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OVW TV Report for December 20, 2008

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OVW TV Report for December 20, 2008


- Show open...


- Back to a normal show this week after two weeks of tag team tournament action. Dean Hill and Kenny Bolin are your hosts.


- Tonight... Loser Leaves Town Match with Anthony Bravado vs. Ryback... The Mobilehomers vs. Theta Lambda Psi...


- Dean Hill talks about the big event on January 7 featuring UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar signing autographs.


- Recap of OVW Southern Tag Team Championship match from last week where Sucio and The Kamikaze Kid defeated Dirty Money and Scott Cardinal for the titles. For some reason they felt the need to show the whole match.


- Commercial Break. Brock Lesnar is coming to Davis Arena on 1/7.


Six Man Tag Team Match

- Dirty Money, Scott Cardinal & Jamin Olivencia (with Josie) vs. Totally Awesome & Vaughan Lilas

Dean Hill apparently has no idea what is going on because he thought this was a non-title tag team match. He tries to cover up by saying they decided to makeit a six man as the came through the curtain. Money and Sucio start off with Bill Clark as the referee. Sucio demonstrates that his speed is better than Money's strength by flying around the ring. Kamikaze Kid tags in, as does Scott Cardinal. Same deal as the other guys with Kid using his speed to get a pin attempt for two. Cardinal is frustrated by the speed of Kid. Olivencia tags in, but TKK is still too fast. Vaughan Lilas tags in and Olivencia makes a quick tag out to Cardinal. Lilas pushed Cardinal into the corner and tags in Sucio. The face advantage doesn't last long, as Cardinal takes control. Olivencia tags in, but misses a splash. Sucio dropkicks Olivencia all over the ring. Sucio tags in Kamikaze Kid and he flies into the ring with a cross body. Cardinal tries to come in, but gets hurricaranaed out of the ring. Dirty Money grabs TKK boot to take advantage for the heels. Money tags in and slams Kid to the mat. Cardinal back in and he chokes TKK on the ropes. Olivencia tags in and goes for the pin, but only gets 2. Cardinal back in and he levels TKK with a huge right hand. Dirty Money tags in to hammer away on TKK. Money puts him in a sleeper, but TKK break it with a jawbreaker. Money is stunned, but he quickly catches TKK with a spinebuster before he can make the tag. Money goes for the pin, but just gets 2. Cardinal tags in and srops a knee across TKK's chest. Pin attempt gets two. TKK dodges two fistdrops and amkes the tag to Vaughan Lilas. Lilas comes in and lays in to Cardinal with vicious chops that echo through Davis Arena. Headbutt takes Cardinal down to the mat. Sucio tags in. He climbs onto Lilas's shoulders and drops a flying elbow onto Cardinal. Pin attempt is broken up by Olivencia. Lilas tosses Olivencia out of the ring. TKK is back up and he dives through the ropes, taking out Olivencia, Money and Lilas. Sucio reverses an Irish whip. Josie, thinking Sucio is running the ropes grabs Cardinal's ankle. The miscommunication is enough for Sucio to get the roll-up for 3. You winners: Totally Awesome and Vaughan Lilas. Money, Cardinal and Olivencia all blame Josie for the loss (as they should). They back her into a corner and Cardinal takes her by the hair. Cardinal sets her up for a piledriver, but the faces come back out to put a stop to that. This is apparently how OVW is writing Josie out now that she's signed with TNA. Pretty good six-man match between feuding factions. ***


- Commercial break. If you haven't heard, Brock Lesnar is coming to Davis Arena on 1/7.


- Al Barone (w/JD Michaels) vs. Debo

Debo rushes the ring and drags Barone to the outside. Michaels distracts Debo long enough for Barone to take advantage inside the ring. Debo has a reputation for knocking out his opponents. A few weeks ago Barone knocked out Debo with brass knuckles. There's your story. Barone works over Debo's arm with a variety of armbars and arm locks. Barone locks in a modified STF. Pin attempt gets 2. Now we go to the Italian nerve hold. Bedo fights out and knocks down Barone with a shoulder block. JD Michaels distracts the ref and tosses Barone some brass knuckles. Debo steals them from Barone and knocks him out. Then he goes over to Michaels and knocks him out for good measure. Pin is academic from here. You winner: Debo. Nothing special *


- Commercial break. Quick reminder that Brock Lesnar will be at the Davis Arena on 1/7.


OVW Television Title Match

The Outlaw © vs. Tomasso

No idea who Tomasso is. Referee Reuben Ramos displays the title belt to indicate that it is on the line. Outlaw takes Tomasso down with a shoulderblock. Instead of following up with another move, Outlaw decides that running his mouth is a good idea. A shoving match ensues and Outlaw retreats to the corner. Tomass dropkicks Outlaw out of the ring. Outlaw back in and he takes Tomasso into the corner. Irish whip sends Tomasso across the ring, but he gets caught trying a slingshot. Tomasso gets free and runs up the turnbuckle. He jumps off, but gets caught with Outlaw's big boot on the way down. Outlaw chokes Tomasso in the corner. Tomasso tries to fight back, but Outlaw is too strong for him. Kick to the face gets Outlaw a two count. Outlaw slams Tomasso down and climbs to the 2nd turnbuckle. Tomasso is able to dodge a diving headbutt. Tomasso hits a big splash on Outlaw and starts peppering him with punches. Flying back elbow takes down the Outlaw. Running double stomp to the back of Outlaw's head only gets a two count. Outlaw telegraphs a back drop and gets kicked in the head. Rocker Dropper only gets two. Tomasso is getting some decent moves in that should end the match. DDT by Tomasso only good for two, as Outlaw gets his foot on the ropes. Tomasso goes to the top and tries a diving headbutt, but Outlaw catches him by the throat on the way down. Apparently it isn't a choke as much as it is the Tongan Death Grip. Outlaw takes Tomasso's shoulder to the mat and gets the three count. Your winner, and still OVW Television Champion: The Outlaw. Tomasso got things going when he was in control and his big offensive moves should have won him the match. Outlaw is awful. Not offensive, but Tomasso looked pretty good. I looked up Tomasso and apparently he did a Delirious gimmick last year in OVW as Prodigy before being released from his developmental deal. **


- Commercial break. Lesnar is coming on Wednesday, January 7. You may not have known that.


The Mobilehomers (with Melody) vs. Theta Lambda Psi (with Reggie)

The Homers know that Gavin Garrison is under The Maestro mask and they will prove it. Garrison lost a loser leaves town match a few weeks ago and Maestro started appearing with Theta Lambda Psi. If they can unmask him, Garrison is gone (to Tampa, as he was recently signed to a development deal). The frat comes out and accepts the challenge under their rules. They want it to be 3-on-2, the only way for The Homers to win is by taking off the Maestro's mask and they want Ashely Stefan Streetman to be the referee. Adam Revolver and Moose start off. Shenanigans begin instantly as Streetman blocks Revolver from hitting Moose with a closed fist. This of course gives Moose an opportunity to nail Revolver with his own closed fist. Maestro tags in and hammers away on Revolver. Revolver tries to take the mask off, but fails and gives Maestro an atomic drop. Tag to Ted McNaler and he takes Maestro down with a flying cross body. McNaler tries to take the mask off, but in comes all of Theta Lambda Psi to stop things. Streetman turns his back to allow the dastardly triple teaming to happen. Brent Wellington tags in to throw a few punches before quickly tagging Moose back in. Moose chokes McNaler in the corner. Maestro tags in and works over McNaler. You know, since the only way for the Homers to win is by taking off the mask, I would just keep Maestro out of the ring. Wellington tags in and chokes McNaler in the ropes while Streetman checks on the turnbuckle padding. Moose tags in and rakes the face of McNaler. Maestro back in with a front face lock. McNaler fights out and runs into the ropes, but Reggie trips him. Dean Hill is pissed because Streetman saw the trip and ignored it. Maestro runs the ropes and Melody returns the favor for The Mobilehomers. Revolver tags in and he's a redneck on fire. He punches Maestro and atomic drops Wellington into Moose. Both Mobilehomers in and the whip Wellington and Maestro into each other. The Mobilehomers hit The Double Wide (Russian Leg Sweep/spear combo) on Maestro. Revolver takes the mask off only to find a second mask. Maybe today's masked wrestlers actually learned something from the Black Scorpion. Streetman tries to stop the unmasking, but gets speared for his troubles. Off comes the second mask it is in fact Gavin Garrison. Your winners: The Mobilehomers. Garrison is gone from OVW forever. Fun match for what it was. ** 1/2.


-Commercial break. Two more reminders that Brock Lesnar is coming to Davis Arena.


Loser Leaves Town Match

-Anthony Bravado vs. Ryback

No surprise who is winning this one since Ryan Reeves recently signed a developmental deal with WWE. OVW Champion Aaron "The Idol" Stevens will be doing commentary for the match. Bravado eyeballs Idol on his way out, saying that the OVW Title is his. Ryback opens up with standard power fare. Bravado takes a powder. Hill continues to stay in the dark as he is informed that the match is also No DQ. Ryback and Bravado trade punches and clotheslines in the corner. Ryback tosses Bravado out of the corner and goes for the pin, but only gets two count. Huge powerslam by Ryback only gets two. Ryback goes for a chokeslam, but Bravado rakes the eyes. Bravado tosses Ryback with two overhead belly-to-belly suplexes. He hits a third and goes for the cover, but only gets 2. Ryback is quick to his feet. He grabs Bravado and puts him over his shoulders... F5! Referee Ray Ramsey was taken out by Bravado's feet, so we have no referee for a No DQ match now. Ryback pins him, but there is no referee to count. Ryback climbs the ropes, but Bravado catches him. Bravado goes up with him and sends him over with a superplex. Ramsey is still out. Bravado goes to the back and gets some ether. He takes too long in getting to Ryback and Ryback tags the ether-soaked rag from Bravado! Out comes Pat Buck with a chair and all he does is gets Ryback's attention. Buck takes a huge chokeslam and goes to the outside where Idol throws him behind the curtain. Bravado has picked up the ether-soaked rag and Ryback is knocked out. Ramsey has regain consciousness and counts the pin. Your winner: Anthony Bravado. Ryback must leave OVW. Don't know why they needed a ref bump for a No DQ match. Basic power match between two stiffs. *


One of the better OVW shows I've seen this year. Could have done without the replay of the tag title match from last week, but 3 out of 5 watchable matches is really good for recent OVW.

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