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OVW TV Report for December 27, 2008

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OVW TV Report for December 27, 2008


- Show open...


- Dean Hill and Kenny Bolin are your hosts.


- Tonight... the Southern Tag Titles are on the line as Totally Awesome defend against Dirty Money & Scott Cardinal... Josie wrestles her last match in OVW before she goes to TNA... Idol Stevens defends the OVW Heavyweight Title... The Mobilehomers are also in action...


- In case you didn't hear last week, Brock Lesnar will be signing autographs Jan. 7.


- Moose (w/ Ashley Stefan Streetman) vs. Debo

Moose attacks Debo from behind to take a quick advantage. Big splash on the corner by Moose. Considering how strong they've built up Debo, I'm surprised that they are letting Moose get so much offense in. Moose hits another splash in the corner and goes to work on a chinlock. Moose tries to punch Debo, but Debo hulks up and takes down Moose. Big right hook knocks out Moose for the 3 count. You winner: Debo. Glorified squash. *


- Commercial break. Lesnar is coming.


- Anthony Bravado vs. Lumpy Magoo

Lumpy is without Serena tonight. This should be another squash. Bravado starts off by showing his strength. Lumpy accidentally gets in some offense, but Bravado take back control with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Lots of power moves by Bravado. Bravado shows off his strength with a delayed vertical suplex. Magoo gets sent into the ropes and Bravado catches him with a huge sidewalk slam. That's good enough for the pin. Your winner: Anthony Bravado. I was right. Another squash. Post match, Bravado gets on the mic and calls out OVW Champion Idol Stevens. *


- Commercial break. Lesnar is still coming, by the way.


OVW Television Title Match

- Johnny Punch vs. The Outlaw ©

I hate Outlaw. Stalling by Outlaw to start. Punch tries to do some amateur wrestling, but Outlaw puts a quick end to that. Punch blocks a punch and takes over with a headlock. Backslide attempt by Punch only gets 2. Punch clotheslines Outlaw through the ropes onto the Davis Arena floor. Outlaw catches Punch on the way in with a guillotine leg drop across the second rope. He goes for the cover, but only gets two. Outlaw delivers a huge boot to the face of Punch. Punch ducks a clothesline and catches Outlaw in a flapjack. Outlaw blocks a chop and tries for the Indian Death Grip, but Punch blocks it. Referee Joe Wheeler is inadvertently knocked out. Raul Loco comes out with a crutch and blasts Punch across the back with it. Outlaw goes for the cover and gets 3. Your winner and still TV Champion: The Outlaw. Nothing special. * 1/2


- Commercial break. Brock Lesnar is still coming to Davis Arena.


- Ali Akbar & Lightfoot (w/ Bin Hamin) vs. The Mobilehomers (w/ Melody & Nine Fingers Dewey)

What the fuck? Why is a Native American teaming with an Iraqi? Even Dean Hill is confused as to why a Native American would join up with The Insurgency. Homers have new theme music, thankfully. Ali and McNaler start off. McNaler puts Ali in a hammerlock, but Ali is quick to break the hold. He tags in Lightfoot, but McNaler armgrags him into the ring. Revolver tags in to work on Lightfoot's arm. McNaler tags back in hit a few double team moves. McNaler goes for the pin, but Ali comes in to break the pin. Ali tags in and hits McNaler with a vertical suplex. Pin attempt only gets 2. Lightfoot tags back in. Lightfoot hits a springboard elbow and goes for the pin, but Revolver breaks it up. Ali tags back in and locks in a chinlock. McNaler tries to break out, but Ali takes him to the mat. Lightfoot tags back in and he flies in with a flying clothesline. Lightfoot tries to make the pin, but again Revolver breaks it up. Ali tags in and McNaler has enough time to tag in Revolver. Revolver is on a redneck rampage. Ali gets slingshotted into the corner and Revolver goes for the pin, but Lightfoot dropkicks Revolver right in the face. McNaler comes in an tosses Lightfoot. The Mobilehomers hit the Double Wide on Ali for the pin. Your winners: The Mobilehomers. Decent enough tag match. ** 1/2


- Commercial break. More Brock Lesnar promos.


OVW Heavyweight Title Match

- Brent Wellington (w/Ashley Stefan Streetman) vs. Aaron "The Idol" Stevens ©

Tie-up won by Idol. Idol wins another tie-up and Idol locks on a headlock. Wellington takes a snapmare and takes a powder. He doesn't get long because Idol slingshots him back in. Standing suplex by Idol. Idol goes for the pin, but Ray Ramsey gets distracted by Streetman. Wellington collects his bearings and hits Idol with a jawbreaker. Idol staggers over to the ropes where Streetman nails him with a croquet mallet. Wellington goes for the pin, but Idol kicks out at 1. Wellington distracts Ramsey so that Streetman can choke Idol with his mallet. Wellington goes for the pin, but Idol kicks out at two. Idol fights back with some fists to the midsection. Wellington ducks a punch and dropkicks Idol. Wellington with another pin attempt for two. Idol takes back control with a shoulder into the midsection of Wellington. Tackles by Idol take Wellington to the mat. Huge atomic drop by Idol. Idol runs into the ropes, but Streetman trips him. Streetman then jumps up on the apron with his mallet. Idol reverses an Irish whip what sends Wellington into Streetman's mallet. Idolizer finishes off Wellington. Your winner and still OVW Champion: Aaron "The Idol" Stevens. Decent enough match, but the outcome was never in question. ** 1/2


- Commercial break. Quick reminder that Brock Lesnar is coming to the Davis Arena.


- Reggie vs. Josie

This is Josie's farewell match in OVW before she goes to TNA full time as Sojourner Bolt. Lots of stalling by Reggie to start. Headlock takedown by Josie. Reggie reverses with a head scissors. Josie flips out and catches Reggie in a Thez press for two. Shoulderblock by Josie takes Reggie down. Josie goes for a backslide but only gets two. Huge dropkick by Josie sends Reggie to the outside. Josie takes out Reggie with a baseball slide. Flying body press by Josie off the apron. Back in the ring, Josie goes for the pin, but only gets two. Reggie gets Irish whipped, but she grabs the ropes causing Josie to miss a dropkick. Josie tries a crucifix, but Reggie just falls backwards. Pin attempt only gets two. Big suplex by Reggie. Another pin attempt only gets two. Reggie puts on a chinlock, but Josie breaks it back backing her into the corner. Josie tries for a splash in the corner, but Reggie is there to catch her with a spinning kick. Reggie goes for the pin, but again can only get two. Reggie puts in a full nelson, but Josie breaks it with a jaw breaker. Josie catches Reggie in a nasty German suplex. Josie with the pin, but Reggie kicks out at two. Back up Josie throws Reggie over her shoulders, but Reggie snakes out into a sunset flip for two. Pin reversal by Josie also gets two. Reggie goes to the top , but Josie catches her. Josie again looks live she's going for a Death Valley Driver, but Reggie rakes her face. Reggie hits what looks like a double spin Impaler and that gets the three count. Your winner: Reggie. Best women's match in OVW is a a very, very long time. ***


- Commercial break. More Lesnar promos.


OVW Southern Tag Team Title Match

- Dirty Money & Scott Cardinal (Jamin Olivencia) vs. Totally Awesome © (w/ Vaughan Lilas)

I don't know where APOC has been since Thanksgiving Thunder. Money and Cardinal waste no time, attack Totally Awesome before they can even take their belts off. Sucio gets tossed and the heels double team Kamikaze Kid. Sucio comes back in and catches Money and Cardinal with a double DDT. Money and Sucio will start. Sucio shows his quickness on Money. Scott Cardinal comes in and just manhandles Sucio right in front of the ref. Cardinal tags in officially can continues to beat down Sucio. Money back in and he hits Sucio with a backbreaker. Cardinal tags in and channels Tully Blanchard with a slingshot suplex. Pin attempt is broken by Kamikaze Kid. Cardinal slows down Sucio with a chinlock. Pin only gets two. Money tags in and does nothing before tagging Cardinal back in. Double flapjack by the hells. Cardinal goes for the pin, but Sucio kicks out at two. Money tags back in and misses a splash. Sucio and Money both make tags and Kamikaze Kid comes flying in on Cardinal. Flying neckbreaker by Kamikaze Kid. Kid goes for the pin, but Cardinal grabs the ropes to break the count. Olivencia pulls Cardinal outside and the Kamikaze Kid flies through the ropes taking them both out. Sucio takes out Money with a hurricarana. Kamikaze Kid goes to the top, but Olivencia pushes him off onto the canvas. Here comes Lilas to run off Olivencia. Cardinal crawls over for the pin, but only gets two. Money comes in to hold Kamikaze Kid in place, but the Kid moves and Cardinal superkicks Money. Sucio is perched on the top rope and he catches Cardinal with a flying dropkick. Kamikaze Kid goes for the pin and gets the three count. Your winners and still OVW Southern Tag Team Champions: Totally Awesome. Another good tag team match between these teams. ***


- A strong ending to what was shaping up to be a mediocre show. The women's match and the main event totally saved the show.

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