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OVW TV Report for December 13, 2008

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OVW TV Report for December 13, 2008


- Show open...


- Dean Hill and Kenny Bolin are at the desk telling us that tonight we will see round two, three and the finals of Thanksgiving Thunder tonight. The winner of the tournament will get a shot at OVW Southern Tag Team Champions Dirty Money and Scott Cardinal.


Second Round Match #1

- Totally Awesome (The Kamikaze Kid & Sucio) vs. Johnny Punch & Rudy Switchblade

Totally Awesome advanced by beating Los Rojos Uno and Shiloh while Punch & Switchblade defeated Sergio and Supergloves Dos. This could be a decent, fast-paced match. Sucio and Switchblade start things with a handshake. Switchblade wins a tie-up and pushes Sucio into the corner where Punch tags in. Sucio returns the favor on Punch by tagging in TKK. Kid flies in and catches Punch in a roll-up for two. Punch in able to make a tag. Switchblade comes in and takes control with some hip tosses. Kid is quick to reverse, though, as the starts taking Rudy down with arm drags before nailing him with a dropkick. Kid takes Rudy down with a crucifix that gets two. Kid runs the ropes, but get caught with a twit-a-whirl backbreaker. Punch tags in and goes for the cover, but only gets two. Punch with a suplex and cover for another two count. Punch goes to work on Kid's back. Switchblade tags in and comes off the top rope with a senton. Pin attempt in broken up at two by Sucio. Punch tags back in but apparently forgets that immediately as he leaves the ring after a double team maneuver. Rudy goes for the pin, but it is broken up by Sucio. Punch tags in for real this time and loses control of TKK who makes the tag. Sucio is on fire with dropkicks. Sucio loses focus and flips over the top to the floor onto Switchblade. Back in the ring, Punch gets a bridging German suplex for two. Punch calls in Rudy for their double team move, but Sucio flips out and sends Punch into the ropes, knocking Switchblade off the top turnbuckle. Hurricane DDT by Sucio gets the three count on Punch. Solid tag match. ***


- Commercial Break


Second Round Match #2

- Al Barone & Los Rojos Dos vs. The Mobilehomers (Adam Revolver & Ted McNaler) with Melody

Barone & Rojos beat Outlaw & Hog Wild last week and The Mobilehomers defeated Turcan Celik and Matt Bond to advance. Revolver was attacked by Turcan after that match and his knee is wrecked. Kenny Bolin is getting sauced on Thanksgiving wine and proposed a four-way between himself, Melody, Dirty Money and Josie. Rojos and McNaler start out. Lost of stalling to start. Apparently this is a tactic to embarrass Barone. Barone tags in. McNaler uses his quickness to avoid Barone, but he isn't quick enough. Barone catches him and blatantly chokes McNaler. McNaler is able to escape to make a tag to Revolver. Revolver tries to slam Barone, but his knee gives out. Barone hones in on the knee with a half crab. Rojos tags in does some work on the knee before quickly tagging Barone back in. Modified STF by Barone. Barone puts on a shitty figure four, but the ref catches him using the ropes for leverage. Missed splash by Barone gives Revolver some hope. Barone is able to make the tag, but Rojos misses an elbow drop and Revolver makes the tag. McNaler is a redneck on fire. McNaler goes for the pin, but Barone breaks it up. Spear by McNaler and that is good for three. Nothing offensive. **


- Commercial break


Second Round Match #3

- Pat "The" Buck and Anthony Bravado vs. Eugene & OVW Heavyweight Champion Aaron "The Idol" Stevens

Kenny Bolin is drunk. He asks Josie to "turn loose his banana." Some decent history between the competitors here, as Bravado beat Eugene for the OVW Title and Idol be Bravado. Eugene and Buck start off. Shenanigans start off with Eugene pulling a Rip Rogers by sticking his thumb up the referee's ass. Buck and Eugene trade off wristlocks before Eugene tags in Idol. Idol drops the leg across Buck's chest and goes for the pin, but only gets two. Jawbreaker gives Buck a chance to tag in Bravado. Buck comes in behind the ref's back and kicks Idol in the back of the head. Buck tags in and goes to work on Idol. Quick tag by Buck. Bravado now in and hammers away on Idol. Pin by Bravado only gets two. Bravado works a bearhug while Bolin passes out at ringside. Idol breaks out and tags in Eugene. Eugene channels Hulk Hogan with a big boot. He drops the leg and Bravado rolls out. Buck sneaks back in and gets caught with a Rock Bottom and a People's Elbow. Eugene tries to pin the illegal man to no avail. Eugene and Idol try for a double battering ram, but the heels push off causing the faces to collide. Bravado sends Eugene over the top and the ref starts the count. Eugene tries to beat the count, but Buck grabs his foot to prevent him from getting back in the ring. Bravado and Buck win by countout. More inoffensive tag team wrestling. **


- Commercial break


Third Round Match #1

- Totally Awesome vs. Buck and Bravado

Apparently the Mobilehomers get a bye, which gives Revolver a chance to rest his knee. The bell rings and Buck and Bravado overpower Totally Awesome. Bravado tags in and press slams Sucio. Buck back in now and he hammers on Sucio. Sucio and TKK are obviously overmatched, which means they will probably win. Sucio makes the tag. TKK start out strnog, but Busk takes back control. Bravado tags back in and just destroys The Kamikaze Kid. Bravado tags in Buck. Bravado puts TKK in a full nelson which Buck measures Kid for a superkick. Buck goes into motion, but Kid moves and Bravado eats Buck's foot. TKK rolls up Pat Buck for the three count. Figures. Not much to rate, but it didn't totally suck. **


- Commercial break


Thanksgiving Thunder Finals

- Totally Awesome vs. The Mobilehomers in a Steel Cage

I believe this is the third steel cage match in OVW history. The first was in 2006 at a Six Flags show with Al Snow beating Simon Dean and the second was earlier this year when Pat Buck turned on Rob Conway in a match with The Insurgency. This match is under WWE Cage Match rules where pin, submission and escape all count. Apparently we're also under tornado rules. Shake of hands to start off. McNaler is taking it to Sucio while Revolver takes contgrol of Kamikaze Kid. McNaler goes face first into the cage. Sucio tries to climb out, but gets caught by Revolver. Sucio hits Revolver with a flying leg lariat. Sucio tries to hit McNaler with a splash, but gets caught with a spear. McNaler goes for the pin, but only gets one. TKK tries to make the escape but McNaler is there to catch him. McNaler and Revolver send TKK to the mat with a double powerbomb. The go for the cover, but Sucio break up the pin. Sucio send Revolver into the cage. Big DDT by Sucio. Sucio tries to climb out, but McNaler climbs up with him. Sucio and McNaler trade punches with McNaler coming out on the short end. TKK locks in a figure four on Revolvers weakened knee. Revolver reverses the hold, but Sucio flies off the top of the cage and drops a leg to the back of Revolver's head. McNaler tries to escape, but gets caught by both Sucio and TKK. All three are on the top rope. It looks like the are going for a double suplex from the top. Here comes Revolver and sends all three crashing to the mat. Everyone is out. Revolver is first up and he tries to climb out. Sucio catches him. On the other side McNaler and TKK try to climbout. The OVW locker room has emptied and all the OVW Superstars want front row seats for this match. Sucio tries to exit through the door, but Revolver catches him and sligshots him into the cage. Revolver tries to get out the door, but Kamikaze catches him. McNaler is trying to climb out, but Sucio catches him. McNaler knocks Sucio off the top and he is going for the escape. Kamikaze is bale to catch him and throws him from the top of the cage. Revolver catches Kamikaze and sends him to the mat with an electric chair onto Sucio! Everyone is down! McNaler and Sucio are the first up. McNaler goes for the spear, but Sucio side steps him and sends McNaler head first into the cage. Sucio makes the climb, but Revolver is there. Top rope back drop takes out both Sucio and Revolver. Kamikaze Kid is almost out, but he's stopped by McNaler. Kamikaze kicks off McNaler and he's going over the top... NO! He stops and turns around! Off the top of the cage The Kamikaze Kid flies and lands on Revolver and McNaler. Kid goes for the pin on Revovler... 1-2-3! This is the best match I've seen out of the Mobilehomers and probably the best match of the year in OVW. Totally Awesome move on to face Dirty Money and Scott Cardinal for the OVW Southern Tag Team Titles. A total spotfest, but it was entertaining as hell. ****


- Commercial break


OVW Southern Tag Team Title Match

- Dirty Money & Scott Cardinal © w/ Josie & Jamin Olivencia vs. Totally Awesome

I don't know when this was taped, but needless to say it was after Thanksgiving Thunder. Referee Bill Clark holds up the titles to signify that they are on the line. Dirty Money and Sucio to start off. Money tries to stall, but Sucio has none of that. He tries to use his quickness, but Money takes him down with a shoulderblock. Flapjack attempt by Money fails and Sucio tags in The Kamikaze Kid. Kid comes in with a flying cross body. Some double teaming by Totally Awesome puts Dirty Money down. Clark tries to get Sucio out of the ring and Scott Cardinal comes in behind the ref's back to take control. Money tags back in and puts the boots to Kamikaze Kid. Cardinal back in and he slams Kamikaze face first into the mat. Money tags back in and headbutts Kamikaze in the solar plexus. Money puts Kamikaze in the corner and hammers away. Tag to Cardinal. Cardinal send Kamikaze into the corner and follows him in with a big splash. Cardinal goes for the cover, but Sucio comes in to break the pin. Money comes in behind the referee's back and kicks Kid in the ribs. Cardinal works a modified chinlock while driving his knees into Kid's back. Cardinal goes for the cover again, but Sucio is right there the break it up. Cardinal slams Kid and tags in Dirty Money. Money wastes time posing and Kid is able to dodge an elbow drop. Money tags in Cardinal who misses a splash and Sucio is tagged in. Sucio dropkicks anything that moves. Sucio then sets his sights on Jamin Olivencia outside and dives over the top onto Olivencia. Sucio climbs the top rope. He tries a flying cross body, but Cardinal catches him in mid-air. Spinning back cracker by Cardinal. The Kamikaze Kid sneaks in and tries to gain an advantage, but Dirty Money comes in a destroys Kid with a nasty spinebuster. Apoc and Vaughan Lilas come out to mess with Josie, who along with Jamin Olivencia, stabbed them in the back a few months ago. Lilas plants a big smooch on Josie which distracts the champs long enough for Totally Awesome to get a double roll-up for the pin! Winners and new Southern Tag Team Champions... Totally Awesome. Not a bad match, but I could have done without the fluke win. Could have been *** if the win was clean, especially since they spent the whole show build around how spectacular Totally Awesome are. ** 1/2


- Not a bad show. Much better than last week's opening round matches. I'll be glad when they go back to real shows next week, though.

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