Music video showing all the wrestlers who have entered an OVW ring in 2008 opens the show.


- Dean Hill is your host. He says we'll be seeing the best matches of the year and hear comments from the OVW Superstars.


- Comments from The Mobile Homers. Whoop-eee.


- Bar-Be-Que music video from The Mobile Homers. This was the start of the "rednecks show the Brit how they live" shit that was the exact opposite of funny.


- October 25 - The Mobile Homers won a match to earn the right to give Twinkle Toes 10 lashes with a belt. Then Twink got his hair cut by Nine Fingers Dewey.


- November 1 - Adam Revolver pins Gavin Garrison in a Loser Leaves Town Match. Garrison returned the next week under a mask.


- December 6 - The Mobile Homers beat Theta Lambda Psi to unmask El Maestro which revealed Gavin Garrison. Garrison was signed to a WWE developmental deal in 2008.


- Commercial Break


- August 2 - Jamin Olivencia faces Joey Matthews. Matthews was pretty awesome in OVW this year. Matthews gets ambushed by APOC and Vaughan Lilas before the match. Los Locos make the save. Matthews overcomes the beatdown to beat Olivencia in a *** match. The match was the epitome of what a "good guy finally gets revenge on the bad guy who tormented him all year" should be.


- Commercial Break


- July 2 - The OVW Women's Title was being defended 24/7 at this point. Josie attacks Serena from behind to win the title. Serena wins it back later in the show, though. Even later in the show, Reggie and Josie double team Serena, but they can't get along so Serena escapes with the belt.


- July 16 - The other three women in the division all pin Serena, but since Reggie was on top of the pile, she gets the title. The win is short lived, as Serena recovers to take out Josie and Melody, give us a nice shot of her g-string, and spear Reggie to regain the belt.


- November 15 - Four Way Dance for the Women's Title with Serena © vs. Melody vs. Josie vs. Reggie. Melody hits a high spin kick to win the Women's Championship.


- Commercial Break


- October 18 - Rudy Switchblade comes out to defend the TV Title but gets attacked by an "injured" JD Michaels. The title is forfeited to Olivencia, but OVW Troubleshooter Nick Dinsmore makes him immediately defend the title against Igotta Brewski. Brewski spears Olivencia for the TV Title.


- November 8 - Brewski defends the TV Title against Shiloh. After the match Outlaw comes out to attack Brewski to set up their title match.


- November 29 - Brewski is set to defend the TV Title against Outlaw, but gets laid out in the locker room before the match. Outlaw wins the title by forfeit. Outlaw is the worst OVW TV Champion of the year.


- Commercial Break


- Words from The Insurgency


- August 16 - Rob Conway beats Turcan Celik via DQ when the rest of The Insurgency interferes. Pat Buck comes out to save Conway.


- August 30 - Conway faces off with Omar Akbar. They wrestle to a double count-out and out comes the rest of The Insurgency to attack Conway. Kenny Bolin says Conway is taking a beating like the Kentucky Wildcats football team will take against Louisville, which is hilarious since UK destroyed Louisville much to my delight. Pat Buck again makes the save.


- Date Not Shown - Pat Buck turns on Rob Conway in a cage match to join The Insurgency. Conway takes out each member of The Insurgency one-by-one before getting his match with Buck.


- November 8 - Pat Buck takes on Rob Conway in a Falls Count Anywhere Match. Conway wins in a decent blow off and then disappears from OVW. I have no idea where Conway has gone.


- Commercial Break


- September 13 - APOC and Vaughan Lilas beat Darryl Kelly and Josh Lowrey to win the Southern Tag Team Titles.


- November 1 - Jamin Olivencia turns on APOC and Lilas by helping Dirty Money and Scott Cardinal win the Tag Titles.


- December 13 - Totally Awesome (Sucio and The Kamikaze Kid) upset Dirty Money and Scott Cardinal to win the OVW Southern Tag Team Titles in a ** 1/2 match. Totally Awesome won the Thanksgiving Thunder Tag Team Tournament to earn the title shot.


- June 21 - Anthony Bravado challenges Nick Dinsmore for the OVW Heavyweight Championship.


- July 5 - Bravado became the new OVW Heavyweight Champion on June 28. This is the rematch. Dinsmore put Bravado over big by letting him power out of his Texas Cloverleaf. Bravado retains by pinning Dinsmore after a jackhammer.


- September 6 - Joey Matthews has the champion Bravado beat after a TKO, but the referee is knocked out. Bravado wins by KOing Matthews with the title belt to retain.


- October 18 - Ryback (who recently signed a developmental deal with WWE) wins the OVW Title by chokeslamming Bravado.


- November 1 - Bravado uses an ether-soaked rag to knock out Ryback to regain the OVW Title.


- November 29 - Idol Stevens wins the OVW Heavyweight Title when Ryback distracts Bravado long enough for Idol to roll him up.


- Dean Hill closes the show by reminding us that Brock Lesnar is coming to the Davis Arena to sign autographs.


- This was your basic year-end clip show. Nothing before the WWE break-up was shown, since the E owns that footage. That's too bad because there were some title changes that couldn't be shown. Overall, 2008 was a tough year for OVW, particularly after the split. They wandered aimlessly through the summer only to have things pick up near the end of the year.

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